33 ARRESTED at GWU As Cops Clear Encampments, DC Mayor Bowser SKIRTS Hearing

Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave discuss the latest updates on the campus protests. #GW #RachelCorrie #Israel #Gaza

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Author: Rafael Nieves


34 thoughts on “33 ARRESTED at GWU As Cops Clear Encampments, DC Mayor Bowser SKIRTS Hearing

  1. ok Bri "they don't want their money they pay the university to go ….." then no student loan forgiveness right there, quit your job and move on

  2. So the student polling is high quality and produced a surprising result. Why isn't Brianna engaging with that new information instead of trying to reframe it? It's a pattern of changing the subject whenever possible If that subject is challenging. I didn't stop watching cable news to then tune in to this low quality of discourse.

  3. Follow The Money. Most protesters weren't even students .They were paid,by George Sorros and a Rothchild.We need to be asking ourselves WHY?

  4. After my clients/customers pay me, they don't ask, nor would I ever tell them how I spend the money I earned/received. And I would never give them the authority to decide how I spend the money. Loyalties aside, this seems like a dangerous precedent, imo.

  5. 6:18 “if you put a gun to my head my priorities change”. So that’s not what the students are doing currently by occupying buildings they don’t belong in? 😂

  6. Brianna, the children dint manage the money for the s books, you can’t compare it to your home. Children have no say because they are ignorant. Bonn Gaza.👍🏻👍🏻

  7. One could argue that there is a connection between lack of a national healthcare system accessible to everyone because many politicians view it as too costly and spending billion of dollars over decades to sustain conflicts in other parts of the world.

  8. I would ask to divest also. I would not damage property or occupy buildings but i also dont have to "disperse" 🖕

  9. Worth noting Robbie these students from the generation lab polled were approached at places like ‘soul cycle’
    That a bit of a skewed cohort

  10. BRI is to insane and entitled such a DEI hire makes me sick hearing her voice and superiority self righteous nonsense, it is not reporting it is guilt shaming to her way of thinking. So sick of Bri. Poor Robbie.

  11. Nobody is forcing these students to attend this university. If they don't like how the school uses their funding, then they are free to go elsewhere. I am sure there are other students who would be more than happy to take their place.

  12. I'm so tired of Robby's duplicity and tacit acceptance of genocide. When is he ever going to stand on the right side of history instead of being willing to see genocide as an ancillary event.

  13. Bri wants to constantly pretend these few students protesting represent the majority 🤣😂. WRONG!!! Silly girl

  14. All ideas will be made decision at November election, if Democratic win, Israel will be punished, if GOP win, Palestinians student will be punished

  15. This show has turned to an Israel and Palestine mostly show. Bri is such a brat, and her opinion that the faculty and students should vote on where the university wants to invest proves that. Just don't care about this topic enough for the amount of coverage it receives.

  16. I’ve read the definition of Genocide and what happening in Gaza does not meet that definition….so why does everyone keep saying that Word? Does nothing have any meaning anymore is it all just fluid garbage

  17. Students don't own the schools they attend, nor are they themselves investors in those schools, thus they actually should have absolutely no say in where or how those schools and colleges invest their money.

    Students are consumers of the educational products/services those various institutions, whether private or public, provide them.

    If they don't like how those institutions spend and/or invest the money they pay for those services (know as tuition), then they are free to withdraw from that school and find an institution that is more in line with their values.

    Simple as that.

  18. They drove a bulldozer over that girl Rachel Corrie. That American citizen.
    I forget… was that before or after Oct. 7th???

    Robbie is reading Morning Joe talking points. Pathetic.

  19. I know Bri position, I know Robbie position, and neither one of you will change my own position. No matter what neither of you say. Instead of wasting time bickering on the middle east or Trump every other segment, use that time on the armed conflicts and famine in sub Saharan Africa. Give me the facts and keep your personal propaganda to yourself, please.

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