TikTok CENSORS Users Over Weight loss Drugs; Influencers FLEE Platform To Escape CRACKDOWN

Amber Duke and Jessica Burbank interview Taylor Hubler, an influencer of TikTok, about the platform censoring weight loss drugs-related content. #ozempic #tiktok

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Author: Rafael Nieves


46 thoughts on “TikTok CENSORS Users Over Weight loss Drugs; Influencers FLEE Platform To Escape CRACKDOWN

  1. Time to reverse Clinton's policy allowing pharmaceuticals to be directly advertised to the public. Ban ALL pharmaceutical advertisements in the US. I'm all for free speech but I completely agree that pharmaceuticals should be banned from public advertising.

  2. Ozempic is a diabetes medication that diabetics like me haven't been able to get for 4 months now because of people blowing it up as a "weight loss" miracle. So I don't feel bad for you

  3. YouTube censors me for almost everything I say. I'm not kidding. Just today I got a notification that a post of mine was removed (though my posts get censored out daily constantly without any notification anyway) and that I was at risk of being prevented from posting anymore. Or even having my channel banned. Lol! My channel? 😄 That's funny! I don't even have a single video posted. But clearly my YouTube credit score is critically low and I'm about to be exiled. This was the first time that I received a notification. I sincerely wonder if YouTube would be any better under Trump. 🤔

  4. those weight loss drugs are hurting people realty badly, a drug dealer is a drug dealer, all drug commercials should be banned from all TV and internet. They destroy lives. The medical for profit and big pharma drug pushers are criminals, and need to be prosecuted and jailed.

  5. Probably for the best. I don't agree with censorship, however, I do agree with anything that keeps people from making money with the advertisement of drugs. Rich Roll had a recent conversation about weight loss drugs that's worth a listen if you're interested in the topic. This woman is free to use the drug, but she's shouldn't be able to make money promoting it.

  6. I need to withhold my suspicion on the matter until we can get a map of content types/subjects that are promoted vs banned on TikTok. I have my ideas, but I can't rely mostly on hearsay.

  7. The subject matter off "what" was banned, shouldn't be the focus.
    It's the banning of "whatever" is decided by the powers that shouldn't be
    making decisions for the peasants.
    Good or bad, it's up to each of us to make our own decisions.
    It's called freedom.
    After research on this drug & others like it. It's clear these drugs could be very dangerous.
    But next, it could be organic farming.
    Remember, they "own" the science/media and consider themselves
    the experts & gatekeepers.

  8. Ozempic is a diabetes medication….people using this for weight loss only are driving down supply and driving up prices for those that need it for diabetes

  9. It’s ironic that the same government that use TikTok influencers to promote an experimental jab all of a sudden has problems with TikTok influencers promoting a weight loss medicine because of unknown side effects

  10. How bout people just do some exercise. If you're not losing weight from the gym, you're not trying hard enough. If there's an underlying condition, get that resolved.

  11. If disordered eating is being censored, what about the people mukbanging and supporting overeating and supporting being morbidly obese/gaining weight through unhealthy eating?

  12. Like she said, those drugs are shortcuts. Counting calories and going to the gym doesn't always work because they are lazy, undisciplined and can't admit to that, they just want the easy way out.

    TikTok still sucks

  13. I'm not for censorship of any kind, but I give exactly ZERO BOO HOOS for "influencers" losing ad revenue from peddling weight loss drugs…

  14. There have always been FDA laws that when a drug is publicly promoted the promotion must include all the bad things too. This law applies to anyone, not just doctors. TikTok did the right thing here. It used to be illegal to advertise prescription drugs. This law was the compromise that allowed advertising.

  15. The Universe doesn’t allow for many, if any easy buttons…..anything that seems like a quick fix will ALWAYS have a cost to pay rather it’s mentally, physically, emotionally, etc…..

  16. Given how terrible social media is especially for young girls. I think its good that TikTok is heavy handed in banning weightloss content.

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