Sunday Not So Funday in Compton – CHP

Sunday Not So Funday in Compton – CHP

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  1. Over 95 percent of all CHP expenditures are supported from the Motor Vehicle Account (MVA), which generates its revenues primarily from vehicle registration and driver license fees.

  2. In Australia we now have similar Laws regarding people doing burnouts it’s named hoon law , your car is seized, this only comes in to play when car hoons literally drive in a dangerous manner & putting other roads users safety in danger. The cops 👮‍♀️ here don’t use this law for accidentally taking of to quick ..

  3. Come on ……. a tyre iron in his jacket "not against the law" ………. be a bit more honest in your commentary ………. yeah he'll change a wheel with that in his jacket ……… fuck off
    I like your vids generally, but that comment is fucked up

  4. This is now 2019' heads are rollin this yr and you know why. Give your money to irwindale race track and you can burn all the rubber you want lawfully and keep your ride.

  5. I grew up on the north side of mpls. To have a shortened tire iron like that in your jacket isn't for helping someone fix a flat! Lmfao!

  6. America has no culture at all so sideshows shouldn’t be criticized or criminalized hang on to even this America lil by lil they’re taking and taking ok

  7. These people block intersections while idiots do spin outs in the middle of the intersection . They know it's illegal to do that , so it's not the government stealing your vehicle , it's more like idiots donating it . It's like that good old saying when a student gets an A plus they take full credit for that , but when they get a F they blame the teacher . Let's not blame the cops for enforcing the law . If you get caught own up to it and accept the consequences .

  8. DO NOT cooperate with any government official, especially law enforcement.
    DO NOT answer questions.
    DO NOT consent to any searches.
    DO NOT voluntarily ID yourself unless you are lawfully detained or arrested.
    DO NOT be intimidated.

  9. They dont break up these gatherings to "steal" peoples property , they stop,ticket and fine these participants to prevent personal injuries to the drivers or audience,You would have a different opinion if say for example your on the sidelines with your little son or daughter and one of these untrained punks loses control and kills Jr. Do you really believe these road savages have a right to perform anywhere they want to .Driving has always been a privilege not a RIGHT!!! .These punks would last 3 minutes on the street in Canada ,and by the way they could also ticket the bystanders for plain public loitering !

  10. That cop you were recording, he gave me a strange vibe.
    that code really should be looked over again. i dont think its right either.

  11. Onus it isn't that the government "steals" your property. It's that the cars are registered to the state and the roads are maintained by the government. Using a road that the government maintains and a car that is registered and regulated by the government to act erratically is all the reason you need to temporarily impound the vehicle and prosecute the driver.

    I'm not disagreeing with you I just think this stuff shouldn't be considered "stealing".

    Love your videos to death I look forward to them everyday as well as your commentary. I also show them to my mother who was once an LASD deputy.

  12. Out of all the cars doing donuts they catch the one that tried to donuts but really couldn't bad night for them….as for the spectator at a speeding contest ticket I've gotten one it's $250 $350 if ur late a bunch of crap 💩 specially when they block you in and you can't go anywhere…

  13. Thank you for reporting on what is really going on out here!! I would love to grab a coffee and trade war stories. I have a few now. Im college educated, mid thirties and white. Im married and have one son. Iv spent over a year, six months at one stretch, down in cj, wayside supermax 714, wayside south d36 and countless days on metal fucking benches tortutred with no sleep water or food for days. i know Its nothing compared to what has happened to some. However I have many family and friends who might not fare as well. This is america. If the majority of the population feels the same way about something that is tyranical and fascist they have not only the right but the obligation to fight it.we are many. @21grahamz

  14. hey just got a new car lets roll whhh whhh whh jail time , missing work and still has payments on car and no car ? wow great weekend

  15. in this case the police did they job nobody walks around with a tire rod under his pants for nothing just saved a life bet my house

  16. what up kat man i didnt even see you there tonight but you should of hit me up and we could of recorded some of the cops there while they did their so-called job. the spectating ticket that I was given twice by LAPD are being handled as we speak ACLU is helping me out with that because how corrupt the LAPD are and what are they capable of doing by violating people's rights and they want to put a stop to that and you know what's so funny that's sergeant that I was supposed to so-called get an interview with for the allegations against his officer was out tonight and my ACLU lawyer has contacted him many times and not once has he returned the phone call why bother to leave me a message to continue the interview that tells you how corrupt these cops are willing to cover up each other's ass the good thing for me is that I'm not alone with this ACLU has my back downtown LA 6th Street traffic division they'll see me again as well as Southwest LAPD division they will see me soon and ACLU they won't like it but who cares about them soon as they don't care about us I don't know more like that but the majority of cops are sorry of these are run-on sentence but I am using the Google Talk hit me up soon kat man aclu would love to talk with you and Daniel hope to see you guys soon out there be safe and keep doing a good job you guys.

  17. I understand some of the things you said in this video, but if these guys that were pulled over actually did do burnouts or something of that nature, it is still a traffic violation which is in-turn against the law. It's not like they were near the people blocking the road at the beginning of your video and CHP just decided to stop them, they broke the law and were punished.

    Another thing; the tire-iron: Like you said, in itself is not a weapon, but if the subject failed to tell the officer it was there, then that could be led to intent to harm. And who the hell carries a tire iron in their jacket?

    I hope you understand my first part of my reply, but also understand that not every person stopped by the police is innocent. I enjoy your videos because the educate me a lot of the time on things I do not know, however, not every person is innocent. Thank you

  18. Katman I did not know just watching a race/event could get you into trouble I learned something new thanks, and you and Tom should come out to Palmdale

  19. these car side shows are a danger to the public! they sometimes end up in shootings, brawls , and car wrecks! most are thugs low life people!

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