No Video Allowed During Complaint Interview – Hermosa Beach Police

No Video Allowed During Complaint Interview – Hermosa Beach Police

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42 thoughts on “No Video Allowed During Complaint Interview – Hermosa Beach Police

  1. WAIT WHAT …. it's ok for them to pull you in for interview and vid you but not other way around …. um no not how it workz ya dumb-asses ! ! !

  2. so let me ask where is the aclu ? and where is all the racial bullshitt for this one , the fucking cop is a punk , and a fucking pussy ass gang member please tell me thyere is a follow up on this

  3. I kinda wish you'd have went with the audio option, at least we could have heard what he wanted to ask you.. Makes no sense if its a personnel issue, but audio is fine.. Dumb logic for the cops.

  4. In Springerville, AZ the cops wipe their asses with complaints. he was lying to you. “There are First Amendment protections for people photographing and recording in public,” Mickey Osterreicher, an attorney with the National Press Photographers Association, told The Huffington Post. According to Osterreicher, as long as you don’t get in their way, it’s perfectly legal to take photos and videos of police officers everywhere in the United States."

  5. "HE then committed physical battery upon myself"? Oops. 🙂
    Summer wasn't over by that point. But anyway, ya should've told this last cop that once you're in an unrestricted area of the property, their policy against video is superseded by the First Amendment. And if it's your complaint, you ought to want to reply on e-mail or whatever.

  6. Let me guess, they will thoroughly investigate themselves and find themselves innocent (spoiler alert***) Fuck that Elliott idiot…that's not good police, that's a fucking bully .

  7. 6:00 or so.
    Any time they have to explain the crap out of something, it's a lie.
    It's that way with anyone not just cops.
    So keep that in mind, next time you get a long winded excuse from a cop.

  8. Why do Americans allow cops to investigate themselves? That is ridiculous! The foxes are loose in the hen house and investigating their own bloody teeth. This is NOT justice.

  9. Well that would be interfering with the collection of evidence and ACTUAL obstruction of justice…..Both criminal acts……

    Had every right to put that traitor thug down, like the felon he is……The one you were complaining about, that is….

    BTW look up section 802 of the patriot act….threats and intimidation of civilian populations is an act of terrorism….

    Sworn servants have no rights, you have duties obligations and privileges that you breach and violate daily…..

     Getem Catman…..

  10. everyone watch 7:18 and listen to how long it takes to talk to TWO officers and make a determination… 30-60 days to talk to TWO guys, who remember, get PAID when they talk to this man for the investigation… you're telling me its going to take 30-60 days to talk to two guys, hear their brief replies about this incident, and then you spend what, the remaining 29-59 days trying to come up with excuses or ways to blame the victim for what the officers did?

  11. What amazes me are the animal officers like that one, who are genuinely surprised when the general public turn a blind eye when they face trouble from others. They can not understand why the public are appalled at conduct like he displayed, and pay them back by not seeing anything that may help them in the future should they ever need it.

  12. Typical ignorant arrogant pig behavior. The great thing about facial recognition and public records. A pigs home address is easily found…..all legally of course 😄

  13. That guy is a true thug psycho. He needs to be locked in a cage so the public can be protected from him. Don't PD departments do psych tests to weed out these crazies.

  14. Why do you think they seemed so curtious? Did you put them in their place, or are you solving a race problem for them? I didnt see any other black cops… Just a thought

  15. Why even bother with filing a complaint with the police? Just go straight to your attorney and file a law suit and/or criminal charges.

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