LIVE: Israel-Hamas war: IDF soldiers fight Hamas terrorists after 14 soldiers die | LiveNOW from FOX

Fourteen Israeli soldiers were killed in combat in Gaza. The Israeli military says its been some of the bloodiest days of battle since the start of the ground offensive. The Health Ministry in Hamas-controlled Gaza says 166 people died in the area over the past day. Israeli Army Radio reported, four soldiers were killed when their car was struck by an anti-tank missile, others were killed in sporadic fighting. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday, “The war exacts a heavy price from us but we have no choice but to continue fighting. We are continuing with all the force, until the end, until victory, until we reach all of our goals.”

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26 thoughts on “LIVE: Israel-Hamas war: IDF soldiers fight Hamas terrorists after 14 soldiers die | LiveNOW from FOX

  1. A Call for Reflection and Cooperation for Israel and Its Neighbors

    Dear Israel,

    We write to you today with a heartfelt plea for reflection and cooperation. We implore you to recognize the intrinsic value of nature and the profound interconnectedness that binds us to our neighboring regions. In our shared existence, we cannot afford to perpetuate conflict and division; instead, we must strive to coexist and thrive together.

    It is paramount to acknowledge that Israel and Palestine are not separate entities but integral parts of a larger whole. Our communities, our natural landscapes, and our identities are intricately interwoven with those of Palestine, Lebanon, and other neighboring regions. We must cherish and nurture these natural bonds, for they form the foundation of our collective existence.

    We acknowledge that the path Israel has been following may not lead to the outcomes we desire. Continuing along this trajectory risks not only harming our own citizens but also exacerbating tensions within the region. We urge a reevaluation of our actions and a renewed commitment to building a future based on cooperation and mutual respect.

    We must emphasize that shedding the blood of fellow citizens, whether they be military personnel, civilians, children, women, or the elderly, is unacceptable. Destruction of infrastructure only sets us back, erasing the progress made in knowledge, technology, and society. It leads us down a path of regression to obsolete times, rather than advancing toward a brighter future.

    While we appreciate the support of Western superpowers and influential figures, we must also recognize the unique challenges and dynamics of our region. It is imperative that we chart our own course, informed by our natural surroundings and cultural heritage.

    We call upon the diaspora communities and influential individuals of Israeli origin scattered across the globe to rally behind Israel's efforts to promote peace and prosperity in the region. This support should encompass a wide range of initiatives, including industry, technology, infrastructure development, and economic integration with neighboring countries.

    We firmly believe that peace is achievable through dialogue, cooperation, and investment in the well-being of all our communities. Israel must lead by example, fostering goodwill and understanding among its neighbors. This entails investing in infrastructure, restoring ecosystems, and promoting economic opportunities in the region.

    Let us not forget the significance of the legendary holy sites that draw visitors from around the world. These places belong to all humanity, serving as symbols of our shared heritage and aspirations. Israel is not required to claim ownership over these lands; rather, we must preserve and protect them for the benefit of all.

    As we reflect on the lessons of history, let us remember the support extended to Israel during the Second World War. Just as Germany sought forgiveness and reconciliation, Israel too must strive to be a beacon of peace and understanding in our world.

    In conclusion, we urge Israel to embrace its role as a catalyst for positive change in the region. Let us work together towards a future defined by cooperation, prosperity, and lasting peace.

    With hope and solidarity

  2. I know in all war and confrontation you will have some casualties! But is not possible that Israel use more Drone and aerial straik to protect more the life of their Soldiers?

  3. She sed thousands 🤔😆😂😅🤣😅🤣😄 Just in this weekend alone.👀 😆😂😅🤣😅😅😆😆😂😅🤣 🍆🍒 That's the same playbook from Ukraine.🤷

  4. Its a physical war and now we experience which country possessed a brave & genius soldiers, what we heard by u all these tym doesnt tally almost nt true at all.

  5. Netanyahu should just step down bcos he is a good for nothing. He create havoc n more more n more Soldiers are killed n worst more n more Israel Soldiers were having permanent Disabilities 🙏😩

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