DUI Checkpoints – Massive Waste of Tax Payer Money

DUI Checkpoints – Massive Waste of Tax Payer Money

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29 thoughts on “DUI Checkpoints – Massive Waste of Tax Payer Money

  1. Padding the wallets for the Policing For Profit industry add some civil asset forfeitures to the bonuses they dole out to each other for their ill gotten gains, equals happy corrupt cops(criminals on patrol), Also If they can't bust you for Drinking they have a multitude other infractions at their disposal to impose fines, please have your checkbook ready, we do accept Visa/Master cards.Thank You for allowing us to give you the business.

  2. By law, a cop orders you to do something you must do it (that's for all of you feeling it's unfair and unconstitutional. Trust me I feel the same way). That order by the cops includes lowering the window, getting out of the car… Then there's the infamous 'I don't consent to a search', well, if it just so happens they suspect you have a pound of blow under the dash. That suspicion is enough to hold up in court. Remember the judge is not you're friend and they are all there to run a business.

    You're not required to take a field test but they will take you to jail and request a blood test which is also not required. Any amount under .08 is a Wet Reckless (basically a DUI). If you refuse the blood test, they will revoke your license for a year. If you've done this before then it's 2 years.

    Why am I saying this? Because if you think you're gonna get some kind of trial and win in litigation, keep in mind the thousands in attorney fees. Police will do anything to provoke a negative reaction usually end up getting charged with a 148 A (1) interfering with a cop or worse. Look at all the resources they have in this video.

    In this day and age, police are on the prowl for anyone bringing in money for the state. So if you've had 2 drinks or 2 too many, take an uber or wait it out. I'm not taking anyone's side because there are extreme cases on both ends. So if you're a drunk kid who decides to polish off 8 shots and drives fine, remember this falls under the being stupid category.

  3. to think this all done in the name of "freedom" and "safety". It is indeed scary how the police state is becoming more and more transparent each day and the common people who are being oppressed and targeted are not even batting an eye!

  4. "Fire in the hole!"

    Really? That is just an aggressive phrase to inappropriately use. The phrase applies when an explosive is about to ignite. The hazard associated with a drone is many orders of magnitude lower than the hazard associated with explosives.

  5. It's government over reach as usual. Anything that can be used to exhort civilians. Because we all know it's about the revenue they can generate for the municipality. Another great video Katman!

  6. I fail to see the benefit of the drone use shown here. I think it's just another example of that police department wasting taxpayer money.

  7. I think drones are very useful to the police *in certain circumstances. At a DUI checkpoint is NOT one of those circumstances!

  8. Nothing more than a method to pad their paychecks with that sweet overtime money courtesy of the sheeple.

  9. I want to know why all the $$$ they steal seems to stay in their hands, and never imroves anyone else's life. This is the people's money…not the cops
    There should be a free water park in every county with the $$$ they extort.

  10. They have plenty of money to waste and piss away Katman as long as they are able to steal ( through force ) your hard earned cash from illegal taxes and fines leveed by an illegal corporation…the great USA INC. I fight the same battle locally where I live and to no avail. I catch them wasting money minutely, I document it, bring this information to city counsel and they just hire more enforcers and purchase more toys. Keep up the great work you do and keep shining that light strong on these cockroaches.

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