Snapdragon X Plus is HERE | Windows on Arm gets HUGE upgrade!

Snapdragon X Plus is HERE | Windows on Arm gets HUGE upgrade!

Qualcomm just announced the Snapdragon X Plus processor, an Arm-based processor made for laptops. This is a watered-down version of the already announced Snapdragon X Elite, but it offers most of the capabilities of the Elite, making it a better option for people looking to get the most performance bang for their buck. For more info check out our website:

00:00 Intro
00:15 Snapdragon X Series explained
01:23 Snapdragon X Plus launch
02:15 Windows on Arm explained
03:21 Apple M-series on Arm
04:10 Microsoft hasn’t responded
05:31 Qualcomm pushing Microsoft
06:46 Gaming with the X Series
07:01 Will Microsoft get better at this?
07:55 Qualcomm sending a powerful message
08:48 Do we trust Qualcomm?
09:22 When we’ll see real Snapdragon X laptops

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34 thoughts on “Snapdragon X Plus is HERE | Windows on Arm gets HUGE upgrade!

  1. You guys used to have such good videos, where in you showed your experience with the device, nowadays it's all like showing clips from the launch event. I understand that the device might not be available for use till now, but this seems to be such a low effort video. I did not learn anything new about the product which was already shown in the product launch.

  2. "The question is, is Microsoft going to make Windows on ARM better." then mentions how Google Chrome was ported to ARM only recently.

    Oh yeah. Basically, by far, the LAST major browser to support Windows on Arm; even though Microsoft have helped made Chromium compatible with Arm long ago.
    Let's not forget that this is Google. YouTube & Gsuite was quietly slowed down on Edge when it wasn't Chromium.
    There's the whole saga of stomping Windows Phone & blocking YouTube apps.
    The constant nagging to get Chrome long since the debut of Edge, and more.

    History has shown that Google & Microsoft has a big rivalry. They will try their best to hinder competitor's efforts. Not releasing Arm version of Chrome is a part of it.
    Since everyone uses Chrome, Google was trying to make Windows on Arm feels slow.
    So customers either have to choose between Arm (slow) or x86 (battery draining) Windows laptop… or they can get a fast & power efficient Chromebook.

    It's just that these new Qualcomm chips will likely be the turning point making Windows on Arm a real option for big part of the market, so Google have no choice but to comply. Otherwise, people might just switch to browser that supports Windows on Arm – which is every other browser, even Firefox supports it day-one.

  3. The claim that “hardware is not the problem, but software is” is a load of bull. The reason for slow adoption of ARM on windows is all about hardware. Even on Mac, with M1, it took nearly 2 years for many creative suites to have M-native builds. The reason developers committed on putting ARM on their roadmap for M1 is b/c M1 was genuinely more powerful in every way and the benefits for spending money had big payout. On Windows, ARM offering was a poor hardware that couldn’t even compete with the low-end Intel on both performance and cost perspective.

    With this new offering, it will change, assuming the chips are decently powerful enough and cost-effective to target average users.

    You need to more research before making videos like these. “Microsoft needs to answer”, “Microsoft needs to make Windows better” is all bullshit. The third party developers like Google, Adobe has to see a hardware platform in demand before they can prioritize the work. “Windows” doesn’t need to be better. Windows on ARM already is pretty neat for developers to build cross-platform solutions. But the whole laptop-world has to push forward. This is what made all the difference for Apple.

  4. "save arm for windows", wtf, I have 3 pcs, 1 htpc, 2 surfaces win on arm, I dont want the old variant, the fanless feature and batterylife, always on does it for me..

  5. Mianly it needs to be usable. Every try in the past with Windows for ARM, using Windows with low power pasively cooled chips atc was major fail. Even on Surfece Go (1-3) the Windows are absolutely unusable.

  6. The X Elite is HUGE investment (literally billions) from Qualcomm in WoA. Qualcomm must finally be confident that Microsoft is finally taking WoA and getting it to a stage where it can be viable alternative for most users. I've said it before many many times, Microsoft was always the problem with WoA, hence why no other SoC Vendors were interested either (same as Google being the main issue holding back Wear OS)

  7. Samsung Tab s Ultra Series needs the X Elite chip 🔥. If the latest iPad Pro can have an m series chip so can the tab s Ultra

  8. I had to get a MBP pro 14 due to the lack of alternatives. Can't wait to get back when they launch this. However, it seems like a long way until they get there.

  9. This guy has no f…in idea what he's talking about. Windows native ARM apps exists today, and there are plenty of them.

  10. Tomshareware did a piece that claims that third-party testers cannot come close to matching Qualcomm benchmarks and are calling it as “fraud”. SemiAccurate claim two major OEMs have said that they have tested thoroughly and some tests show 50% of what Qualcomm claim. They do not not why, maybe the reference devices have been skewed to simply be not re-producible?

    Whatever, it does appear that anyone believing the hype may be taken in by this extensive marketing advertising push by Qualcomm to push their agenda. I hope that these creators repeating the feed from Qualcomm will address this when actual REAL laptops tell the truth.

  11. In my view, Microsoft REALLY NEEDS TO FULLY REBUILD Windows (maybe a 'New' Win12? version) that is smooth, responsive/snappy, powerful, stylish, AND VITALLY… WITH NONE OF THE ANALYTICS BLOAT BULLSH!TE !!! But… I guess, as usual, Microsoft WON'T learn by their mistakes… 😒

  12. Shame it’s not really anywhere near the Apple chips in terms of efficiency. It draws around the same as the M3 Max at ~70% of the CPU performance but nowhere near the NPU or GPU performance. Not to mention M4 is on the horizon. Good first effort, not great.

  13. If the pricing is on par with Apple silicon then this is dead and simply focuses on few creator apps. This will only solidify x86 market share.
    You should double check WoA performance and performance is neck to neck with Apple according to Gary from Gary Explains

  14. Windows on Arm has good emulation, but the hardware was lacking. Imagine emulating x86 apps with smartphone chips. This new Snapdragon is design to emulation and power x86 apps.

  15. 8:16 Windows knew it way earlier when they released RT series. But, the issue is there was no any RISC processor manufacturer that was even interested in making desktop or laptop CPUs seriously. So, Microsoft had to just rely on mobile based processor with their Windows RT. The problem with Microsoft was they always focused on software and never on hardware which is why still to this date we see struggling Windows.

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