Transients vs Resident Homeowners in Venice Beach

Conflicts between transients and homeowners in Venice Beach are becoming more and more common.

Transients vs Resident Homeowners in Venice Beach

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  1. I have a bit of experience with Venice, Santa Monica, Mar Vista. At one time (during the mid to late 70's) Venice was such a blight on LA people would refuse to go there. My parents would refuse to let me go there as it was too dangerous. There certainly is a shortage of low income housing, well all over America.

  2. In Venice summer 2016 where signs posted all over about length and height about 20 feet or over 8 feet. Unless they have been taken down??

  3. I enjoy vids like this one that focus on actual events that occur more than ones that focus on "constitutional" debates. Keep up the good work.

  4. How would you guys feel if you paid 4 million dollars for a house and you have a bunch of smelly rvs and I had 2 rvs dumping there poop in my neighborhood!!!

  5. Look at how many police show up how much time is spent and the result they let the one causing the disturbance go and ranted at the ones obeying the law shit, if they kick them out of the cities , out of the suburbs and parks where else can they go if they can't be in public
    Seems to much money spent on a police force when they seem to do the wrong thing and try and punish the citizen and release the guilty party
    Drunk with open container screaming and carrying on like a drunk in public, causing a disturbance but they feel sympathy for him then try to jack up the others justice might be blind but the

  6. The problem is the homeowner was drunk. If the "transients" did anything illegal they would get arrested.

  7. I was reading something about HUD homes making it illegal to live in RVs or tiny houses you must have a certain square footage? if I was these homeless people living on the street I would ask the homeowners if they let them park there if they could do some work around their house maybe yardwork then it could be a win-win situation for everybody.

  8. There bad people and good people just because your homeless doesn't mean your a bad person, judge not before you judge yourself, do you think everyone that is homeless wants to be? So people that live in houses don't do drugs and committe crime?

  9. When it costs a million dollars to own a 1500 square foot shitbox this is what happens.

    When people begin to rebel against the absurd requirement to spend 60 hours a week working for someone else just to be able to survive and own a home this is what happens.

    When the government secures every student loan and inflates the money supply in the student market, ballooning tuition costs and student debt to ridiculous levels, THIS is what happens.

    When no one acknowledges that 80% of jobs are essentially the repetitive, zero-creativity function of a machine and are already being automated and will be completely automated in the next 30 years, THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS.

    When we pay off the gambling debts of the criminals on wallstreet with tax dollars from middle america THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS.

    This country is spiraling around the drain. We have to get control of our government back, we have to get the money out of politics, we have to stop this revolving door policy between the finance sector and public sector. We have to prosecute these cops when they break the law and violate human rights. We have to find the right balance between capitalism and socialism because right now we DO NOT HAVE IT.

    We have so much work to do and every part of the establishment is hardened to defend against any effort to uproot the corruption.

  10. If the residents got together and lobbied their local council person, they could easily get parking enforcement signs installed stating "two, four or no overnight parking" in residential neighborhoods. Paying the insane property taxes they have more influential power than they think. A substantial amount of property owners pay the equivalent of $1,200 a month just in property taxes. City of Los Angeles sucks, there's a shitload of corruption in city hall.

  11. Great video! As always
    The cops were trying to fix a problem they are not responsible for and did it in a way that violated law, policy and the "RV peoples" rights (if they are citizens) sad for so many reasons

  12. It's unfortunate but living in a RV is better than living on the streets.
    The unfortunate part of America more and more people are moving to the RV life, due to rising property taxes and cost of living.
    You can buy an RV relatively cheap they are very cheap to insure even with full coverage.

  13. Harrowing to see that we are in the year "2017" and we still have to deal with problems in our country like homelessness, hunger, poverty, etc etc. Goes to show we haven't evolved as species and/or something (a force of evil, malevolence) is hindering that necessary evolutionary stage at all costs!

  14. if you can afford a million dollar home in venice, you can afford a couple of beater cars to park and leave on the street in front of your house.

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