The Farmer Who Took On Monsanto (David Vs. Goliath Documentary) | Real Stories

One man against big business…

Since Monsanto began selling their patented ‘Roundup Ready’ genetically modified (GM) seeds they have sued hundreds of farmers for patent infringement. Their heavy-handed investigations and ruthless prosecutions have been nothing less than an assault on the foundations of farming practices and traditions that have endured for millennia, including one of the oldest, the right to save and replant crop seed. Michael White, a fourth generation farmer and seed cleaner living in the northeast corner of rural Alabama never imagined that he would become the target of the conglomerates aggressive legal tactics. But unlike other farmers in his area Michael refused to give in to Monsanto and in doing so became one of only a handful of farmers to maintain the ability to speak publicly about his case. This is his story.

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Author: Rafael Nieves


44 thoughts on “The Farmer Who Took On Monsanto (David Vs. Goliath Documentary) | Real Stories

  1. Imagine seeing a diabolical company functioning very shady-like, and instead of getting mad at the lack of regulation, you just pin the blame on GMOs! Too much “natural stuff always good, chemical stuff always bad” bs.
    Humanity can live without Monestro, but it cannot live without GMOs.

  2. It's now 2024 & this story only has 85k views? It should have MILLIONS. I am sharing it with my network now. The brother interviewed is brilliant & we must HEED his warning ⚠️…bless him & his beloved father for speaking truth to power.

  3. Monsanto has a patent on seeds that aluminum resistant, to survive the main chemical used in the chem trails that planes are spraying to control our food supply. Monsanto also bought a bee research company and has a bee the ONLY pollinates Monsanto seeds. Doesn’t sound TOO sinister, does it?

  4. Plant breeding has caused a scarcity of seeds, it’s operation caused the traditional seeds to be extinct and you don’t even have them around always, it’s evil to patent seeds

  5. No individual, corporation or country should ever have this much power over all of humanity..never again.. lesson well learned, no more

  6. While I'm generally pro-GMO, I think that the practice of patenting seeds needs to be seriously looked at, or just banned outright. I think patented seeds could be clearly identifiable. They could be a different colour or shape to mark them out as modified. This would then be required to prove that the farmer deliberately saved the patented seed. I also think that farmers should have the right to save seed anyway, but not sell them to other farmers. This is where patent-holders Then patent holders would only be able to go after cases that they know were sold.

    That said, I think the best option would be to ban the practice outright. Even with those measures, it would be hard to determine if a farmer saved patented seed by accident, or is running an underground operation to distribute patented seeds.

  7. The corporations won’t be judged on judgement day… but every employee, executive and shareholder WILL be judged. It will have an effect on their tarnished legacies. Karma is always in the mirror. Thank you for your commitment to caring about the planet and all of life upon it🙏🏽

  8. I have the highest respect for our farmers, especially ones standing up against Monsanto who is poisoning our food. Corrupt billionaires like bill gates threatening our farmers and forcing them to sell the land for their agenda to have all lab grown meat. Protect our farmers.

  9. Thank you for fighting them they have ruined millions of lives and they will pay for what they done!! For the same measure i am given i will give return!!

  10. I’d say Monsanto is Lex Luthor , we have been poisoned in our water, rice, meat , fish , air, violence, pre mature diseases. “Ain’t find a way to kill me yet” ~ Alice In Chains

  11. Luxury companies and companies like Apple shouldn't get tax exemptions. Think about it. Only rich people buy those products. Why am I subsidizing them?

  12. Monsanto is now Bayer , the aspirin maker, nothing is safe anymore, go to your local farmers, Every single state has something other than a Walmart support your local farmers. Only we the people can change this.

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