44 thoughts on “Blinken Says Ukraine NATO Membership IS ‘INEVITABLE’; GOP Not Having It

  1. Its not reckless at all, its making clear to Russia that no matter what they think or try Ukraine is not going to be part of Russia, if they want a direct fight then so be it because Russia is not winning no matter what!!!

  2. Apparently NATO still does not understand that Russia is a superpower AND is winning the war AND will eventually conquer all of Ukraine. Is Ukraine going to be part of NATO in absentia? More money to Ukraine just delays the inevitable, kills more Ukrainians, and destroys more of its infrastructure. Why not spend the money to solve problems in America (what a shocking concept)?

  3. The recklessness of NATOs Ukraine Project continues, with Blinken asserting what may well become the catalyst of WW3!!!!
    These Neocon war-mongers are a piece of work, eh???

  4. Russia is losing guys! That’s why ukraine needs help from literally every continent on earth all at the same time or they would be toast in 2 seconds

  5. She says having Russia at our doorstep when NATO has been the one expanding towards Russia's doorstep. That's just dishonest and fraudulent, meant to mislead the audience.

  6. The madness made real continues on steroids. Russia has said no. Secretary of State Antony Blinken has said yes. The United States hegemon has escalated the violence in the unwinnable war. Four aces raising into a straight flush. Successful Communist Atheist China is Russias wing man.

  7. Correction: older Ukrainians aren't "joining the military to defend their homeland;" they're being drafted and being thrown into vans and having their bank accounts frozen if they refuse. Ukraine has even eliminated medical exemptions for their draft. The average age Ukrainian soldier is currently in the mid 40s.

  8. One of the key elements of a negotiated settlement of the Russian invasion of Ukraine has been surrendered by Blinken. I have advocated for some time that negotiations should include a territorial element, followed by a fixed period of free migration back and forth across this new border. Ukraine would receive a conditional membership in NATO which would be triggered instantly in the event Russian military ever moved across the new border. Putin, who does not want NATO on this extensive frontier, would be in control of the matter.

  9. The US needs to understand the limits of imperial power especially when your comparative power advantage is waning. If you are not very careful, you could be dragged into half a dozen conflicts across the globe and be weakened terribly, That will be the point where the rest of the world will stop buying your sovereign debt and will start trading outside the US dollar. That would be very, very bad news for US given the scale of your national debt and deficit spending.

  10. Too late… Russia and maybe it's allies are already on a nonstop path to war with not only Ukraine and the 'West' but every non- nuclear country in the world who don't have the deterrent of Nuclear weapons. Just look at the same thing playing out with Venezuela and Guyana? It's simple, dictators must be stopped.

  11. A sizeable number of people on the right have become puppets of Putin because of The Donald. – This is a sad occurrence because Putin isn't a friend of the USA.

  12. Article 5 of NATO right now is on fragile ground. Would the US risk a nuclear attack on US soil to save let's say Estonia. US controls most of the nuclear triggers (except France and the UK) would it risk global annihilation? I don't think so. The only way to hold Europe together is if each country held a trigger. And then you have countries like Ukraine that may have a first strike option. Not good.

  13. Ukraine had no interest in joining before the war so dont see why we should let them in now they are at war so that we have to fight their battles and die

  14. US very adamant wanted Ukraine to be a member of NATO. That's why Russia has to defends itself against western NATO US evil aggression

  15. Blinken just give Russia even more reason to continue this war and win. This statement solidifies Russia's claim that this is existential for them. Biden's government is the most dangerous and irresponsible US government I have seen. These people are slow walking us into WWIII. I hope Americans do not reelect these people come Nov.

  16. Such an irresponsible statement. It is almost like these people are daring Russia to start launching nukes. And BTW, Ukraine is a highly corrupt country. If NATO members wants to guarantee 3% of annual GDP defense spending, I might be persuaded, but unless I see our allies step up, I cannot get behind this.

  17. Russia already says there at war with nato
    if i throw rocks at you and another person gives me the rocks wouldnt you blame the supplier of rocks???
    just like nato giving BILLIONS in weapons and rockets to ukraine!!!!

  18. Sleepwalker Joe attended a reception in honor of Greek Independence Day, introducing himself as "Joe Bidenopoulos" during his speech. It seems that his mind has left him.

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