The Softer Side of Rap: Introducing 9lokkNine’s Mother

Jacquavius Dennard Smith, better known as the rapper 9lokkNine, is best known for his songs “10 Percent” and “223’s” (featuring YNW Melly). In part because of this channel, Mr. Nine is also known for getting arrested, like, all the time.

Despite ‘Quay’s gravity-defying hairstyle, gang-leader lifestyle, and [no joke] 40-foot-long rap sheet, Mr. Smith’s interactions with law enforcement are consistently among of the most polite on this channel. He has a job to do; they have a job to do. No hard feelings, right?

But where does that come from? Who taught the AFNF gang leader to be a gentleman?

Meet Jovita Lawna Anthony. MotherNine. Who showed up at the mall because she heard on Facebook that 9lokk had gone “R.I.P.” after two dudes opened up on him in the mall parking lot.

Turned out 9lokk (“Quay” to his mom) was totally fine. Well, apart from the RICO case that he didn’t know was coming. That one is probably gonna sting.

As to the two guys with bad aim — allegedly Trey’von Jaheim Graham and Joshua Caleb Holder — Graham has been charged with four counts of attempted second degree murder, one prohibited possessor charge, and discharging a firearm in public. The first four counts each carry a potential life sentence. Holder’s charges in relation to this incident have been rolled into the RICO case against him, which is being prosecuted by the Office of Statewide Prosecution.

Some history:

Florida’s Office of Statewide Prosecution is a division within the Office of the Attorney General. Their mission is to investigate and prosecute organized crime that crosses jurisdictional boundaries, and to assist other law enforcement agencies in their efforts against organized crime. In 2019 – 2020, the Statewide Prosecutor’s conviction rate was an intimidating 99%, though it should be noted that the figure only includes defendants “who reached a final disposition.”(Excluding, for example, defendants that died or – a bit more puzzling – had their charges dropped.)

In 1993, a report by the Office of the Auditor General concluded that there was no consensus on appropriate performance measures for the Office of Statewide Prosecution. Recommendations were made for performance measures with greater validity than those in use at the time, with conviction rate among them. That same report also pointed out potential issues with that metric.

In December 2001, a report by the Florida Prosecuting Attorneys Association argued that the Office of Statewide Prosecution engaged in jurisdictional overreach and encouraged forum shopping by law enforcement agencies. The report further stated that the lack of cooperation between the Office of Statewide Prosecution and the State Attorney’s Offices was wasteful, resulting in duplicative work. The Association argued that the friction had serious consequences — including the reversal of a conviction on appeal — and that the Office of Statewide Prosecution cases was handling its cases at twenty times the cost to the state attorneys.

Tensions were clearly high, and the Florida Legislature directed Florida’s Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability (OPPAGA) to examine cost-effectiveness and efficiency, economic viability, and jurisdictional authority of the Office of Statewide Prosecution and the state attorneys. Its conclusion, in a nutshell, was that the parties need to grow up and figure it out.

“Law enforcement and regulatory agencies may take a case to either the state attorney or the Office of Statewide Prosecution, as they consider appropriate. This choice enhances Florida’s ability to aggressively fight crime, but it creates the potential for tension between the two prosecutorial entities. Both the state attorneys and the statewide prosecutor need to make an effort to communicate better.”

An interesting item of note that I came across while researching the above: the word “gang” appears nowhere in the Office of Statewide Prosecution’s annual report for the last three years. It appears in every annual report for the eight years prior. Is a shift underway? Time will tell.




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00:40 Meet MotherNine
06:47 9lokkGirlfriend, and screw-on earrings
10:22 Earlier…
11:49 “Where at? Don’t reach for it!”
16:28 A familiar voice
20:52 It’s video game time
23:45 Why is your sweater so wet?
26:31 Clearing the mall. Quickly.

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  1. Dude got caught with 13 auto sears plus RICO charges 😆. It's a wrrrap for that man. ATF gonna be deeper in his anal cavity than a booty bandit. Just a single one of those can land you 10 years in prison. Enjoy your vacation on Oct 6th.

  2. The fact that she refers to her son as "Glockn9ne"… She knows what's up with her son. The way some BW specifically groom and coddle bad behavior is saddening but the way these BM by large aren't around to raise their children is maddeningly pathetic.

  3. ⚠️’ Playing nice nice with criminals / and you’ll get lot more of this ⚠️⚡️🎭

  4. His Wiki Page is like 75% Legal Issues. They probably wouldn't have gave him a Wiki Page if he had no criminal records because there would be like 2 lines.

  5. If I were ever to see a bunch of cops parked outside a mall with automatic rifles in hand I'm probably never going to that mall again.. These people seem completely unfazed by it and just walk right up and try to go in.

  6. My mom always called me my nickname too. I don't even think she remembered my real name. I'll never forget the look on her face when she'd say it. "Come here Dipshit" . "Go to school Dipshit". "Stop drinking bleach Dipshit".. so sincere….

  7. Look at the cop fanning out. First he asked if 9LokkNine remembers him. "I arrested you over by your grandma house, remember?" Then he ask him if he still signed to Cash Money. Smh Calm down officer.

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