Mom Puts Cops In Unimaginable Situation

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Footage now released in a Feb 4, 2020 incident out of Nevada County California.

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29 thoughts on “Mom Puts Cops In Unimaginable Situation

  1. I’m feeling the kids have seen mom acting up before. Shame they watched this. Maybe in the long run their lives will turn out much better. Praying for the cop to realize he did what had to be done and saved lives. Everyone full of excuses and blaming others. Display deadly force and act like that expect natural and logical consequences for your actions

  2. I can not believe there are people saying the cops should not have attended. WTF?
    The only thing I may have done differently is tased her earlier in the confrontation but I wasn't there so who knows?

  3. I mean, even a mental health professional could not do anything different about this… In worked in a hospital in a psychiatric ward as a security guard, it happened multiple times weekly that these mental health professionals could not control the situation and had to call us.

    The women did not even give them enough time to talk to her. If you don't have time to talk then mental health professionals are absolutely useless here.

  4. She caused her own death upon herself and left her kids motherless. Anyway, they are better off without her dangerous mentality.

  5. Hate the media yo, wtf. These police have families too like damn bro. Do you think want want to take someones life. Like fuck we need police guys cmon now.

  6. You’re infuriated that the media is questioning if a crisis response team could have wielded a different outcome? We know the media likes to play on these situations, but this call should have been answered by a Mobil crisis unit. The 911 calls indicated a mental health emergency, but did not indicate that the mother was harming or about to harm the children. The agency doesn’t need 24/7 staffed LE trained in crisis intervention, there needs to be a crisis unit that can operate independently of the agency.

    Is this really an impossible situation for the police? She had a knife, so killing her is justified, but they could have maintained a safe distance from her. She wasn’t running at or chasing them. They are commanding a delusional person in the throes of a psychotic break to back up, but she’s probably not even able to follow simple commands at that time. But they aren’t going to back up, they’re in charge. There are so many things wrong with this, and this is why our system needs to be revamped from top to bottom.

    These cops were trained to kill a mother in front of her children, and now have to live with the trauma that follows, not to mention how their trauma will affect their own families, the bystanders, the people who called 911, etc…and then those children, we can’t even comprehend how this will follow and affect them. The damage inflicted here in these two minutes can be be generational. So yes, I do think it could have been avoided and that we have an obligation to do whatever it takes to put an end to this.

  7. I am from Nevada County and it makes me really sad to see the deputies in the area get the response they did for this situation. Thanks for taking this video up Mike!

  8. Could she have been tased and have the knife taken from her before she charged an officer with a knife? Or are officers trained to not do that because of the chance she may injure herself with the knife as she fell?

  9. Why wasn't she tazed the moment she moved towards the cops and starts screaming @2m?
    I know they were trying to do good here but she was going berserk right then.

  10. 2 things: 1. You need money for mental health training and "defund" gets thrown around 2. That kid trying to protect both parties and play peace maker nearly broke my heart (2:08). This was a horrible situation for EVERYONE involved

  11. If anything I would say taze her sooner she half charged at the officer like 5 times hindsight is 20/20 but that’s a rough situation to be in

  12. i get you about the media… but on the other side those two did not do the best job. Two men vs one woman. He should have some kind of batton or something at his hand, not a firearm. Good job done would be if police officers could disarm at least a weak woman with knife.

  13. Ok, so you're making it look like the media had this dash cam footage and blantantly lied, when the footage was released a year after the incident.

    The coverage would be 100% different if the footage was released at the time of those reports.

  14. A dangerous knife-wielding maniac charged at a cop, prepared to stab him. What do people THINK is going to happen? They're gonna all drop their weapons, sit by the campfire, and start singing Kumbayah? 🤦‍♂️

  15. Nah she posed an immediate threat to her kids and the officers bro

    She deserved what she got she is the one who scared her children and the officers

  16. There's a psycho woman like her 50 yards up the street. With a small child. Screeches at all men she sees.

  17. Shit happens, I'm glad you mentioned that a social worker/cop could help. Some trashtalk the cops, others trashtalk the left/media and I'm just sick of everyone working against each other.

  18. Where were the "mental health workers" to start with? She had no business with those children. The officers did their job. If they had not confronted her, like Mike said, and she hurt someone else or her kids the ridiculous media would have persecuted them for not taking action. Thank you to all honest law enforcement officers for your service. Too many in the public have zero compassion for what you go through to protect them. But you can bet your sweet bippie they would be calling for your help if they needed you. And that includes the corrupt media. God's abundant love, favor, blessings and protection on all who serve our country and their families.

  19. Dr.phil couldnt of helped in the time where is lady was a danger to two little kids and two officers that are doing their lawful job.!!! So she needs help ,but it's in a minute ,that clearly needs months or yrs of mental help.

  20. Its bullshit that cops are too blame for all ALL.THE VIOLENCE. they ate called and employed to "DO SOMETHING "?! .anyone one else does anything .so if the cops did what they couldnt and wouldn't do .and a mom MOM is going to kill two babies ? Is stopped from doing so .and killing to city / or state officials to kill them and their kids and spouse and doing their hired job.? It makes me so upset .its bullshit.

  21. Excellent job on this Mike. Why isn't the 'Media' ever held accountable for the crazy things they say that stirs people up. DEFUND THE MEDIA. (You know, don't watch and/or boycott advertisers)

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