150ft Car Launch + FULL CONTACT Racing at Tour of Destruction! | (1320Experiences | Ep.4)

TONS of carnage in this video! We traveled to Winter Haven, FL to check out the Tour of Destruction! There was tons of different full contact racing and some crazy side shows like jumping a car 150ft into other cars! The stands were packed and everyone had a blast watching all the destruction.

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33 thoughts on “150ft Car Launch + FULL CONTACT Racing at Tour of Destruction! | (1320Experiences | Ep.4)

  1. Makes sense that fullsize V6 FWDs would be pretty ideal for this kind of stuff – FWD & lots of power to pull you out of inevitable oversteers, possibly even while someone is trying to drive your rear around, nice heft to take the beating and give you some stability, longer wheelbase for further stability, reliable ol' NA V6s(as long as they weren't OHC V6s from GM in this era…) with 4 & 5 speeds. And the Honda stuff has 'more sporting' suspension than most, which certainly helps to maintain that corner speed. My heart wants to say that the Panther chassis(Crown Vic) is the king, but my head knows that a god forsaken FWD NA V6(probably with an awful slushbox as well) is no doubt the best option for this form of motorsport lol.
    – Feel like a Taurus SHO could be a weapon in much of this(just don't do it to one in any kind of reasonable shape, I mean have some respek!)
    – A Neon SRT4 or a Cobalt SS may be questionable, but a riot no doubt – how about adding a 2-step for entertainment purposes?
    – A Mini, especially a Cooper S, would absolutely be a questionable AF choice, but would absolutely be incredible as well(surely a fan favorite)
    – Fullsize LS-powered FWD GMs would be hilarious too; this era of GM was unreliable, poorly designed & built, and probably can't hold up to this abuse, but hey they came with an LS!!! And no one likes those cars anyway, even if they are "special high performance(LOL)" models!
    – Surely you can pull the rear driveshaft and figure out how to run an AWD G35 in FWD… right?
    – Or maybe do the same to a total shitbox beat to hell WRX LOL
    I think I could have as much fun finding and building a relatively unique car for this stuff as I would competing in it

    @21:10 – Car jump dude is unbuckling literally immediately after the INITIAL impact lol, what a mad man. I think he's done this before…

  2. Wait so the monster fire truck doesn't have an actual rocket on it? That was what I wanted to see after seeing yall ride on it.

  3. I love the moment at 0:42 when he is talking about how it’s all safe etc and in the background there are 2 guys kicking the car and mirror off like there is no tomorrow😂

  4. "For what they are doing it's safe" and in the background some dudes try to kick mirrors and stuff off the car 😂 that was gold

  5. I hope they have rollcages in the campers nowadays, I´ve seen things go really really bad when they flip if they don´t have a cage :0

  6. Where I come from, they call this stuff a "DEMOLITION DERBY".
    Funny, the early part of the video with the in-car cam, the dashboard on that thing is identical to a car I bough new and spent 13 years using. Memories.

  7. This brings me back to the days of Driven To Destruction/Eve Of Destruction on PS2. Such a fun video awesome to see these are still being done.

  8. That Rowdyssey driver killed it! And that truck driving on 2 wheels to Skrillex's remix of Levels was amazing! I haven't heard that song in YEARS! Amazing footage as always, gentlemen! Keep up the good work, as always! 🤘

  9. She left out a key ingredient…her country’s murderous foreign policy..this is why americans kill so much, and guns being so common…This is the same as one’s father being a killer and telling his son “it’s ok to kill son”

  10. @lambertco1448

    1 second ago

    Mr. Kyle, I am sure you have heard by now Street Outlaws/405 Show has been canceled. I was thinking, You and Garret might join together and set up a New Street Outlaw competition, with all the OG's that belong there, in small tires. Your coverage of these street races is superb, and Garret is not far behind. Would this be something that your type of coverage could make a deal with one of the TV Channels and produce a Show? Maybe hire Big Chef to help. It seems you get along with all the top dogs and the new guys too. Just thinking!


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