FAKE NEWS: Tucker Carlson NOT Starting Russian State TV Show; Media Falls For HOAX

Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave discuss that Russian Television aired Tucker Carlson’s show. #tuckercarlson #RTXOn

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Author: Rafael Nieves


46 thoughts on “FAKE NEWS: Tucker Carlson NOT Starting Russian State TV Show; Media Falls For HOAX

  1. You don't understand. Tucker already said this is the FBI's pretense for a FISA warrant. He already caught the NSA spying on him illegally. They actually admitted they hacked his Signal account. Now they're being smart about it and getting an official warrant. So how could a judge authorize a warrant based on falsified evidence like this? Easy, just pick up a pen. LOL. They already did it with Trump.

  2. Media did not fall for a hoax, they WANTED this out there and it does not matter if it is true, their WEF agenda is top priority

  3. Can’t stomach Carlson but so what if it was true? There’s nothing wrong with an American having a tv show in Russia whether state tv or not. It’s really amazing how Russophobic our establishment is. It’s like they fear Russia and have no confidence in American ideas or our people.

  4. At a certain point these Media Outlets are going to be dragged into court and be made to write a HUGE check for the Libel that they just brush off as an ‘Ooopsie’

    Judge: “MSNBC, find out your net profits for Calendar Year 2023, now write a check to Tucker Carlson for 1/4th of that amount.”

  5. I was never a a viewer of RT. Not for me. But how in the world was RT banned when:
    "CONGRESS SHALL MAKE NO LAW RESPECTING an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or ABRIDGING THE FREEDOM OF SPEECH, OR OF THE PRESS; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances."

    And that goes for TikTok as well. There's no provision: "unless there's some sort of real or perceived risk."

  6. Kremlin TV is using Carlson's material that was posted on X and elsewhere. Carlson didn't 'make a deal' with anyone in Russia, but that's not the point. The point is that Tucker Carlson is aligned with an enemy of the United States to the degree that they're using his garbage content.

  7. Jeeezzz, everyone loves to jump to the “Tucker loves Russia”, and just refuse to acknowledge that Tucker very clearly said that it’s not right what Russia is doing to Ukraine, that they have an evil, closed off dictatorship country that has no freedom of speech…..AND just because he says “But hey guys, maybe they might have a fair point that NATO was infringing on their sovereignty and sphere of influence, maybe just a little bit”, then everyone LOSES THEIR MINDS…

    How would everyone like if Russia signed a trade agreement with Mexico, that included clauses about Russia opening a Joint Military Base in Mexico, and they land missiles there…would we, the USA Military and Administration, be over-reacting if we forcibly tried to stop that from happening?

    Such a bunch of hypocrites….we can say we love our Country, it’s still the best country in the world, AND ADMIT we have massive flaws, current societal problems and morality issues, and that we’ve maybe done some not-so-nice, some say even borderline evil / terrorist like, things in the past….both things CAN BE AND ARE TRUE AT THE SAME TIME.

  8. Brie doesn’t like two men in particular. Tucker Carlson, and RFK Jr. Tucker is honest, and insightful. RFK Jr. I’m all in with the exception of Gaza which I pray he changes asap. Bobbie apparently you’re not aware of this idea “ It’s not what I say that’s important, it’s what you hear that’s important “ To put into context “ It’s not what I write that’s important, it’s what you read that’s important “ . I assume you both know what the word “ subliminal “ means .

  9. NO THEY DID NOT FALL FOR THE HOAX. They intentionally pushed it forward because Tucker is a conservative and the news media that did this are liberal. END of story.

  10. Why is Tucker so defensive about this ‘accusation’? Shouldn’t he embrace it? After all, he believes Russia is a force for good

  11. Hatred for Russia is irrational. Hatred for declining of morality in U.S., well when few care that hundreds of thousands have died in Ukraine …

  12. I just thought it was interesting that Vladimir Putin interfered in America’s election and installed Trump and then the Trump ministration didn’t make sure that Vladimir Putin could re-interfere in America’s election and reinstall Trump

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