Sunday Low Riders in Compton – CHP and Sheriff’s

Sunday Low Riders in Compton and California Highway Patrol also with Los Angeles County Sheriff’s

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48 thoughts on “Sunday Low Riders in Compton – CHP and Sheriff’s

  1. don't get me wrong I love car shows I like lowriders motorcycles anything with a motor and tires on it. but in a lot of States it's illegal to modify a car other than how it came from the factory you don't think it's hard for them to implement those laws here in California. they can do it they can make legislation however they want they run all this. many would argue why don't you just go to the city or county and have certain sections blocked off for the event? but the thing is most people who low ride it's about showing off and if there's no civilians around then there's nothing much to show off the point is they like going to busy streets and intersections where there's lots of traffic because then it's like we'll look at the car I'm in this represents hundreds of thousands of dollars I wish somebody would hit me there's that mentality as well. like I said somebody will think of something I just think maybe there should be certain areas that are designated for that that would make it easier otherwise they're going to start taking all your shit the lineup every tow company in the city and take your shit what can you do I'm not trying to be hateful but I'm just saying if you push them to that point they will take your shit.

  2. I understand people want to show off their ride and all that good stuff. But when you start ignoring the rules of the road Running Red Lights slowing down traffic in the area it becomes a problem. I work downtown for many years and unfortunately when a lot of these car clubs in motorcycle clubs get together they have a tendency to act like they own the road there lies the problem. nobody cares if you Cruise nobody cares if you play your music but just keep traffic moving there are people that use that road to go to work to go home from work Live and Let Live. because if you keep playing with these people they will say new law anybody with lowrider type rims paint job accessories illegal to operate on the road automatic impound then 30 days after you get it out everything needs to be removed in the car restored back to original or the next time we catch you in violation we crushed the car and seize the vehicle permanently. you don't think that can happen

  3. Cops only need to stand there to watch and stop ppl and see if they work or have ebt cards then choose which houses to raid for drugs next

  4. Even that guy at the end said it himself, traffic couldn't get through. Roadways are meant to allow people easier travel from home/work/the store etc. If you are blocking the road doing stunts and tricks, that really screws other people over. If you want to do this in a parking lot, all the power to you. But not in the street. I doubt the police would try to shut them down if they were in a parking lot or field where they had permission to be.

  5. So that's what California spends their money on? Thousands of cops in the street along with helicopters that can't be cheap, all because someone could be doing the highly illegal and globally destructive "Donut" which could cause the depletion of our ozone layer resulting in harmful gamma rays.

  6. What if you had to go to work camera man? Would you want a bunch of gang bangers blocking you and slamming into your wife and kids as they did donuts? If y’all wanna gang bang do it in a open field not in the street

  7. As an European, iwant to say lows lows is cool …yeah yeah yeah i m a Westcoast sucker blablabla…fuck it,lowrider is good shit

  8. When a cop breaks a law or roughs someone up….everyone has their camera out (secretly hoping the cop to amp things up to get a good YouTube Video) but take over an area of the city with cars and complain when the police come and retake it. You can't have it both ways.

  9. I'm glad the cops put everything back under control!! Those people need to spend some of their money and rent a spot!! I'm glad at least the old man in the end of the video knows the cops did the right thing!

  10. I like a lot of the low riders but I think low riders should be older cars From like the years starting in 1979 All the way down to the 30s Anything above 79 is just a waste And doesn't look right But that's just my opinion

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