Police Called for Man Filming Fire Station

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Torrance California – Police Called for Man Filming Fire Station

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44 thoughts on “Police Called for Man Filming Fire Station

  1. What a jackass! Why are you yelling… imbecile. If I can’t I enforce it, why would I wear one…douche. I want you to be safe out here, OMG, dick!

  2. Whenever a cop approaches you immediately ask if this is a consensual contact. If yes then tell them you do not consent and to leave you alone. If no then you are either detained or under arrest. Immediately and verbally invoke your constitutional right to counsel and to remain silent. You must verbally invoke thanks to a SCOTUS ruling. Once you invoke they cannot ask you anything else without it being a violation of your civil rights. Thanks to television and movies our Miranda rights are common knowledge and all law enforcement agencies in the country train their people on Miranda and it’s implications. This means that you can sue to get their qualified immunity waived and sue them personally for violating your constitutional rights.

  3. This cop thinks he is smart, but just one of the Dumbest. Being recorded saying I can’t hear and then lies saying I didn’t say that. Policy dictates that he will wear a mask but refuses to follow policy. Fire Station is Public property even behind a fence.

  4. I can tell you this much that cop is a prick and if I was to meet him I would tell him to his face that he's a lousy police officer.

  5. Cops swore their oath to satans assholes "government and corporations" in return there allowed to rape take and murder citizens all for revenue. There's no such thing as a good cop.

  6. So hey brother here's the news and I hope Torrance PD reads it two of the Torrance PD drones it's getting pretty bad again two of the Torrance PD drones that's right to drone now I've been thinking about having the FBI come in to my home and search my home inside now the reason why they Patrol my home is because my home is in the ghetto and it has dark tinted windows now let this be known I have a small shop in Whittier called Jimmy's Collectibles and I have a lot of valuables and I have been broken into many times and that's the reason why I have dark tinted windows and these drones come from Torrance Police Department how do I know cuz I know and if the FBI finds out it's pouring Speedy's drones I'm going to sue the s*** out of them and Captain in the Torrance PD you better come talk to me and have the balls to do it cuz if not your department is a chickenshit

  7. Hey guys we are working on a technology to break through Hawthorne Torrance all the police departments that have encrypted their frequencies we are getting them back will keep you guys posted and give you the frequencies over oh and there is an attorney working on that for them encrypting their frequencies don't be a big huge lawsuit so everybody get together we're going to do this it's on the way so if they need your help will post the number and you can call them so we can all get together and fight this encrypting CDs frequencies is a crime and that's what they'll be fighting for people's rights

  8. Anyone who cries about this knows nothing about terrorist tactics. First responders are a primary target of terrorist. You shoot up a place. Or blow up a building and want a higher body count. You take out fire and medical personnel. So yes anyone filming a firestation or hospital should be questioned. Maybe you crybabies might be the ones bleeding to death because the first responders can't get to you.

  9. Now, I'm wandering Torrance has Rogue patrol personnel. Folk's be wary when going thru this city..I've seen way too much over the past 2 years. This photographer made good points, but when he started cursing, then his case was going downward.. I guess it is what it is.

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