Protestants vs Catholics In Northern Ireland: The 100 Year War | Witness | IRA Terrorism Documentary

For a hundred years, Ireland has been divided in two. To the south, the Republic, an independent country and member of the European Union. To the north, Northern Ireland, belonging to the United Kingdom. In this territory of barely 1.8 million inhabitants, two rival camps coexist: on the one hand the Unionists, mainly Protestants and loyal to the United Kingdom. On the other, the Irish nationalists, mostly Catholics, who want to be attached to the Republic of Ireland and no longer be part of the United Kingdom.

Since the end of the civil war in 1998, which claimed 3,500 lives, hatred has persisted between these two communities. In the capital, Belfast, enemy neighborhoods are separated by 8-meter-high concrete walls. Every evening and weekend, the metal doors that allow you to pass from one district to another are closed.

Each community retains its own traditions. On the Protestant side, on July 12, the victory of Protestant King William III over Catholic King James II is celebrated by gigantic parades and marching bands. On August 8, it’s the turn of the Catholic community to taunt the protests. In the Bogside district of Derry, Dede and his friends make a gigantic bonfire using wooden pallets. They hang the flag of the United Kingdom, and proclaim their hatred of the British crown.

In the underprivileged districts of Belfast and Derry, paramilitary groups exercise parallel justice and conduct punitive expeditions. We met one of their former members, who recounts the brutality of these groups and their recruitment methods. Between criminality and identity rivalry, dive into Northern Ireland, a country where civil war is once again threatening to break out.


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24 thoughts on “Protestants vs Catholics In Northern Ireland: The 100 Year War | Witness | IRA Terrorism Documentary

  1. How can the unionists reconcile the fact that they invaded Ireland and they were brought there from north England and Scotland? Are the native Irish supposed to be just chill about the whole thing

  2. Take note to the loyalist of what happened in Israel, with the republic supporting Palestine and more Islamics moving to the UK and Ireland. There is a big chance the same thing will happen again in the Protestant area.
    About the journalist that was killed, tough luck. You chose to be there you knew the dangers that’s on you.

  3. No the real conflict will be between Nationalists (British and Irish) and the new "plantation" of foreigners, especially ones from Islamic regions and North Africa.

  4. My grandpa& my grandma’s parents were born& raised in Northern Ireland. I visited 11 years ago, including Derry. I was there for the 12th and saw these fires but the ones my family took me too had the opposite flags. When I discussed with my grandpa few months ago, he says that all the conflict is just ridiculous, that Ireland should just reunite, and the Catholics and protestants should just get along. I’m pretty sure he was in the orange order as a teen, as was his dad, But after growing up and leaving and he thinks that the orange order is just ridiculous. It would be cool to see United Ireland.

  5. I hope the Protestants and Catholics can unite when the globalists flood your shores with George Soros funded “climate refuges”. if not you’ll soon lose your island to Islam, Africa and chaos.

  6. Is not a war between Protestants and catohlics. Its a war between Irish and the brits. The founder of Irish nationalist movements are protestants…. Wolfe Tones!!!!

  7. And this anti-Irish racist apartheid enclave was created by the British as a result of the Kaiser heavily arming 'British Loyalists' who would not accept the democratic wishes of the Irish people. There is no religious divide. Religion like surnames marks you out as being either Irish or British. The Brits love to portray it however as a religious problem which they act as peacekeepers. In reality they maintain the enclave with money, police and military.

  8. I sympathize with the Irish Republicans but why y’all burning stars of David and a flag of Israel? I know they support Palestine. But I’m sick of this blatant Jew hatred. They’ve suffered enough mistreatment. Just as the Irish have.

  9. "Brits out. Ireland for the Irish. Let's burn that Israeli flag for a free Palestine" 🙄

    I'm all for independence for actual countries like a whole Ireland for actual Irish people to preserve their language and culture but they've been brainwashed to equate the Gaza "troubles" with northern Ireland.

    Their government,IRA & Sinn Fein is selling them and their country out for more Palestinians,Muslims & "refugees" to fill your land and take over.

    It's irrelevant now to fly the Irish flag as it'll be replaced and hated in favor of a Palestinian flag.

    I'm surprised their Muslim masters allow the Irish to practice Christianity and to drink,have their women uncovered. The Irish will be conquered by a Pali flag. Morons.

  10. I’ll tell you one thing that there’s no f***ing way in hell I’d drop my kid off to get shot!!! Please don’t say she didn’t know something was gonna happen cuz I was just watching this know full well that something was going to happen to that child!!!

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