Can A Video Camera Improve Police Behavior ? Patience With A Resisting Subject

Can A Video Camera Improve Police Behavior ? Patience With A Resisting Subject

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42 thoughts on “Can A Video Camera Improve Police Behavior ? Patience With A Resisting Subject

  1. Why was Higgins crying about this video? This video made him look like a perfectly fine police officer. I don't understand.

  2. Freaking cops, what r they trying to accomplish? Let him get in the car. Liars, guy wasn't drunk, he sure didn't act like it. Glad ya'll were there

  3. Without a doubt, your camera made the difference! Most people who become police officers do so because they have unresolved anger issues in their lives and need a valid place to release them. The other reason is that most of them are not qualified to do anything else productive. It is easy to become a cop.

  4. Ok so what Higgins wanted this posted because the piggie's acted patiently like they should always do. I must say though given this man's color if he was of different ethnic group he would have been slammed into the car, I mean blacks are shot on live TV, people are recording the are still pretty violent with people of different ethnic groups especially if they're not white. So anyways what I'm trying to say is who gives a shit so you act appropriate one day and then act inappropriate another day meaning your Warner Brothers video. I mean this is classic police behavior

  5. What the fuck was Higgins even talking about? Also, They squeezed that cuff on purpose because of his demands. The camera doesn't lie. Short fuses aren't needed in any police force. Facts. You guys have some shitty fucking cops.

  6. I just came to rewatch this video after the bizarre lecture from Sgt. Higgins down at the Veronica Mars film shoot.

    There's absolutely nothing in this video that Katman can or would have altered to change the perception of what took place here. The incident and how it played out speaks for itself now exactly as it did when I watched it a year or so ago.

    Sgt. Higgins looked like that oh-so few and far between cop that did the right thing for a citizen in this particular incident.

    What is troubling is that Higgins saw this video as Katman altering/editing something in a way to make the cops look bad. That is hardly the case. The idea that he held on to this thought and brought it up to you, over a year later, as some example of you not doing a good job of documenting an incident accurately is very worrisome…or perhaps Higgins is (or was?) just being a sensitive little crybaby, snowflake of a cunt during your recent encounter at the film set.

    The only thing I'm certain of is that this video was clearly not edited and was posted in it's entirety. I'm really not sure what that dope was crying about to be honest.

  7. What? He was just backing up his brothers in blue. Is Higgins claiming this was a lawful arrest and he was just their to support his brothers? Not sure of his point other than maybe he wanted you to share is compliance as an order follower in his chain of command. I didn't see him do anything of contributory value investigatively, lawfully, just protect his brothers. Sure, he was calm as he was armed unlike fellow law abiding citizens in California.

  8. When the eye in the sky is watching you you best be on your best behavior or it could cost you millions and even your job. Cameras 📷 🎥 work 👏👍

  9. if were not for your camera This person would have gotten a beat down good job keep them honest. If he were black He be in the emergency room!!!!

  10. where was the field sobriety test to see if the guy was impaired? The officers never gave him one, nor did they ask him to take one.

  11. My opinion on this incident…the two officers showed more patience and restraint than they needed to.  Once an individual is handcuffed and placed under arrest and walked to a police car its time to get in the car and be transported.  Also note that no police officers interfered with myself or Tom Zebra and they did their job with two guys standing close by filming.  This is how every incident should go.

  12. ok, but why couldnt they listen and honor the drunks willingness as he was hand cuffed. just a insight about passive and micro agression that it can trigger defensive reactions to some mental personalities. just saying.

  13. Huge fan, Katman. Yes, video makes a huge difference. BTW, I don't know what you look like but most of the time you sound like Ray Romano. 🙂

  14. What did the cops do wrong? Dumbass drunk driver thinking he's the boss of the situation refusing to cooperate with SIMPLE instructions. Just sit down and shut up it's not rocket science. Fighting fire with someone who has the potential of more powerful fire is definitely not good, just stupidity and immaturity. Good job officers.

  15. I think the obvious answer is yes, just so long as the camera is not owned/operated by the cops. They doctor, withhold or delete footage at a whim (which can be a crime in of itself- Tampering with evidence of a crime).

  16. This video demonstrates that police don’t have to use deadly force on a guy that’s obviously impaired. Credit to these cops.

  17. A guy like that got his leg broke and his face smashed against the concrete when he acted like that with the Pasadena police. Only difference was the guy was black and wasn’t drunk. This guy is lucky they only squeezed the cuffs on him.

  18. The video camera makes all the difference in their behavior. The police did a good job dealing with an idiot and certified asshole.
    The police saved lives getting the jerk off the road, and did it without violating their oath. Great job, thanks for posting it.

  19. Yes sir Katman…..a camera does make a huge difference in police behavior. It is a shame that that is the case and one would hope they would always treat citizens with respect, but unfortunately, that is not the case. That is why I am glad you and Daniel are out there as much as you both are holding them accountable for their actions. Great job as always and have a safe and happy new year brother.

  20. One of those rare times the cops should have kicked the fucker square in the back of the knees then knocked his head into the roof of the car then slammed the doors closed. And fuck the seatbelt. Havnt seen many times where the cops won't beat on a dude even if a camera is watching.

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