Fake Cop Works for God Gets Arrested Anyways

@CopsConsTV obtained body and police interrogation room footage of an incident that happened in November 2022 with alleged fake cop Daniel Nelson.

Nelson has a fully outfitted Crown Victoria that police say resemble a police car. Glendale Police saw Nelson with his lights and sirens activated on a November night. When they found him he was trying to help a man. A criminal complaint states Nelson “identified himself as a police officer at least two times” to a person in Glendale and he has a suspended license. Nelson said “he helps homeless people in crisis and was looking for a homeless person experiencing a mental health episode.” The officer told Nelson he would check the area and continued on patrol.

The featured content is NOT intended to be violent nor glorify violence in any way. We are sharing this footage STRICTLY for the purposes of news reporting and education.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAiRUn86Ux4 ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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45 thoughts on “Fake Cop Works for God Gets Arrested Anyways

  1. People now a days buy former police cars as used cars and sometimes they leave police lights on the car if they’re stuck on there!

  2. This guy keeps saying he’s tired of hearing this allegation that he says he’s a cop. How many times has he been irritated with this?
    It never occurred to him to change his introduction? Of course it did, but he can’t resist the feeling of power when people get scared of his authority.

  3. Not all churches have an emergency pastor, and even when they do, they don’t roll code 1.

  4. Meth head uses christ as an excuse to scare the poor from his neighborhood. He claims to be given divine right to profile minorities! Local cops argue that's their job.

  5. It blows me away how many people will pretend to be a part of the least desirable job in the world besides literally cleaning up pooh. I really think they should make him be a cop for a year, and put him on the routes where he is surrounded by the worst situations, and see if he still wants to be a cop. The job is thankless and tedious, he just wants to scare minorities, so put him back in jail. Where he was, or give him a job.

  6. I'm not going to answer my door in that part of town…as I drive around at 3 in the morning in that part of town pulling people over in a dark alley"


  7. The fact that these SWORN OFFICERS allowed this conman to continue to ask questions so long after realizing he’s a potential impersonator is SCARY ON ITS OWN!!!!

  8. He’s harassing people and the fact that he’s out here doing that to the most vulnerable in society is SCARY!!! Keep all the God Fearing approach, this man is a PREDATOR! LOCK HIM UP!!!

  9. Imagine being associated personally with this nutjob and finding out that in his spare time he plays make believe and goes on imaginary adventures as a fake cop 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    friend: "we are having a get together tomorrow night and would love for you to be a part of it"

    pretend cop: "I am so sorry I can't. Since we are so short staffed I typically go on duty patrolling the streets on weekends due to the higher amounts of criminal activity"

    friend: "Wait, I thought you were unemployed after McDonald's fired you?"

    pretend cop: "Uh yeah no I am absolutely still unemployed. I am actually part of my neighborhood watch. Yeah I patrol the local area for criminal activity"

    friend: "oh so you get paid to go patrol the neighborhood?"

    pretend cop: "Not necessarily….. I mean I feel I am compensated by a job well done preventing crimes and putting a stop to those who break the law but financially no I provide my services for free"

    friend: "………🤨……..

    :::This video goes online:::

    friend after watching it and recalling conversation: 😲😲😲WTF!?🤣🤣🤣

  10. The fact that the man has KOK written on the top of his car tells me a lot. I just don't know what it is telling me about this guy…

  11. This guy is a piece of work. I would never go to his church, he sounds like a jerk. Plus, he stopped a man simply for walking at night. Some people work late shifts. I do and at times it requires you to get home extremely late. He keeps bringing up freedom of church. Someone needs to get educated here. Just because you have freedom does not mean you can do whatever you want as this dude this. He is using that to break whatever law he wants to do whatever pleases him such as driving when his is revokes due to bond? Did I hear that correctly? Also, this guy could become violent in a heartbeat if things do not go his way. Who does this reminds us of? Oh ya that guy who goes by DeWitt. Glad the officers suspected him being suspicious and not the other guy who was walking home from work. The most suspicious thing about this that the man said the only reason he stopped to talk to him because this guy jumped out of the car aggressively. Good work officers! I hope the church sees this and takes action for this guy brings trouble.

  12. The guy tells the cop he's a chaplain on the stop…. wtf is going on here? Driving on a revoked license is the only crime I see

  13. They missed the biggest problem with his story. If he is only concerned with if the guy was ok why was he questioning him about he where abouts earlier and then accusing him of lying when his answers didnt add up to him.

  14. The man is sitting there lying like a dog, swearing by the Holy God and the Bible all the while. Does he think that will earn him a drop of water to cool his burning tongue?

  15. When he was telling his 'sister' over and over on the phone about how dangerous his dogs are I was just praying the cops wouldn't send someone immediately to put them down. Whatever game that was, the doggos welfare was clearly not a priority.

  16. Going out on a limb and guessing… ZERO police officers have ever contacted him to track anyone down… "Emergency Chaplin" 🤦

  17. This just confirms my belief that one of the smartest things that the founding fathers did was to articulate the importance of separation of church and state.
    Imagine if this type of delusional individual had any real power…

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