NPK Season 5 Race 1 Recap From Palm Beach International Raceway! Off To A Shaky Start!

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NPK Season 5 is here! It definitely didn’t go how we wanted…

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50 thoughts on “NPK Season 5 Race 1 Recap From Palm Beach International Raceway! Off To A Shaky Start!

  1. That's just crazy how many people come out and stand in line to meet you guys, don't get it wrong your good dudes who it would be cool to hang with, but your trying to race, I just couldn't do it, when working on things trying to competing at the level, I couldn't keep my head in the game, guess I'm just to simple minded, or got ada

  2. This is my home track I grew up racing jr dragsters and my pops racing lived 15 mins up the street so sad I went to the last test and tune broke my heart! I actually met you at the last npk there

  3. I had high hopes. Would love to hear about how the rear steer change and the anti-roll bar settings are effecting the car when the turbos fully kick in

  4. I have a seemingly ridiculous question, but do you need to use a new feeler gauge each time when checking the valve train. Keep up the great work you guys ….and F**k Doc 😂😂😂

  5. WOW!!!!! Look at that Line. That is awesome. You are the Man Shaun! It was the same line in New England last year. Keep being you Shaun.

  6. I can tell you have a rocket this season can’t wait to see all the little bugs worked out pulling for u this season it’s your time morons to the top 🤣💪🏻🤙🏻

  7. That mother fucker said I don't know why I just feel like chuck isn't gonna be there hahaha 😅 😂 maybe because he's four foot 17 inches tall and has a little man complex hahaha

  8. You all better enjoy that Florida weather while you can. It's still 30's up here in Minnesota, and I know you have a race in Brainerd.
    We'll be glad to have you, but bring your winter coat this summer.

  9. Y'all are going to Houston Raceway June 24th and the 25th. That's the last race event at that track also. They are turning it into an "industrial park". I don't see why they are closing such a nice track. So many NHRA records have been set at Houston Raceway. A ton of race history there. I can't wait to see y'all there in June!!!!

  10. I been a long time follower of 187, and also of Billy the kid. And I've just got to say you are an absolute gentleman for handing down your old headers to him, his nova is coming together and looking bad fucking ass! You guys are true down to earth humans in the race community, I really really hope you guys get to collaborate or have him come down and let him use the dyno or something. You, phantom, and chief are really good people and I hope you guys keep the great content coming. Thanks to all of you for being good people!

  11. Phantom from the looks of that line you guys are going to really up the merchandise supplies because from the look of things you've sales from Shawn's promotion to being race master are going to go thru the roof I'm happy for you guys p.s if you sell a boat load of cash then you can get that spare complete motor to switch out if need be good luck guys

  12. You guys are paying your dues right now, the win is coming. I'll always be a fan regardless, Shawn and phantom are just so down to earth ., everyday people. And that fan line don't get no shorter ,the npk events that I've been to it gets longer and longer every one so be sure to get in early. Love you guys, 187 for life . #moronNation

  13. I’m so excited to see you guys kill it this year! As Doc would say “this bitch is back”. 🤣 Seriously though it’s awesome to see Murder Nova have a car that can compete and get back to when he was the top dog in the yard! Y’all deserve it!

  14. Phantom not trying to be a jerk but please stop giving away what happens in the video in your title. I hate knowing you already lost or something bad happened before I even watch the video. Just some constructive criticism my friend.” Off to a shaky start“ pretty much tells me what happens in the video before I even watch it. Best of luck this year boys

  15. You can’t stop that big corp money baby!! Sometimes I think they do shit so us middle classers can’t have any fun…haha man I really thought I had more time to look at the NPK schedule and make arrangements to see you guys. Time is flying this year

  16. Love how Shawn is with all the fans when yall came to louisana I couldn't make the race. He was the only reason I wanted to go. Love the videos

  17. If its anything like my city Fort Smith Arkansas the city will offer decent money even though it will still be below fair market value then they will immediately domain your ass and take what they want and give you what they want. If you don't agree to the first offer.

  18. Listner #12 here…love u guys keep on with the keep on love what yall are doing ….and thank yall for loaing us the argon bottle at armagedon last year…erase us off your board

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