LAPD in South Central – DUI Checkpoint and CHP Major Traffic Accident

April 1st, 2016 : Los Angeles Police Department conducted a DUI checkpoint on Manchester Blvd at Hoover St.
Unrelated to the checkpoint, a major traffic accident with injuries occurred a few blocks away on Vermont Ave at 110th St.

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47 thoughts on “LAPD in South Central – DUI Checkpoint and CHP Major Traffic Accident

  1. I really like how you give credit where credit is due… A lot of people usually look at videos like this as just trying to provoke and make the police look bad, but you actually took the time to praise the specific police department for not hassling you and allowing you to film freely wherever you wanted. Thats actually really impressive to me and makes me respect the police department even though I still think its a scummy move to set up checkpoints like this.

  2. I'm from Chicago and the Chicago PD rarely, if ever, does this nonsense. Isn't there enough violent crime in L.A. with the gangs, drugs, ect.. to do real police work??!!!

  3. My feeling is that the effectiveness in these checkpoints, in regards to drunk driving, is minimal. A quote from the US Supreme Court about DUI checkpoints and the intrusion they cause. Justice Brennan, in his dissent, argued that even an “infinitesimal” intrusion negatively impacts citizens’ freedoms from suspicionless investigatory seizures. Justice Stevens added that the evidence Justice Rehnquist cited indicated that the net effect of sobriety checkpoints on safety was “infinitesimal and possibly negative.”

    Just like where the time and need for busing students passed, some day (maybe today) it will be realized that the time where these checkpoints were both needed and effective has passed.

  4. I just want you to know thar first you say they waste resources and time on this yet you just stated in this video how there not doing a good job so i dont understand which one is it are they not doing a good job or are there not enough resources please dont tell me its both

  5. See what happened to that last guy? Don't be that last guy, people. Call an Uber, get a friend to DD, but don't fucking drink and drive.

  6. I had a head on collision with a drunk driver on may 16 , 2016 , it fractured my sacrum and I needed titanium plates and screws put in to allow me to walk again. That being said I still think checkpoints are unconstitutional. I hate drunk drivers as much as anybody but , if we allow this , then there will be checkpoints everywhere and cops demanding ID and questioning people everywhere they go. Sounds a lot like fascism to me.

  7. DUI Check Points are EXTREMELY labor intensive. It takes a LOT of cops to set up and conduct a check point in compliance with federal mandates. It would appear LAPD had complied with all of the laws, rules and regulations. You cannot, legally, deploy offi
    cers outside the checkpoint perimeter who are ASSIGNED to the DUI operation. DUI Checkpoints are popular with the public. In reality they are very expensive to conduct and do not produce the level road safety that could be acheived had the same number of officers been deployed to enforce traffic violations.

  8. I grew up on Colden and Hoover in the 80s and 90s. Thanks for showing me that not much has changed. Be safe and thanks again.

  9. I'm glad they're not getting chased down for avoiding… I get mad when they chase them down because they're supposed to be able to avoid it

  10. Would you blame them if they hit some little girl
    This shit is crazy oh bad police trying to get drunks off the road really crazy man

  11. if we never see their videos the transparency isnt there, its time for us to crack down on the police I might join the same cause

  12. Body cam footage shouldn't be open for anyone to view. I don't want to worry that if I need the police and was recorded on a body cam that some asshole is going to request it under the freedom of information act then put it on youtube to make money from it. I have a right to privacy and calling law enforcement does not revoke that right.

  13. omg notice what that cop is doing at; 2:02 — when I got stopped at a DUI checkpoint and pulled out of the car, they did that to my car, wtf???

  14. Was there a "legal" option for avoiding the checkpoint? The right to avoid is meaningless if one is not afforded the option.

  15. If the peoples taxes paid for those bodycams and he said the public will never see them, then he deserves to be slapped. People should figure out the amount of tax dollars that fund them take the population of the city and divide the amount by the population and every tax payer should withhold that amount on their taxes. Thats how we can not have to pay for a service we dont want

  16. Jesus, can LAPD not afford breathalyzers rather than wasting time with the field sobriety tests?

  17. Should have filmed the licence plates of the people avoiding the checkpoint to help the cops track them down! lol

  18. What is wrong with these people turning around? Are the laws different in CA? In NV, police MUST place signage 100 yards and a quarter mile ahead of checkpoints so people can choose to avoid the hassle if they wish. You can't FORCE someone through a checkpoint. These people aren't "getting away" as you say. I would do the same thing. Did the police place no signage until these drivers were right on top of the checkpoint so a u-turn was the only way to avoid it?

  19. Why not make big signs and stand where they need to turn around? That would be more effective I think. Giving fair warning to motorist would cost the city and the tow company huge money. They will hate you more for that then just filming.

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