Greensboro Police Officer Shoots 17-Year-Old As He Flees From a Traffic Stop

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Greensboro, North Carolina — On August 21, 2022, at approximately 9:08 p.m., Corporal M.L. Sletten was driving on W Market St when he observed a vehicle behind him driving with high beams on. Corporal Sletten slows down, the vehicle passes in front of him, and eventually pulls into a parking lot entrance at 4903 W Market Street, in front of a Dollar General. Corporal Sletten activates his blue lights and initiates the traffic stop of a white 2018 Nissan Altima with a Florida license plate, later known to be operated by Nasanto Antonio Crenshaw. After Corporal Sletten activates his lights behind the Nissan, the vehicle continues to drive through the parking lot without stopping. At this time, Corporal Sletten asks for another officer to provide assistance to his location, advising that the Nissan was not complying with the attempted stop.

The Nissan continues through the lot,and eventually comes to a stop. Corporal Sletten exits his patrol car and approaches the Nissan when suddenly the driver accelerates away from the traffic stop. Corporal Sletten then returns to his patrol vehicle, continues to follow the Nissan, and notifies Communications that the Nissan had driven away from the stop. At that time, Communications informs Corporal Sletten the Nissan is reported stolen or “10-99” from Fayetteville, NC earlier that day. The Nissan continues to a dead end area of the parking lot. Corporal Sletten approaches the Nissan again when 3 subjects exit the rear passenger side and begin running away, leaving the rear passenger door open. Corporal Sletten pulls his patrol vehicle up to the Nissan, attempting to block it in. At that time, the driver backs the car up while turning, colliding with the front of the patrol vehicle. The driver collides with the patrol vehicle at the same time Corporal Sletten is getting out of his car.

Corporal Sletten provides commands for the occupants to “get on the ground”. As Corporal Sletten walks around the rear of the patrol vehicle, he repeats- “get on the ground, do it now”. At that moment, the driver places the Nissan in drive and begins to accelerate forward, toward where Corporal Sletten is standing. Corporal Sletten gives the command “stop” and then discharges his duty weapon 3 times. Two of the shots go through the front windshield and one shot goes through the front passenger window. Corporal Sletten tells Communications “shots fired”. The Nissan makes contact with the curb, coming to a complete stop. Once the vehicle comes to a complete stop, one juvenile remains in the front passenger seat of the Nissan and is not injured. Corporal Sletten begins making commands to this passenger, calling for assistance to the scene and calling for units to assist with rendering aid to the driver. Corporal Sletten radios that he has one person detained, one person suffering from gunshot wounds, and one of the passengers that previously fled is on foot down W Market Street.

Corporal Sletten repeats these radio updates, his location, and his commands to the passenger. Corporal Sletten observes a responding patrol car stop on W Market Street near the on-foot subject and radios for all cars to turn around and come render aid to the driver. Corporal Sletten detains the passenger and makes his way to the driver side of the Nissan, attempting to open the door and render aid. When he cannot open the locked door, Corporal Sletten begins breaking the glass while requesting EMS again. Assisting officers begin arriving to the scene. Officers open the driver door and carry Nasanto Crenshaw out of the vehicle. Corporal Sletten begins chest compressions on Nasanto Crenshaw and then assisting officers take over CPR efforts. Three officers work on rendering aid until care is transferred to EMS upon their arrival. Nasanto Crenshaw was declared deceased by the on-scene EMS personnel.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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27 thoughts on “Greensboro Police Officer Shoots 17-Year-Old As He Flees From a Traffic Stop

  1. This is a bad shoot. The kid was not trying to hit the cop. I hope they sue and win. Since when is it legal to shoot someone fleeing who is not a threat.

  2. i mean… the officer could have went to the front of the cruiser to avoid harm but he went in the back and gave up all his cover, it felt like the officer shot a little fast there. a little gta doesn't deserve death. he wasn't driving recklessly so i don't see the immediate threat.. but I'm not an officer.

  3. He was trying to hit you with the car huh??? Yea ok, don't get me wrong kids shouldn't have stolen a car but didn't see the need for deadly force there. Jmo

  4. I aggree he shouldn't have stolen the car but we all know he wasnt going to hit the officer with the car. That was a bad call. The wheels was turned away from the cop. He just used the old the car was headed straight towards me. I guess it serves as an example to other thieves not steal because some trigger happy cop may shoot you and try to cover it up.

  5. I don't give a shit what any of these asinine comments say (haven't read them) or what race the perps were- driver ABSOLUTELY DESERVED WHAT HE GOT. PERIOD.

  6. I hope that officer feels like a real man shooting that baby! All I'm saying is if it is my daughter I doubt she is getting shot. He should face charges just like anyone else!

  7. As he was taking his last gargled gasps of air, I wonder if he thought “hmm maybe I shouldn’t have stolen a car”


  8. I’m sorry regardless of the what he did to be in that situation, where is the justification for this level of lethal ? He wasn’t driving at you he was clearly driving the fuck away from you what never had to turn the vehicle officer?

    I support the police 100% but this right here is just about just right there under or maybe even at manslaughter or murder

  9. I believe in my self made up "sniper in the dark" principle. Or "invisible police officer" principle if you will.

    If you commit a crime, that at any point had you commit an act that would have allowed a "sniper in the dark" or an "invisible police officer", or simply a "police officer who just happens to come around the corner at the right moment" to shoot and kill you, then your life is forfeit and you were simply living on borrowed time.

    I think every criminal needs to be treated as if everyone was a VIP who has snipers on the roof protecting them, ready to shoot and kill anyone instantly the second they step over that line and commit an act that would have allowed the shot to be taken. Just because you're not a VIP, who didn't have a sniper on the roof when the criminal robbed you at gunpoint, shouldn't give the criminal a "get away free" card. It's almost as if criminals get rewarded for doing crime against the weak and unprotected.

    I've always found it very weird that a criminal can technically rob 999 people, all at gunpoint, committing 999 acts where if a police officer had come around the corner could have shot the criminal dead without having to yell out anything in warning, to keep the civilian safe, but we'd let the criminal get away with his life 999 times if they were ever caught, although spending the rest of his life in prison probably, but at the same time no one would care if at the 1000th time, a police officer would indeed come around the corner and shot the criminal dead. Hell, everyone would actually agree it would have saved 999 people a robbery at gunpoint, if the police officer had come around the corner the first time rather than the 1000th.

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