Police Tactics Used for Drunk Driving Investigation

Police Tactics Used for Drunk Driving Investigation

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47 thoughts on “Police Tactics Used for Drunk Driving Investigation

  1. These are the best videos awsome job keep it up you can see your doing rite just by how the so call cops or gang looks at you may the truth be told 😊🇺🇸🇺🇸💙

  2. Honestly no i don't like police. Never really did, and i worked security in college. I get nervous whenever they are around and avoid contacting them whenever possible. They are not their to help you in any way, shape, or form.

  3. Avoiding a DUI checkpoint is not illegal. You're under no obligation to go through and you can't be stopped as long as you don't break any traffic laws.

  4. I'm glad the checkpoints are there. They just ask a quick question check your ID is valid and you're on your way in about 30 seconds. I for one don't want a drunk driver slamming into my family and killing them. I worked in the funeral business for 16 years and I've seen a lot of people killed because of DUI.

  5. I'm not a circus bear or carnival seal to be performing tricks for your entertainment; either arrest me or let me go. And I'm not
    sitting on the curb; if you want me to sit get me a chair..

  6. Uhhm, that last vehicle didn't have Tags or temporary registration displayed. Don't know what the laws are in California, but most states require this. Good video overall, greetings!

  7. Katman, I notice in all your DUI checkpoint videos you point out the drivers that try to avoid it, then always show motor officers flying after and stopping them. What reasonable suspicion do they make up for stopping these vehicles? Sometimes it seems like they go after and someone and light them up so quick when the driver never did anything illegal.

  8. I cant believe that cop littered on video. You do that and its a $500 fine. He gets a freebie. How many of those tubes does he throw away each night ?

  9. the number one reason let the piggies do this test. is because of the lies the piggies say. I know because I was oblivious to this. if everything is cool well let you go. cooperative with us and we can help you. if you don't do this test you can go to jail and tow you're car. if you cool you can just get a ticket. one of my buddies just talk to Colton wood they had a great chat I might send him your way.

  10. Yeah, the cops do it because they know most of the population is either ignorant of the law and/or easily intimidated. I'm no lawyer but I know enough not to fall for that kind of BS. Great vid and really enjoyed the commentary. Thanks for doing what you do!!

  11. I always thought it was illegal to pull someone over for turning before a check point. Everyone knows you have the right to opt out of a checkpoint. That means there is no probable cause to pull someone over for avoiding a checkpoint. I mean, what does the cop say in court? I pulled him over because he avoided the checkpoint? How does that work? It's not illegal to avoid a checkpoint and I'm fairly certain the courts have ruled it can't be construed as suspicious either.

    What the fuck? Taking his blood pressure. Looking down his throat? Hell no. I'm not doing any of that.

  12. never knew about the monies for grants for the other states (me) that don't allow checkpoints. i'll be calling my rep on that deal. everyone that applauded dash/body cam laws, all good, but letting the police decide when they are on/off is beyond belief. finally, unless the law was changed without my knowledge recently, in Michigan, if you refuse a breathalyzer test you lose your license. Katman, have you heard of anymore info regarding what some of the southern states were implementing concerning mandatory blood draws at the scene in makeshift trailers? I can't find any recent news about it. great tutorial here, thanks for your work. you guys are ALWAYS the go to's.

  13. After the cop littered, did you hear him say dont drink and drive period! I wonder why so many cops always refuse a Field Sobriety Test? This is big $$ for Law Enforcement.

  14. hey….want the video of the rest of the stop that officer Jackson showed up to? I recorded it till the end once you ran off 😉 lol they took his truck but let him go…..

  15. IMO, a more appropriate title might be "Do you trust police?" We all know why people agree to do these tests. They have no clue how to assert their rights. And even tho some police will be fair and nice to you, NEVER trust them. I also like the response to questions with "I don't answer questions from strangers." That's exactly what they are…strangers.

  16. These officers would call me drunk in notime even if I wasn't. I wear foot orthotics because of my feet. Because of my feet I can't just stand on one foot. Do you think they would believe me if I told them?

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