5 things more likely to kill you than the police

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Inspired and adapted from Thought Catalog article:

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Author: phillynews215


46 thoughts on “5 things more likely to kill you than the police

  1. In regards to the falls stat: I'm actually working on my OSHA-30 (training to be an electrician and the OSHA license will give me an edge to climb up the ranks), and most fall-related deaths occur in the construction industry. Usually from scaffolds or roofs (the latter, often through skylights or such that are improperly covered and marked), and almost exclusively because proper safety protocols aren't followed by the worker(s) involved in the incident

  2. "You're Eight Times More Likely to be Killed by a Police Officer than a Terrorist." I am combat vet and the militarization of the police force disgusts me. These guys are wanna be operators without proper training. More than 1,000 Americans were killed in 2017 by a particularly violent class of fellow citizens. Some of those killed by these highly trained gunmen were children, and many of them were unarmed. Are these shooters terrorists? Heavily armed gang members? No. They’re the police. There is no agenda to paint cops a certain way. You are just cherry picking your data to argue your narrative. The police are not the police of my child hood. It's comply or die!

  3. Fact: You're more likely to be killed by a black person, they're responsible for the majority of homicides that occur. Facts are not racist they're the truth they don't care about your feelings

  4. Lets see statistically how much more likely u are to die to a cop in usa VERSUS other countries?`
    u could use finland or switzerland as your example both have about half the rate of civilian gunownership compared to the states.(obviously illegal ownership in european countries is huge with the open borders from former soviet states not to mention the long process to even own a gun)

    This would be the actual comparison to make if u weren't biased as fuck.

  5. Food will kill me! Lack of food will kill me! I'm fucked so I'm just going to enjoy my deep fried Twinkies and be happy! 😊

  6. I'm offended I'm uncle weights 400 lbs because he a fat fuck who didn't take care of himself and everybody should kiss his ass and give symphony for being a dumb fuck

  7. Okay Mike… I like you, and I know what you're getting at… But to say sugar causes diabetes is incredibly bad research. Diabetes is your body being unable to process sugar properly and in turn causes high blood sugar.

  8. Am. I. Under. Arrest?


    May I please be informed about situations that might be life threatening pertaining to my existence?


    Why are we doing this?

  9. I think it's funny how you post videos pretending to be the good guy…..you are not. With all of your "facts" here is one you forgot. You are still 9 times more likely to be killed by a cop than a terrorist meanwhile they have stripped away our rights and given blue sovereign citizens blank check to kill with impunity.

  10. I still believe that body cams for cops is a good idea, not only for safety of the officer but general public, also to cut down on false complaints against officers (which has happens in some locations forgot the study but if you could find it that would be nice, and i think it dropped complaints by 90%).

  11. Statistically you're wrong mike. Food born pathogens very rarely kill anyone. Given that there are a metric ass ton of pathogens and millions of tons of food consumed each year coupled with the advancements in medicine, the chance that a food born pathogen would be fatal is minuscule. However, given there are roughly only 600,000 active officers in the US and in 2018 they killed 384 people, statistically officers are more deadly then pathogens. Every item on this list may have a higher death toll but given the massive numbers involved every item on this list is less deadly then a police officer.

  12. Doctors and nurses intentionally and violently kill or beat more innocent citizens then cops?? Law Enforcement abuse is funny to you?? Cops are paid for by citizens. When a doctor murders a innocent person they are held accountable for that murder. Same with "black on black" (a narritive you like to use), those minorities that murder innocent people ARE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!!! Cops murder with impunity. Im also not talking about real self defense. Everyone has the right to protect themselves and others. The narritive the msm is telling us the narritive of accountability. So you're really comparing apple's to oranges and you're not being honest. Maybe to push your own pro pig agenda??

  13. BS !!!! It is a Fact that the Police kill a lot of people. How about the chick cop goes to the wrong apartment and kills the guy who lives there? Cops these days are Way to Dangerous to Citizens. They are supposed to protect and serve. They do NOT do either. They make their quota any way they can. They make up stuff and ruin peoples lives just to better themselves. Only a very few cops are decent, but most of the good cops have been ran off they the bad cops.

  14. I so wish you would get rid of that blue line flag man.  Come on!!  It's a desecration of the American Flag and further separates the police from the people you serve.

  15. Get ready for crossposting to bitchute or something, man. If I drop YT for moral reasons, I still want to see your content. 🙂

    I’ll check out the app.

  16. Hey, are you going to do a video on the top 100 things more likely to kill a cop than a citizen?

  17. Now do one on all the mundane jobs that are vastly more dangerous than police, for when they whine about "putting their lives on the line every day".

  18. Yes,if you dont consider the fact that most, in middle class and above, rarely encounter police.

    Its like polar bears or sharks ,
    unlikely to encounter one,
    but by solid numbers when you encounter one.
    You are in danger.

    If you dont consider those who will never encounter police,
    by solid numbers, we have a serious issue.

    by solid numbers innocent people who encounter police,regardless of the reason,
    face a quantifiable risk that is unacceptable by first world standards.

    3+ different innocent people shot by police while following police orders made the mainstream media last year,
    How many didnt make the news?

  19. I volunteered for airborne back in the late 70s. So I jumped out of airplanes, rappelled out of hovering helicopters and down cliffs, and engaged in many, many other dangerous activities.

    I spent my life brushing up against danger… Nonetheless, the closest I came to death was at the hands of a Texas constable, who threatened to blow my "f…ing head off" with his pistol shoved into the back of my head. (In his enthusiasm, he mistook me for somebody else.)

    Don't tell me about the dangers. I consider an armed police officer today the most dangerous thing in America. The worst part is, I can handle any bad guy. Should I handle a bad guy police officer, I end up having to fight the state too.

    Overreaching authority is a major problem, threatening to destroy this constitutional system. If we don't regain control over our police agencies, they will soon take total control over us.

  20. I'm in the military and the police are out of control. It's the attitude of a lot of cops that is deadly

  21. 1. A Cop, 2. a Detective, 3. a Plainclothes Cop, 4, a Sheriff, 5. Drug Task Force, 6. Corrections Officer, etc, etc, etc. kill more people dead then traffic accidents…..

  22. 01:57 hey there mike, so u say main stream media has agendas, and u have a few great comments about common since, have you ever researched Big pharma? And meds lmao . I know way off subject . But, the meds Dr's prescribe unnecessarily are the reasons for 95% of the diabetes deaths as well as man made food and some vaccinations : ) just a thought

  23. I sincerely do not understand. People are bad, we need a stronger government force. > Guns are bad, only the police should have them. > Police are bad.

  24. Really man you didn't even do your research on diabetes I'm not trying to be rude I'm just saying do a little bit more research on it and you'll find out that there's different types of diabetics and different reasons why people's insulin levels in their bodies are unbalanced I like your videos not trying to be a dick

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