Man Arrested for Rape – Do You Believe in Innocent Until Proven Guilty ?

Do you believe in innocent until proven guilty ?

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  1. Police don't make convictions or hold people in jail based off allegations. You'd need some sort of evidence. And rape is such a tricky subject- out of every crime, it's the crime which has the LEAST amount of false allegations. Innocent till proven guilty doesn't conflict with believe the victims, which is something I find many people struggle to understand.

  2. THE BIGGEST LIE IN THIS WHOLE THING IS – THE PRESUMPTION OF INNOCENCE – innocent until proven guilty – what a crock of shit. NO NO NO – the TRUE PRESUMPTION IS – your probably guilty and because of that then unfortunately we have to jail you until either you plead-out or how ever lonnnnng it will take until when ever the hell we get around to your so-called fair trial and IF IF we FAIL to prove you are guilty – only then do WE free you.

    The odds of you ever having a trial are around 8% or less last time I looked – national average; plus he also didn't mention how long you will be JAILED into pre-trial before you ever get this so-called "FAIR" trial.

    Google what is the percentage of trial sentences that are time-served and your out and how many of those cases ended not guilty and YET you served more time in PRE-TRIAL then you would have if you'd pled guilty or nolo-contendre. All this and more is why the VAST majority plea-out.

    Today's judges have so many tools they can employ to control the outcome of a trial – that only the ultra innocent or the ultra-guilty can escape a prejudicial judge – AND he didn't tell you ALL JUDGES in America have ABSOLUTE immunity, no partial, not conditional – ABSOLUTE; which means if they are well tuned into to the appellate courts they can really push the margins – or just outright ignore them.

    The best police who write the best reports are really helping the DA's office by helping them charge you with as many charges as their clever teeny-sick bully-minds can fool you into believing – and so then showing (acting) concern for you "heh you can plea out (guilty) for this minor charge and get 6 months or hang-out here in pre-trial jail for 6-12 months and WHEN EVER you do get your trial if WE find you guilty with all these charges you'll get 6-10 years – so just think what a great deal the DA is giving you here.

    Whether you talk to the police or not as to how it will affect your trial odds – is the most practical "moot" (i.e. irrelevant) point there is in this whole subject matter – as remember the odds of trial are minimal and how long is the average trial wait in your district – WHILE YOUR PRESUMPTION OF INNOCENCE SELF HANGS OUT – – IN JAIL – IN JAIL!!!!!! STILL HAVE YOUR JOB – DO YOU NOW?????

    One more thing – be prepared – learn the various dismissal rates in your location for various charges – and – how many indictments that are not plead-out eventually get dismissed because the DA decides not to prosecute from doing constant triages since few locations can afford to fully prosecute – ALL – their indictments – which IS why they UNFAIRLY AND DISHONESTLY OVER-CHARGE YOU AND SCARE THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF YOU – SO YOU WILL PLEAD-OUT (GUILTY) TO A WAY WAY LESSER CHARGE OR CHARGES.

    Know why a lawyer is like a sperm-cell? Because they both have only a one in ten million chance of becoming a human-being!!!!!!!!

  3. It's no longer innocent until proven guilty, and that will happen. Now it's guilty until proven innocent, and that won't happen.
    I was accused of a sex crime, never happened. I had all the evidence in my favor against one witness. D.A. did over kill, public pretender did nothing. I was found guilty and my life destroyed

  4. The sad part is there is nominal , to no justice for an individual that is the victim of a false accusation. Too many times, even when proven the false accuser walks free. More needs done for victims of false rape accusations.

  5. Actually, supposedly, the victim is supposed to look at a photo array, or a line up. It is said to be unfair to the suspect if he is the only choice, that it is more likely for the victim to blame whomever is there than not.

  6. Is this really the way it works? Hypothetically, if this man is innocent his rights have been violated, and he will be charged/booked, etc. After using a public defender or spending a lot of money on a private attorney and proving his innocence he will have the case dismissed, but he will have the arrest and charge appear on his record. He will have to maybe ask for the record to be expunged or something of that nature and be subject to the question of being a suspect or arrested for a crime that was later dismissed when a applying for a job. Sounds like guilty until proven innocent along with rights violations and defamation. There is also the jail/prison system politics he would have to deal with with an enormous target on his back.

  7. the police often have press conferences about citizens arrested that more or less declare their guilt, but when officers do something wrong the press conference always says we should wait until after the full investigation has been completed before we draw any conclusions… two sets of laws, two sets of press conferences…

  8. But even when undeniable evidence is present, doesn´t mean someone is guilty ! You know…. all the cases of ….hormon-driven action is clearing up and
    brain takes over again……. the moment of : f***k, what have i done. It´s so embarrassing…. well….. ok, let´s play the victim and acuse him of rape !
    Sometimes Yes magically transforms into a NO ….. afterwards !
    Or even flat out lies will do sometimes….. someone go ask Dr. Blow….. whatever….. Ford.

  9. I never understood why some man Rape nowadays, you can get pussy for free or you can go to Mexico pay for young pussy without getting hassle by the cops in spending a lot of time in Jail.

  10. unless proven guilty in a court of law and then given a truly b.s. sentence that then re-traumatizes the victim and places the community in jeopardy yet again. experience.

  11. LOL… Everyone knows that if charged you are guilty. In My county we have a 99.006 conviction rate. LOL Welcome to TEXAS. We are the #1 in incarceration rates in the country. We cage more people than Russia. We the PEOPLE of Texas are fools cowards and sheep with very few MEN among us.

  12. did Onus news ever get his gun license application approved? I think it was about a year ago when he applied for the license.

  13. You're a thorough and careful researcher. Perhaps you'll do an expose on how rape victims are treated by law enforcement? Or how long it takes to get rape kits processed?

  14. Great work as always. Yea that’s a tough one. Random victim or a fling that went too far? I do wish the weak had better options at protecting themselves in this state…

  15. this is probably the only time you got something wrong because laws once agin have been cooked to work against us
    cops don't need to ask anything anymore all they need is scooby dog to walk around the car and the handler to say yes scooby smells snacks and boom gos your rights "probable cause" no need to wake up Judge anymore your life hangs in a cops wim if he is in a good mood that day or not..
    so really its how the system wants us we can't do anything and when they do something wrong its a slap on the hand

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