Tom Zebra Arrested by LAPD at DUI Checkpoint

LAPD arrested a citizen journalist in Marina Del Rey over Memorial Day weekend. What a perfect way to honor those who died for the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Tom Zebra Arrested by LAPD at DUI Checkpoint

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50 thoughts on “Tom Zebra Arrested by LAPD at DUI Checkpoint

  1. "Let me see your press credentials".

    I wish Americans knew how dangerous this statement is. If the press has to have credentials, then it is OBVIOUSLY no longer a free press and there is no longer a 1st amendment.. In communists countries like China and North Korea, all press HAS to have multiple permits and credentials in order to operate and if they refuse to report what the communists tell them to, they lose their credentials.

  2. You’re a fake press, trash talking to cops! That’s why you don’t get respect from the police.

  3. IA gave this a case number, perjury occurred and they know it. The closest officers are slouching, and the sgt is arresting him for, interfering?

  4. I want to put a case on Tomeo for false arrest if you listen to his logic on other videos. Tom was on private property. They give you trespass instructions. He takes a tone with people who stand, and not walking, an ADA violation.

  5. I don't understand why the ACLU don't get involved with these unlawful Constitution issues, with the LAPD…. The cops are breaking the law everyday, when they are supposed to enforce the law….The violate the rights of citizens without cause, then arrest you for speaking up for yourself….. America is starting to look more like Russia, or China, where the citizens have no rights or freedoms….

  6. This is why people dislike the police. They think we have no right.
    I back the police but situation like this we all have right.

  7. Cops either have no idea what the 1st amendment is, or they are disregarding it, just thugs who deserve contempt, nothing else.

  8. it would have been much faster in Switzerland: instantly arrested for filing the police and broadcasting live police activity.

  9. These are some backward ass cops. None of them communicate properly or even make sense. Its getting scary these sociopathic people with guns and badges.

  10. . As this video shows, police are hostile and aggressive towards citizens . They provoke citizens and escalate circumstances towards towards an arrest. Its no surprise that many people dislike, do not respect and even fear them.

  11. People need to wake up and smell the rotten roses. These cops are now tired of dealing with the on going pressure of cameras show just how corrupt they are. Tom Zebra and associates need to continue the pressure they are putting on these pigs, rotten fucking cops who are now being exposed as the pigs they really are.

  12. I'm just realizing after watching your videos, cops blow a lot of wind with out saying anything important, what asses!! Great video, keep up good work, love watching and learning something new every time I watch.

  13. They all just don't get it. Their oath doesn't mean ANYTHING to them. They have crossed all the lines. They really just don't care …and they have changed the definition of a PEACE OFFICER.

  14. This infuriating!!! MSM is in the street recording and NOT being arrested! Probably because they are showing sheeple ID and moving along without asserting any rights… uuhhhg..

  15. IMPORTANT TO ONUS NEWS AND TOM "DANIEL" ZEBRA…. What these cops are doing is favoritism towards individuals possibly involving kickbacks.
    I'd advise you to write to the Journalism Ethics and Standards department, tell them your point of view of what happened here and submit this video for evidence. I'd also forward the same arguement to the D.A., City Mayor, Dept. Public Works, chief of Pigs and all the news agencies.
    Let the cops explain why they are playing favoritism and if they say that you all are "fake" news, you can tell them many of us learn more about current affairs through independent channels than the MSM.
    I support your cause a d worm 1000%

  16. Really fucked up to see our country in a police state. Just like when Biff Was owner of the city in back to the future films. Hajahja will over law , breaking the will breaking the will!!! 🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾

  17. I'm going to start 1st A audits in North Carolina this year. Y'all have provided useful examples and info for me to continue my "training". It's a slippery slope. You are a pro!

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