IVY LEAGUES No Longer The Brass Ring?! Students DITCH Costly, Elite Schools for Other Options

Jessica Burbank and Amber Duke weigh in on a report that students are opting out of applying to elite-level colleges. #university #eliteschool

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Author: Rafael Nieves


34 thoughts on “IVY LEAGUES No Longer The Brass Ring?! Students DITCH Costly, Elite Schools for Other Options

  1. Gone are the days of elite colleges! Even kids who is smart prefer universities with reasonable fees / get scholarships and place of education without much drama and chaos !!!

  2. Unless they are engineer grads, who are less likely to be woke, why would any company hire a liberal arts grad at all, much less from Ivy League school. Maybe for janitor or food service. Every job in our co. needs practical education from engineers to welders.

  3. Here's a dirty little secret of Ivy League colleges:

    They let poor and lower middle class in because those are the students that pull up the grades.

    Rich kids don't do well in school at all.

    Not only that, they get more government funding by letting poor kids in.

    Once again, poor people do all the work while the rich gets all the benefits.

  4. Who want to pay high tuition and get brainwashed at these Ivy League universities. Can get better education elsewhere and lower cost. Northeast is a hot bed for progressive indoctrination.

  5. Parents are sending their kids to other universities that aren't crazy liberal and involved in trash teachings. Those universities will have many donors withdraw and it's starting already.

  6. That was shockingly well conducted and both women put together some strong arguments. I would also like to throw out there that between trade schools and the Ivy League there are tons of places known as public and private universities and colleges. The options are not become an investment banker or a plumber. You can graduate from a "Southern college" as a lawyer, teacher, nurse, doctor, admin, journalist, etc. While most people don't wind up following a straight career path, they are still hoping for some return on their investment, like being able to get a job after they graduate. Which if your degree is in Women's studies, might be hard to do.

  7. If you start your apprenticeship at 16, then finish the course and continue to work until the age of fresh graduates, 23. That's about just below $150k of total income and comparing to near $300k tuition fee debts. That's a whopping $450k difference, provided you immediate find a job straight after college. Good luck

  8. Cornell only gets a bad rap for being a "lower tier Ivies" by two groups: the elitists or friendly ribbing by fellow Ivy Leaguers or those who know the inside joke.

    What conservatives don't understand about higher education is that a vast majority of Americans who attend college don't attend the Ivies or very selective colleges. A good percent attend land grant universities and a vast majority of students DO obtain jobs, whether that job is directly correlated do their degree or not is sorta kinda irrelevant.

    This is where conservatives sound and look like anti-intellectuals by moving the goal posts on the value of a college degree — making it strictly a white collared vocational school. Rather sad that Duke thinks this way, dismissing a liberal arts education. Burbank has a more reasonable and balanced approach.

  9. Generation TOOLBELT. Particularly when everyone sees that everyone from these EXACT colleges is incompetent. THEY all lack the skill, knowledge or thoroughness to do anything and will never take care of themselves. Young people are smart and will not go to college to come out lacking critical decision making and owing lots of money.

  10. Also many state schools are still overpriced. But instead of voting towards legislation that pushes lower tuition from state schools Republicans pivot to the conversations that you don't need higher education and making the wage and capitalism csuite positions, board room membership, and ownership gap wider than ever

  11. A dip in ivy league applications is hardly a reflection to a lean into southern public state schools. Overall state and public schools saw an increase. Also the US is so behind in tech skills that we expanded visas to allow for skilled tech. Trade schools are definitely needed but pretending that we are not well below science and tech wise and we not longer compete globally is reducing our capitalistic abilities domestically

  12. High standards were the reason elite colleges were considered elite. Affirmative action and DEI pirched that out the window. They're simply not worth it.

  13. My neighbor's son went to one of the SUNYs to study business. He did not get a job for almost a year. He worked in a pizza store and a few other odd jobs. Only one or two students from his class who had connections in finance companies (and had close to a 3.95 GPA) got internships there. He is now working in a car dealership in sales.
    It is not easy to get good jobs

  14. Enrollment/application trends, while interesting, don't say much about the bottom line. You can't escape the exorbitant price of tuition, Ivy League or not. So I'd be a lot more interested if students were ditching colleges altogether in favor of trade schools.

  15. These schools have only themselves to blame. They have embraced politics and ideology over meaningful education and student preparation. If there is rot within it’s because they allowed it.

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