Community Outreach and Getting To Know Your Neighbors

Redondo Beach police gave great press access to a pre school teacher while they kept me away.

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44 thoughts on “Community Outreach and Getting To Know Your Neighbors

  1. For the record, the lady did NOT live on that block, she lives two block away.  She claimed that I was endangering her kids by filming but she wasn't even at home with her kids she was flirting with police inside the containment while drunk.

  2. I don't know why you're so upset clearly your life is more important than everybody else is there. At least that's the way they act. Keep up the good work.

  3. Why wasn't she arrested for public intoxication? Plus she assaulted you too. I hope she sees this and realizes the way she endangered her own kids by going to a crime scene and being drunk when she should of been watching them instead. What an idiot.

  4. It just goes to show you how untrained and inexperienced police officers are today. Allowing all those people inside a policed off area. Seriously, how safe is that? You should have said something. If she lived in the area with kids why wasnt she with kids? LOL

  5. What branch of the military is this bluesuit with, troops in the streets, Constitution states no military in the streets or homes, here is a clear picture of the violation of the LAW….

  6. You dont have much of a life, if you feel the need to run up on something that does not concern you. The street will serve your ass up one day.

  7. I don't always want to slap the shit out of white women, but when I do, it's mostly because of their drunken mouths……XX. Enjoy Responsibly.

  8. I think it's time for you to start to file a lawsuit for the harassment you received by these officers it looks disproportionate to the public

  9. that drunk biatch mocks the kid and she claims to be a preschool teacher… wow she should be ashamed

  10. I guess it's a fact various police departments spend a lot of time discussing those who capture video of them.

  11. That drunk should NEVER have been up against that officer who was holding the rifle at his shoulder, scoping. THAT was Unprofessional as all hell. I'm disgusted by that. NO civilian, ESPECIALLY DRUNK, should be that close to an officer who may be ready to shoot! She could have nudged his arm and he could have shot (by error) an innocent bystander because of her proximity to his firearm. Shame on him. I'm all for SAFE gun usage by everyone. He needs some extra schooling in that department.

  12. Ridiculous how Cops like to impede independent journalists from gathering the real story. Usually, when they have something to hide. Then they push a fake narrative to MSM.

  13. All this b.s., w/ ARs, over a car thief?!? 'People' (drunk twerp) who use their children as tools are mega dick-heads.

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  15. yo maboy keep up the good work i still appreciate what you, tom, laura and not ricky monday anymore lol but yea you guys are all good in my book don't stop were dependent on you now dont disappoint the public and puiblic if u want thses guys to continue to fight for us through camera … then we nweed to make donations also because these guys need our help as much as we need theirs . thank you Dannyboy Boyle heights CA

  16. I'm probably wrong, But I think part of the problem of why police deny you access and shit is because you listen to them. Try a couple times of not moving, or when the drunk girl walked down you should of went down also. Try turning your lights off and finding a route through peoples property and filming on private property and if the home owners arn't near say Yeah I got permission. (In my state its only trespassing if the property is posted no tres. Or if you have been told or served For you not to return to the property) You're state might be the same. You should start being a little more aggressive. They just dont want you filming incase they fuck up then they can't cover it up as easy.

  17. Jesus that woman wouldn't shut the fuck up. Yeah you tried 100 diff times to get her to let you alone and for her to STFU. Not your fault at all don't listen to anyone bro. I hate internet people that act like they never do anything even the slightest thing wrong or make the slightest of mistakes. Great content hope you get more subs and views.

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