Aileen Wuornos: The Story of a Serial Killer | Real Stories True Crime Documentary

Aileen Wuornos: Life And Death Of A Serial Killer | True Crime Story | Real Stories

Nick Broomfield traces the tragic, life of Aileen Wuornos, America’s most renowned contemporary murderess, to its inevitable brutal conclusion.

From Aileen: Life And Death Of A Serial Killer

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Aileen Wuornos: Life And Death Of A Serial Killer | True Crime Story | Real Stories

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30 thoughts on “Aileen Wuornos: The Story of a Serial Killer | Real Stories True Crime Documentary

  1. Aileen was not a monster, she was born and raised a feral. The only difference is that this feral can understand english. Listening to her last interview explaining how much she hates her mother and what she did to her pretty much sums up her readiness for life- she was never taught how to be responsible and it wasn't her fault. She explains that the cops let her kill, and there has been known corruption in law enforcement in the USA. She died being the voice of reason.

  2. Aileen’s story is sad but she is proof that victims can also become evil people later on. I can feel sorry that she was abused but that doesn’t justify her being a killer

  3. Have I been wrong, have I been wise, to shut, my eyes and play along ..hypnotised paralysed that what my eyes have found…. A song that I was brought up on,& love … says it all. RIP Aileen. Baby love ❤️

  4. Everyone saying the mom is SO evil and a disgrace, But the daughter is not a disgrace right? Her mom who never unalived a single soul is SO MUCH WORSE Than the one who unalived seven innocent people huh? And you can't say you don't think that because you and everyone else here is ONLY talking about how sad they feel for the narcissistic myrderer, and NO ONE is breathing a word about how unfortunate it is and how heartbreaking it is that SEVEN innocent people with seven innocent families were myrdered. And these are innocent people that she admitted to lying about them abusing her (????????) and you guys are just bowing down before her. No one breathing a word about the seven people who never got to grow old with their families all because of her selfishness.

  5. You know you live in the most morally bankrupt, backwards, rotten, monstrous society to ever exist when the vast majority of the people in the comments are not even mentioning the seven innocent people who were unalived and all of the seven families so deeply affected forever because of it. Everyone is just getting off to glorifying and sympathizing with the one person who ended sll seven of their innocent lives. Makes me sick to my stomach. You are all monsters. No mention of innocent people who were MYRDERED by the very monster you dorks are worshipping

  6. Amazing how a mentally ill person like Aileen gets executed but pure evil like Norris & Bittaker and so many like them get to chill on Death Row in comfort and privacy for decades.

  7. This is bullshit, i believe her 100% that it was self defense. So what if she was a hooker, those men probably got scary rough so o dont blame her for doing all 7

  8. Has anyone been able to locate her son in the system? Whoever he is today, he likely doesn't know that's his mom. Some would say "good" but, it's really sad.

  9. Tyra was out for herself… Eileen would do anything for her and she knew it … Her parents scum of the earth same as her grandparents … This poor woman was used and abused by everyone… the system failed her before she ever killed anyone … The victims didn't deserve to die and I feel for their families…. But they should have never have been excuted she was clearly mentally ill … R.I.P I hope she found the peace in death that she was never allowed in life … Never have I ever felt for a killer the way I feel for her …

  10. Aileen was not crazy. I listened to a very compelling and informative discussion between two professors of a very prestigious university in the U.S on the topic of sonic manipulation of brain waves research that had been done there, successfully, since the 1960s. This university is now the headquarters of CERN. This is not uncommon, there’s sonic crowd control weapons and many other sonic weapons in the public eye today.

  11. R.I.P. Aileen. You didn't seem like a bad person,and I wish that life could have been better to you. May God have mercy on your soul.

  12. R.I.P Aileen truly a sad,sad story from the moment she was birthed she NEVER stood a chance the world was against her before she even knew her name…..Shame on her family it makes my blood boil to hear that her immediate family would do her like that………

  13. 1:05:12 oh god that deep breath , I can see her angel inside her through her eyes . I can see how tired she is of society . Life was so unfair for her . May God bless you I pray for you to rest in peace sweetheart

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