Police Officer Wrestles Gun From Suicidal Man at Dialysis Clinic

On the afternoon of March 26, 2019 Matthew Roger Smith, 56, was scheduled for routine treatment at a Fresenius Dialysis Center in Las Cruces, New Mexico. When he arrived he needed dialysis. When he left he was charged with three counts of assault after he pulled a .357 revolver on Police Officer Oscar Magallanes and clinic staff, allegedly in an attempt to kill himself. And he still needed dialysis.

But what was the cop doing there to begin with?

That same day, prior to the gun incident and before beginning his treatment, clinic staff held a meeting with Smith to discuss his tendency toward outbursts and general agitation directed at clinic staff. Smith received treatment after the meeting, but the meeting didn’t prove terribly effective. Smith pulled out his access line during treatment, causing him to bleed heavily. When clinic staff attempted to control Smith’s bleeding he grew more agitated and staff in turn called 911. Upon learning that the police had been called Smith became irate. You can see for yourself what happened next.

Smith, of Hatch, New Mexico, was booked into the Doña Ana County Detention Center on two charges of aggravated assault on a health care worker with a deadly weapon and one charge of aggravated assault on a peace officer. All three charges are third degree felonies.

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45 thoughts on “Police Officer Wrestles Gun From Suicidal Man at Dialysis Clinic

  1. Wearing a hat with a Nazi SS death head badge. They should put him back in a room alone with his gun and let him do what he wants.

  2. What I can't seem to understand is why someone would try to off themselves in public. If he wanted to die he should've done it at home or in his car.

  3. I feel bad for everyone involved. This one almost got to me because i worry about my parents and I hope to god neither of them wind up doing this

  4. Oh God … all the blood … Please help this man … Please pray for the man with no family ❤🇺🇸

  5. My brother had kidney failure at the age of 19 and it was really tough on him. His was on dialysis for 5 yrs, so I can only imagine how tough it is on those at that man's age. He is depressed, he is always feeling sick and he is in pain. Doing dialysis is painful. And he has no one to comfort him or help him with his struggle. My brother still died 12 yrs after transplant. Due to enlarged heart caused by everything with his kidneys. So even after the struggle. He still died young. 34.

  6. nice, now he not only has to deal with dialysis, but also a prison charge… I can totally understand wanting to kill yourself if you have to go get dialysis every other day, but why do it in the clinic where you are going to scar all those innocent people? Be a man and do it at home ffs.

  7. Those noises the machines are making would drive me nuts. I hate death but in this guy's case I'd say death is more than welcome. So many people are suffering and they just want it to stop. I wish everyone well

  8. You can hear the anxiety in the officers voice over the gun & the blood 🩸 on him. I don’t blame him, that was a very dangerous situation on several levels

  9. This cop woulda never survived the 70s or earlier. It was all vomit and shit all over you every night from drunks. Everyone drank and peed on everyone. This cop is having a baby fit because he got a little blood on him.

  10. I feel for the staff who had to deal with him in the hospital. I’m sure he was just as rude and unstable as he was at the clinic.

  11. Man this is a sad one… that guy obviously was done with his life (probably stage 4) and just … gave up finally… sticking him in jail obviously would be silly at this point, but I hope he got some help.

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