Hard Time S04 E08: Mental Hell

In Clark County prison, many inmates suffer from mental illness. Today’s episode follows schizophrenic inmate Lance, who has a weakness for weapons, suicidal Borderliner Roy, and drug-addicted manic-depressive Jamie.


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44 thoughts on “Hard Time S04 E08: Mental Hell

  1. 4 months for brass knuckles? lol wtf? a kitchen knife is just as dangerous if not more so, what's the charge for having one of those?

  2. In America you can be falsely accused of a crime and do Life.
    Or legitimately be accused of dozens of crimes, and be President.

  3. Sending people with oblivious mental health problems to jail should be unlawful. They are sick. This is awful 💔

  4. Really tax payer burden? Thats is so so minimal especially in the US where nothing costs tax payers because the government doesn't fund health care for the most part. If that is a struggle the system is weak and near robust enough. Europe has far less gross demestic produ tion. Less land resources and everything but can deal with all corrections better than the USA. Canada is pretty good as well. I am proud to pay high tax in Canada and we still have a very free country. Often more free than the US.

  5. I have schizophrenia, I was diagnosed 19 years ago. Doing alright now, there’s just no chance of any real success in life or building a family. Just enjoying when I get each paycheck at the end of the month.

  6. Pregnancy and having a child is no cure for addiction. Ive seen this "false hope" enough times to say that. Both inside jail and on the outside. And then,,,,,fast forwarding this program,,,,I felt she made the right deccission after all. It took me 30 years to get out of it and when I did it all came from inside myself. All the best to you Nina. Love from Norway.

  7. Smart judge about the pregnant girl! She’d screw up in a second! And I’m not saying that because she’s an addict I’m saying that because she’s scattered, her boyfriend has more of a chance than she does I believe it’s sad but sometimes it’s just too late to help to save somebody

  8. They never show all the deaf people in jail..you know, the ones with disobeying an officer orders.
    That’s right, that’s how retarted the American system is.
    How about all the deaf / people with headphones shot in the back and tackled by police for not doing what they are told.
    God bless our war of terror domestic and abroad!

  9. "Based of those decisions you need to suffer to consequences of those decisions, which is 18-60 months in the department of corrections." How do you say this to a mental health patient? That's some email behavior. I don't know what his past crimes are but if you're mentally ill isn't there some other form of rehabilitation? Weekly meetings, where they're mandated to take their medication?

  10. Mental PATIENTS do not belong in prison. Period!
    Further … How on earth can a Judge (31:52) force a Defendant, whom is a pregnant woman, to decide between: (1) keep the baby and stay in prison; or (2) abortion and leave prison. Giving a Defendant such a choice is criminal by itself! At minimum, it is discriminatory! It further steers a Defendant towards abortion!

  11. Love this show so much it has made me think about a career in corrections it looks extremely challenging but rewarding thank you for uploading absolutely love this show!

  12. At 31:00, u can see his face. U sir, 'judge', have destroyed his life. He could have been on s straight path if given the chance. Give the judge a hard life, being poor or mental issues, then u'll understand rather then judging someone by reading some words on paper.

  13. Because of that bad judge she will now maybe make an abort for her child because she dont want to spend years in prison.. What a bad "justice" system there is in USA

  14. Lance scares the living shit out of me. His passion for weapons worries me as much as his pseudo great intelligence.

  15. I do feel bad in a way for Lance. Are you telling me he can't get some books to keep his mind active and occupied in a healthy way, in a State Hospital? Can't his mother send him some books? This doesn't make any sense to me whatsoever. What exactly is accomplished by keeping him locked up doing nothing and yes I get keeping him out of trouble, that's why allowing him some books seems like an adequate compromise. I really don't understand that at all.

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