NY Gov Kathy Hochul FLAMED for Saying BLACK Kids Don’t Know From Computers

Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave discuss controversial comments from New York Gov. Kathy Hochul. #NY #Hochul

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Author: Rafael Nieves


37 thoughts on “NY Gov Kathy Hochul FLAMED for Saying BLACK Kids Don’t Know From Computers

  1. You can buy a decent refurbished PC these days for less than $200. The internet service is what cost a lot sometimes. Also you can have free access to computers and internet at public schools and libraries. In the end, if you really want to learn computer programming then you can make it happen. Any way this whole conversation is ludicrous because Hochul is the governor. If the kids are not doing well, it’s literally her fault.

  2. 3:30 a republican would never of said something like that, but if they did holy f it would be front page news on every news cast for a month.

  3. I used to think it was flagrant gaslighting that Democrats seem to behave and believe as if the Civil Rights movement never happened in this country.
    But stuff like this keeps happening so often, that I'm starting to think that they legit believe that Black Americans really are as inferior as they accuse racists of believing. And that somehow, it's their mission to "lift them up."

    People who complain about "White Saviors" are pointing their accusatory fingers in the wrong direction.

  4. I went to Middle School in “96-“97 “97-98” in the hood and we had a nice computer lab with about 15-20 computers in there where do these libs come up with this notion that black folk just don’t have anything I remember when they was saying black ppl don’t have ID when u need ID to do a lot of things in life

  5. My daughter is in 3rd grade and she had her own computer 💻 provided by the school, she’s out of touch with the people that she wanna govern…

  6. So, the real, actual core of the issue involving those laws that are claimed by some to essentially restrict voting for minorities has gotten completely lost from the narrative! And, as usual, the talking points of the Democrats opposing the laws have devolved into these rather condescending arguments that actually racist undertones (to be generous).

    The reality is that it is very difficult, sometimes basically unfeasible for various reasons, often logistical, for some people to obtain valid photo IDs. It has nothing to do with their intelligence, or their race (in a direct way). Often the first hurdle is poverty, which intertwines with the difficulty of being able to go to the issuing agency while their open… Transportation is often an issue, and especially not being able to afford to take the time off work, or even being able to get time off to go without facing some kind of retribution or punishment from their employer, sometimes to the extreme of losing the job. And then for many people, especially older people in rural areas, they simply do not have all of the documents required and those documents are often quite complicated, and often costly to obtain; an "original, certified" birth certificate, for instance. And there are many older folks especially who were not born in hospitals so no such document even exists and procuring one is not a simple or easy task because of the bureaucracy one must navigate.

    I have been through all of this myself as an adult trying to recover from the loss of documents (and all my possessions) to natural disaster while struggling with poverty and underemployed and being officially un-housed , and if it had not been for my parents who willing and able to not only pay for, but figure out how to replace various documents, who to contact and so on. There is no way I would've been able to get that done.
    As important and critical as it was, I couldn't stop paying my rent, or stop eating, or spending the money to get to work to pay for those documents.

    This is another issue on which RFK Jr has a real, viable solution…

  7. Hochul was right. This is the reason America is in decline. Never heard of computer is the same as can't use computer in a manner of speaking. Hypocrite Bree is one of those who believe that blacks can't get voters' ID yet criticize Hochul.

  8. A group of Bronx kids asked me…" What's that on your shoulder?" I had a laptop. They look at me with BIG starry eyes like in the old racist cartoons. I say "I got it from a land far way where white people live." Everyone then broke out into a break dance and later I bought kids a big bottle of Sunny D and some pork rinds. True story

  9. How did I ever learn how to code, attend college and have my children virtual learning. We don’t even know what computers are!! 🤦🏾‍♀️ What an ignorant statement…

  10. So impressive of KJP to be kind & understanding of Hochul about something she said. Would she be the same with a Republican saying the same thing?

  11. One reveals themselves when they speak. Governor Hochul hasn't spent ANY quality time with an African American family. This is the same Democrats that get eighty-five percent of the Black vote. It's really astonishing!

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