Back On My 30yr Old Italian Yacht and its WORSE THAN EVER

In Todays episode. Yacht.
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Author: phillynews215


48 thoughts on “Back On My 30yr Old Italian Yacht and its WORSE THAN EVER

  1. I'm not going to read all the comments on saving AGM batteries but to save them get a good battery hook it to the bad agm with jumper cables (+ to + to ) then hook your charger to the good battery check again every 30 minutes make sure it's not getting hot. That works on all real dead batteries if it's save able.

  2. You took 2 diesels out and replaced them with gas engines? Why? Not only does it drastically drop any value the boat had but all that “custom work” will make it less reliable and harder to service away from home.

  3. Big mistake not putting diesels back in. The amount of money in boatyard fees would have paid for diesels all day long. Plus the fact that this boat was engineered for the weight of heavy diesels

    Edit: now you have a diesel generator and gasoline mains. The extra complexity added is mind boggling for the marine application. Definitely not decisions a seasoned captain would make

  4. You going to have to change the engine out in your Onan generator to because it runs off diesel are you going to have to keep in separate diesel tank just for the Jenny

  5. Wow, those intake manifolds on the motors look awesome. Very interesting to see intake manifolds like that on a boat motor.

  6. One thing I haven't heard you say a word about is how you're going to prop that thing. Gas engines with 2 inch shafts that rev higher than diesel and you still have those giant diesel props in the back of the engine room. Break out another 5 grand for 2 new props. Not to mention what size and pitch do you get for that boat considering the lighter gas engines. And how many times will you need to try different props till you get the right diameter and pitch to make it come out of the water well and not burn too much gas… With having done so much on this boat to make it yours, you know it's yours forever… Right? Unless you give it away in a b-is-for-build giveaway contest…

  7. I really like this project its so original and interesting, one suggestion something that I would change is the throttles. You can have two throttles instead of 4 I find it much easier going in and out of a marina especially when its a bit windy

  8. Greetings,
    Glad to see you back on the Riva!
    I was wondering if I could buy the old analog instruments from the Riva. They match instruments on my 1986 Century, and I plan to continue with analog gauges.
    Looking forward to hearing back from you.

  9. Why would you do all that engine work and not put proper weather covers on the boat all self inflicted if your going to do the job then do it right

  10. Hope you're not making that hatch out of pressure treated lumber. it should be made of marine plywood, hardwood, Coosa etc. Pressure treated lumber is very wet which is bad.

  11. Take out the buttons and put wide tape down over all those badges, press around them so you can see the out like and cut on the edge of the plate with an exacto blade, peel the center out scuff w a scotch bright and spray w trim black

  12. Our last restoration (total and complete) was a 44' displacement trawler….cant imagine the $$ being thrown at your build…sure hope its worth it….one important thing I've learned….spending years on boat refits….There is LOTS of good boats…that deserve a second life…but also so many that are only a money pit….Choose your boat carefully….if a refit is the way your going….Talk to someone with experience…If you are getting boat yards involved…costs will escalate VERY quickly.
    Good Luck…Restoration…refit specialist

  13. Take a little lighter torch to those switches don't hold it on it long just hit it pull off it will bring the plastic back around like new

  14. For bringing the AGM batteries back to life…

    Connect another (good) battery in parallel to the bad battery. Make sure you're using large cables for this, as it'll be a high current endeavor. Next, connect your battery charger to the good battery and start charging. Hopefully the batteries aren't too far gone that they don't come back to life.

    Good luck!

  15. If the letters are sort of stamped In to the rings around the switches they would be easy to repaint. Paint the entire ring black let dry. Once dry use white paint to filling the letters. Let dry a minute or so and wipe off the excess. The letters will be nice and crisp

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