Test Drive Elio the 84mpg, $6800 Car of the Future, Today!

I drive the future of commuter cars, the 3-wheeled, $6800 Elio by Elio Motors. This car gets 84mpg highway and 49mpg city with an all new 3 cylinder .9L engine. The Elio will be built in the USA, and forever change the way we commute in America.


About the Elio:
-49/84mpg city/highway
-$6800 Brand New
-3yr 36,000mi warranty
-new 3cyl .9L fuel injected engine
-12:1 compression ratio, uses regular gas
-5 speed auto or manual transmission
-2 seats
-Safety: ABS, Stability Control, 3 airbags
-Standard: Power locks and windows, AC,
-90% American Parts and Made in the USA

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37 thoughts on “Test Drive Elio the 84mpg, $6800 Car of the Future, Today!

  1. Update for everyone on the Elio situation: A few years prior they promised to change the power unit to EV instead of ICE. Still no progress was made on production. As of this year the website is shut down. Many people predicted it would not make it to production, so with the website domain now for sale it's basically been confirmed.

  2. I've been waiting to find one for sale for eight years. That's an entire grade school education that took over half my life when it was happening.

  3. For such a small car it has no benefit for parking. The Smart for 2 was much better of a vehicle since it actually was smaller.

  4. I would buy one inexpensive to run it has air conditioning ,heat everything you need for less than what you would pay for a second hand car

  5. Right, go to the shopping with this thing, and buy some voluminous goods. I am sure you will be amazed how quickly you change your mind about it. In south-east Asia, they drive things like this all the time and they dont consider it some kind of future bullshit.

  6. The fact that chris is still replying to comments 7 years later means he really wants this car to be in production,but the company that gave him that electric car never made it into production

  7. Wow I loved this car and would have bought one if they ever made it. It would be an awesome second car, solves many of the issues for commuter cars. I hope someone buys out the patents and it actually gets made.

  8. Why do you think Elio Failed? Why do you think other similar companies failed?
    I think he bit off more than he could chew. He tried to jump in with both feet into the deep end. My idea would have been to develop the car more as a kit company and get machines on the road, without the major investment. Did he not have the engine for the car? Can we learn from the mistakes? What did he do right?
    The vast majority of other offerings out there are mostly performance oriented toys to create a thrilling ride, not as a highway touring car or commuter vehicle, plus they are all open cockpits, not suitable for all climatic conditions.
    I don’t think electric is feasible yet, their leash isn’t long enough. Hybrids seem to have no leash? But in more there is the more to go wrong category?
    If only that Thorium fueled car wasn’t a fantasy! Do you think the major car manufacturers would allow anything to threaten their market? Many questions, not enough answers that make solutions.

  9. i really like this thing, and the fact it couldve came with a 5 seed manual makes me so sad to hear that this never went to production, i would instantly taken out a loan for it

  10. You can also just…get a motorcycle. Cheaper maintenance…and you can still carry a bookbag…. The only way that competes is that you can drive it in rain and snow…maybe?

  11. 😂 lol start selling them in 2016 well guess what dumbasses it's 2022 and we still haven't got our motorcycle yet and now there's even a video for electric version.
    I hope that scumbag gets busted for the biggest scam in the world here.
    Don't fall for this shit consumers this is just another scam and even though electric version is a scam.
    And that's funny you produced the one in the video here but where the hell did you make them so don't tell me you don't have robots or machinery or a plant not to make these units you've already had the one here in the video plus they brought these out the Barrett-Jackson 10 years ago.

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