First Amendment Audit – LAPD Fails in Venice Beach

California law penal code 148(g) The fact that a person takes a photograph or makes an audio or video recording of a public officer or peace officer, while the officer is in a public place or the person taking the photograph or making the recording is in a place he or she has the right to be, does not constitute, in and of itself, a violation of subdivision (a), nor does it constitute reasonable suspicion to detain the person or probable cause to arrest the person.

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34 thoughts on “First Amendment Audit – LAPD Fails in Venice Beach

  1. Every time you film its a First Amendment audit.  You are always free to film if you move far enough away and around the building so you cant see anything.

  2. Wrong approach! You don't walk into a hot police zone and insist on standing where you want to. Poor approach with the police which could have resulted in the death of one or more of them and/or yourself. Uniformed officers are directing you as to where you can stand safely and those words must be complied with unless you have permission otherwise. I'm for police accountability but this approach could have produced deadly results! Think guys!!!

  3. Audits 😂Cowards with cameras wouldn't go record criminals and gang bangers who are destroying whole communities and neighbourhoods, cowards with cameras wouldn't go expose pimps who have young women and teens strung out and have them selling their bodies, cowards with cameras wouldn't walk through drug dens and record parents neglecting/abandoning their children, cowards with cameras would however go around harassing cops while they're doing their duty, if the idiot with the camera got shot there he would try sue the state. I would beat your ass in front of them and take a charge I really would!!!

  4. So basically US laws say you cannot go into an emergency area unless you are a member of the press.
    However everyone can be a member of the press?
    So, everyone can go in.

    Don't you think that what you are doing is not only exercising your rights but contributing to the already existing codes beeing changed, not in your favor of course?

  5. I like what former LAPD Chief William Parker said of California law penal code 148(g), "I have no issue if the press wants to get themselves killed." Use that quote next time you have this same issue.

  6. when this little 'tard came out of his barn, he must have stepped in pigshit ; clean your boots in your sty, dickless. Not on the sidewalk; we have to deal with Pig Shit too often as it is.

  7. That is the "Dicksconnect" between police and the citizens God given rights safeguarded by the US Constitution, that Sargent couldn't care less about you and your rights it is evident by his demeanor and dismissal of your facts backed up by state and federal law. This is why an informed segment of Americans hate " law enforcement " ( tyranny).

  8. I will say, that Sgt at the end conducted himself way better than I have ever experienced. Then again, I have mostly spoken with Baltimore County PD supervisors.

  9. Your not a member of “the press” your a wannabe, these cops are trying to protect you and you are being a bitch and won’t listen

  10. More dirt bags upholding their opinion. What thugs, they're so afraid they will get caught breaking the law and have no control over who sees it that they act this way to protect themselves. They truly act like gang members. Blue Isis earning hate as often as they can. Lie lie lie. If they turned their attention back to what they say is important they wouldn't have a problem. Protect that thin blue line all of them. Worthless.

  11. I'm going to go with the police on this one. Sorry. I understand their view and your view but their actions are fluid and dynamic. Your position is static. Sorry Catman

  12. They're developing tactics now to keep auditors and press away because of their absolute insistence to do things the old way….cops are now being used to prevent the press from gathering evidence against them…

  13. The puercos don’t give a fuck and they don’t give a fuck about who knows that they don’t give a fuck!! Hajahaja Ah the fuckery , love it !!! Great work BTW!!

  14. Getting in between a pig and his chance to shoot someone off camera is dangerous business. Poor little piggies just want to be able to murder some citizen with no accountability, and you're stepping all over their toes. Shame on you Onus….

  15. How many times do you have to repeat yourself that ass hole. He is a moron. Mr pig knows nothing about the law no matter how many times you tell him he to stupid of most likely a liar as to the intentions of the other two pigs. They love to blame every else for being distracted when that is their choice to do so.

  16. All it really relates to is, "We don't want you to see what we're up to", sad because the taxpayers allow this shit to continue everyday.

  17. This guy is bullshitting & playing games, he knows. All 3 are doing what they are taught in cop school, take control of the situation by asserting their authority & barking orders to intimidate & control citizens. Free press, rights & laws don't matter.

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