LS Swapped 30yr Old Italian Yacht FINALE!! – ITS FASTER THAN EVER!!!

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48 thoughts on “LS Swapped 30yr Old Italian Yacht FINALE!! – ITS FASTER THAN EVER!!!

  1. im sorry about the sound issues guys, it didn’t show up during the edit and i understand it’s really bad. We’ve been trying different stuff to get the best camera picture mixed with decent sound, and well… i messed up. Sorry and i’ll fix it on the next one and be sure to check better in the future. Also sorry about forgetting to put the 3d modeling video in!! this is why i shouldn’t wake up and edit at 7am but sema crunch is real!

  2. You need to find out what the high rpm range for those engines is and get props with less pitch to allow the engines to operate in that range at WOT. Its the same concept as selecting propellers for an outboard motor. Lugging those engines with over pitched props is not good for them at all.

  3. Ah tempted fate by putting Finale in the title. Looks like it should be renamed Icarus because you flew to close to the sun 😂

  4. Just saying: Maybe putting the "B is for Boat" over the old name was bad luck. You should do an "official Boat Naming Ceremony"

  5. I have looked through the comments and i know a lot of others have mentioned that the props and/or Gearboxes are not correct for the new engines and they are entirely correct. But i wanted to add a few things. In your other video you mentioned that the engines were 750 hp models and with only 468 displacement, they will have a fairly good sized camshaft installed. As installed i would bet that the peak torque will be at 4500 rpms and peak HP north of 6500. These engines will actually make the boat faster if they are re-cammed with a smaller camshaft that makes peak HP at 5000 and peak torque at 3500. by having the torque come in sooner you will be able to spin the current props to a higher rpm. (but they will still need to be changed long term)

    Second to this, in your other video, you said you got the crusader exhaust for their 6.0 LS. That engine is rated for what? 350hp? your trying to breath 750hp through them they will be a big bottleneck and probably losing a lot of power as the engines sit, as well as creating excess heat on the exhaust side.

    These are just my 2 thoughts on the matter, looking forward to new videos and seeing how the boat progresses as you get more comfortable with it. First time viewer here, just watched the "sunk" video and am binge watching more of the build series.

  6. IM SOOOO thankful you didnt keep that grey carpet.. IT wasnt homey.. It was just like that cheap indoor/outdoor carpet you see in cheap motels. LoL… SO glad you made this change… For sure. ! Not just the color, but the thicker carpet … More comfortable and homey!

  7. I love watching guys throw a shitload of money at a project without a modicum of understanding of what they're actually doing. I mean, do you bumblefuck around for the clicks all the while knowing what you're going to need to do, or are you really just too stupid to research the scope of the project first?

  8. As numerous other people have mentioned, you have the wrong props (too much pitch). This boat with this horsepower should be doing closer to 40 knots. You should have no problem getting to 4500 RPM where your engines are in their peak horsepower curve.

    Sorry the boat sank. I’d definitely look into different props when you rebuild the boat.

  9. You need to learn about boats, which you admitted.
    If your already wrapping lines around your prop that is WAAAY to much boat for you at your level.
    It's unsafe and you are not qualified to operate it in all honesty.
    That's to slow for your top speed and rpm imo.
    Should be over 30 knots easy and over 4000 rpm.
    You still running the diesel props?
    I sure hope not, or you likely damaged those engines running that low rpm.
    Gas V8's need to run around 4000–5500 rpm top speed and you need a prop that puts it in that range.
    Your WAY out of your league here buddy.
    Also the boat is most fuel efficient on plane.
    At slow speeds like your doing like 12knots your sucking down huge amounts of fuel.

    You need to do some researching, studying, and talking to educated experienced boaters before you hurt yourself or someone else.
    But now I see the boat sunk.
    Thank god nobody was on it when that happened.
    Take your insurance and walk away, it's totalled.
    Get a MUCH smaller cheaper boat (open bow rider) and start over and learn to walk before your run.

  10. bro please do something about those props, your old diesel engines made a bunch of torque while not reving near as much as those LSX's can, they're probablly way too big and too big of a pitch

  11. I just got my hands on a 20 ft Sun Runner cuddy, its been sitting under tarps for 3 years and it's a mess. Im inspired now.Ill work on it through the winter and hopefully come spring I can hit the lake. your videos got me itchin to git er done. Oh, I traded a lawn mower for the boat.

  12. In the past when I used to detail sport yachts I used Scrubbing Bubbles toilet bowl cleaner for rust and water stains. Apply the cleaner kinda thick with a paper towel, let it sit for 10-20 minutes and rinse with water and use a hand brush if necessary

  13. Go to Sheffield Marine Propeller on Vancouver Way. Give them your current prop specs. Your engine specs. They will get you dialed in! They are the Oregon, Willamette Valley professionals. For any motor any vessel. With 1500 hp and the boats size and weight. 25 just does not seem right. I get though, its not a speed boat. But, with a prop change you may get better gas milage.

  14. Been watching chris fix for around 10 years. I had no clue till this video that chris fix has another channel called chris fish.

  15. You need to research and learn about propellors and gearing. There are props designed to lift the bow, lift the stern, etc. also the prop efficiency (At least for light, high speed boats) is better at around the diameter x 2 = pitch. Probably need to get a prop guy involved.

  16. Too much trim tab pushing the nose down too much will push more of the hull into the water slowing you down. 2500rpm sounds like you have too much pitch or too big a diameter not allowing your engine to rev out.

  17. Followed this project from it's inception. I was confident that gas V8 power would work out fine despite all the naysayers. The B is for Build team has way too much talent and skill for it not to. Loved every bit of the build despite it being drawn out due to personal issues, (Glad everyone is healthy again!) Would love to see more boat related builds. My thanks to everyone on the team for all the hard work and frustrations encountered in order to make that beautiful yacht whole again.

  18. You need to change the props. They're probably original which is meant for diesels. Reduce your pitch. I've been playing the prop game with my 600hp LS swapped 1983 Chris Craft Scorpion 230. I just made a 40 year old boat do 80mph with more throttle left. Your boat should do 40-50mph all day

  19. Great series here!!! A gasoline high performance motor should do at least 4000 RPMs….typically between 5K and 6K. you are not even close to this. You may have the wrong props installed??

  20. I second all the prop change comments, need to resize the props for the gas engines. Size them for 4500 to 5500 rpms or what ever rpm you want to run the engines at WOT.

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