Murder Suspect Thinks He Knows His Rights During Arrest

@CopsConsTV obtained body camera footage of an incident of Bernalillo County Deputies arriving on scene. They found Joseph Gonzales outside his home after he claims he shot a man in self defense.

Mr. Gonzales is charged with murder for shooting a man in the back while they argued in the street.

The featured content is NOT intended to be violent nor glorify violence in any way. We are sharing this footage STRICTLY for the purposes of news reporting and education. ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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42 thoughts on “Murder Suspect Thinks He Knows His Rights During Arrest

  1. Has anyone bothered to look up the Victoria marten case he mentioned? What shitty family. Even if what this guy says is true about death threats due to this case, he should’ve moved cross country to get away from that.

  2. Check out the female cop reading his rights. Why is it that some people find it necessary to pronounce some Spanish sounding names with a Spanish accent, then go right back to speaking English without an English accent? This seems to happen a lot especially with Hispanic news media people. It's utterly absurd, and makes them look quite foolish.

  3. Why do all criminals have the same strategy of obviously talking your ass off of random bs that never sounds real🤣

  4. There is nothing that you can say to law enforcement that will be to your benefit. This guy is stupid. Shut your mouth and wait until you have an attorney.

  5. Classic narcissist and it’s all about him. Legend in his own mind. He thinks shooting a man in the back is a clear cut not guilty ffs
    You couldn’t make this shit up
    lol 😂😂

  6. yeah just another narcissistic ‘neighborhood hero’ thinks hes the cops. theres a reason i outrun the self righteous wana-be safety patrol ass losers who try to follow me home. HA!thought u could catch me but get out-driven by a kid in a 4 banger. honestly makes my day every time

  7. 28:14 So, it’s really fascinating to listen to this POS complain that he shouldn’t be in cuffs. When they finally get him to the interrogation room, he’s STILL complaining that the officers made him ride to the police station were not treating him properly BY MAKING HIM RIDE IN CUFFS TO THE station!!! To emphasize his point, he tells the detective he’s sat in the hot seat NUMEROUS TIMES and cops never had made him wear cuffs before!!! He’s a criminal. A murderer. A narcissist who is so focused on getting the proper respect from the police that he doesn’t see how fast he’s digging his own grave. He is the very definition of a menace to society.

  8. Too late to want a better life after you murdered people .guys insane and he served in the military pretty scary , apparently they did not vett this maniac at all 🤣

  9. Why do Americans think it’s ok to just shoot people to defend ur property.
    Get ALL the guns off the streets America and you would all be safer! I don’t fucking understand the mentality!!!!
    We don’t have school shootings in Australia or malls etc.. etc…
    The mentality NEEDS/MUST change!!!!

  10. If the guy thinks he knows his rights. He sure as hell isn't acting like it. Talking and talking digging himself a hole. He is clearly very keyed up, probably in shock a little. I don't know why he shot the guy but he shouldn't be talking to the cops about it. They have no intention in helping him. They are just looking for a bust. Of any kind.

  11. The first time this guy said he gave him a warning shot, I knew this guy is either a criminal or a total moron. Now it’s confirmed, he’s both.

  12. What a strange attitude to have after just killing someone. It wouldn't matter if I were in the right or not, I would be distraught having just taken another persons life.

  13. Remember that all citizens arrested under the suspicion of a crime are INOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. The police like to flip it though and ASSUME GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INOCENT which even if we are guilty it cancels our chances of a fare trial from the initial detention stage.

  14. So, why don't they make it a requirement in order to get your handgun license, you need to understand the legal grounds before you shoot someone

  15. Well he needs a bra. But in prison they like the boobies! Disgusting human. Thank his parents for giving birth to this monster.

  16. He seems upset he's not being praised and treated as a victim/hero but you should study self defense laws and be able to recite them cause your freedom could depend on it just from the what's been said in this interaction it seems like a bad shoot

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