My Salvage Auction Ferrari’s Engine is a Misfiring Mess! I Feel Like Giving Up On It…

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50 thoughts on “My Salvage Auction Ferrari’s Engine is a Misfiring Mess! I Feel Like Giving Up On It…

  1. I was originally disappointed because you didn't weld the floor panel but I think you had valid reasons to do what you did and that it's an acceptable repair.

  2. I don’t know if maybe you’ve already looked into it and so much time has passed it may not be worth it to you but you could’ve used aluminum rods that melt under low temps, you could melt them down with induction or just a torch, they bond into aluminum really well from what I’ve seen and with those rods mind you they as cheap as other panel bonds, you might’ve been able to use those rods to make a more factory looking repair but the one you made is honestly fine

  3. So is it street legal? If not what all do u gotta do to make it legal…im wondering because I was thinking about buying a salvage car myself

  4. Duct tape fixes leaks also but I don’t see u using duct tape to fix any leaks. Fix the panel correctly!!!!!! Lol

  5. the heat from tig welding wouldn’t be enough to burn any electrical components, hoses, or catch fire to anything in the interior. if you don’t know how to tig weld just say so

  6. You’re not getting the cigar hot enough, you need to smoke that baby hot and get a lot of smoke going. A little smoke isn’t gonna help you

  7. I agree that floor panel repair is horrid. I would be embarrased for anyone to see that, especially on a Ferrari. Its not expensive to hire a welder or metal worker to properly rivet in a replacement panel if you dont have the skills. Smh.

  8. i didnt mind that you didnt weld…that is thin aluminum floor it would be a mess to weld…wires and plastic on other side…dangerous…panel bond is used by many car companies insted of welding…i worked at BMW factory as a welder and i have seen what they do to cars…most of the bmw is glued together with panel bond. type of Sika flex…or Bostik…
    i worked in audi as well,merceds,vw,rolls royce etc….they all glue parts hood reinforcement is glued…if they weld that it would show on top then you have to bondo it sand it etc…they glue doors,trunks etc…and its strong…got few of those tubes back home…glued a shelf to a wall and it holds!

  9. I think I can clear up the comments on the undercarriage patch job. Most people, I believe, look at a Ferrari as a work of art, a little like the Mona Lisa. If someone punched a hole in the Mona Lisa would you cut the damaged part out, duct tape a square piece of paper over the hole, color it in with a black crayon and say good enough? Most people would probably want to have a professional fix it.

  10. i wasn't too happy with the repair until i saw the rivets. then i figured it would be sufficient. it's not as if more than one person at a time is putting weight on it. although i was thinking that cutting a larger hole in the caulking gun might have been a good idea. 🙂

  11. You're lucky you live in America, anywhere else, your floor "repair" would not only fail the yearly safety test, you'd be laughed out of the garage they inspect them in, and a photo of your pop rivetted, panel bonded mess would be on their wall.
    This is the sort of botched "repair" people look for, or should, when they are buying a car.

  12. All of the cracks in the floor panel will get bigger. At a minimum you should have radiused the ends of the cracks to keep the cracks from increasing in length.  A radius will allow the stress to move through to panel. now all the stress will focus at the end of the crack, you have a stress riser condition

  13. Put vacuumed gage on intake check to see that gage indicator needle does hot pulse if needle does pulse you have a vacuumed leak if it pulses really bad you have a timing problem. As you have found two bad computers I would guess that someone replaced the electronic timing module with the wrong one

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