Here’s Why My Cheap Audi R8 was TOTALED! Major Factory Flaw Made my R8 Salvage!

Here’s Why My Cheap Audi R8 was TOTALED! Major Factory Flaw Made my R8 Salvage!

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Found It! We take a look under the hood and figure out why this car was totaled out. This should be an interesting rebuild!

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49 thoughts on “Here’s Why My Cheap Audi R8 was TOTALED! Major Factory Flaw Made my R8 Salvage!

  1. The fact Audi wouldn’t fox older cars but addressed it after the fact and have pieces to sell to fix it is bullshit. But exactly what I’d expect from a manufacturer.

  2. Great video. I drive an Audi A4 and love the ride. However, i'm not so sure 'Honey' is such a great app as batteries for that car ARE about $200.00. Looks as though an extra $55.85 was tacked on and then removed to resemble some savings. Not difficult to do and a little misleading but hey, that's business! Just saying… Cheers.

  3. I know we'll how to repair these beautiful cars tough I deeply wish I could have that audi r8 cause that's my personal unicorn car dreams sometimes come true for people just wish I could have such a wonderful car In my little drive way

  4. Normally welding in a plate with as large a plate, and as long a weld as you can get, but I don't think the windshield wiper assembly is going back over the plates once they're welded in. You can't use a butt weld. At this point, you're probably going to have to cut the corners right out and go from there. That thing is so bad your front end geometry is way out. I would think that would be quite noticeable driving it. But really, what a POS! It's not built any better than an old GM Camaro strut tower. Only on the Camaro, they rot out. What, is this a race to the bottom with German cars? To make matters worse, this silly thing is aluminum? Are you sure? Tell me this isn't aluminum. If it is, it's properly totaled. You'll never fix aluminum and Audi should be sued for each and every one of these cars. They're not even safe. Are the new one's like this as well? The heliarc's will keep tearing open with that type of stress. Much too soft a material and shouldn't have been used at all. Stupid little square tubes of all the things. It should have been titanium if it was going to be this thin. AND THIS IS A 200,000 DOLLAR CAR? WOW!

  5. Sam thank you brother for all the beautiful videos especially the Audi R8. I am also a car enthusiast who lives in Tampa. I was a mechanic in the military. Afterwords I went to school for Automotive collision at Lincoln Institute of Technology in IL. There I got to learn a great deal about repeating cars involved in collisions. And there I got to learn welding as well. If you ever needed help with any of your cars , I can always give you a hand. Abe

  6. I know nothing about repairing but question #1, do you have to remove the "Frunk" just to charge the battery?
    #2. Are these just stress cracks or did something pretty significant had to jar the car to fracture those support beams?

  7. Welding, mostly labor to remove things out of the way and then just as you say. still haven't heard the WIN on the buy. Great Videos

  8. The problem is that you put on the court are you making anything from it and there not taking garbage and building it there taking anything maker and stealing the next generation you know I know I'm the man here

  9. Welding Aluminum id toxic! Make sure if anyone is going to weld it that they use approved air filters with charcoal with your welding hood. They have systems where the
    filters are connected to hoses that run to the mask. Because with the filters on the mask directly the welding hood wont close down. So they have special systems to breath good.

  10. Great channel. I work at a mechanical and collision repair shop that does restoration work too. We do our best to repair cars properly even if it means we don't make much money on the job sometimes. All of our business is repeat customers and word of mouth. You won't even find us in the business listings in the phone book. It's an absolute joy to see like-minded people doing good work.

  11. $220 – $211 DOES NOT = $55 savings. That’s a $9 difference. Please don’t exaggerate for your sponsors and dup us at the same time. I know core needs to be added in, but what you showed and what you said don’t add up (or subtract).

  12. Perhaps Audi should learn how to make a car without cracks, always thought Audi make pieces of shit, this is proof that Audi make shit cars………

  13. Here in canada being a welder we are not allowed to weld on cracked frames only thing we can do here from what I remember is weld brackets to frames bassically

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