Torrance DUI Checkpoint – Double Standards on Display

Torrance DUI Checkpoint – Double Standards on Display

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  1. So you'll rather have a drunk driver kill themselves or somebody by drinking and driving, let the cops do their job to keep everyone safe

  2. Wow dude, I just got into watching you and Tom Zebra, I thought your voice sounded a little familiar, then after this video it clicked. You did that CCW application video in Torrance! Your stuff is really good man, great commentary. You are always polite and respectful but not afraid to take it up a notch when people try to mess with you. Keep up the good work.

  3. You mentioned a lack or resources to process conceal carry permits in Torrance. The reason behind that has to do with the California state constitution which states that conceal carry permits are a "may issue" or "no issue" matter for the most part. I live in Florida which is a "shall issue" state pending background checks. We hand out conceal carry permits rather expeditiously, like hot rolls out of the oven. Floridians have as much firepower as their respective sheriff departments.

  4. We should get a 100 cars to drive through in circles. These idiots would charge us with obstructing an investigation though.

  5. Isn't Torrance PD the dumb ass that shot over 100 round in a truck that had two innocent women inside when they where looking for Christopher dorner

  6. Are you serious? A driver switch at a DUI checkpoint? Hmmmmm I wonder why they did that? AND YOU KNOW THEY DIDN'T LET THEM GO or you'd have SHOWN IT

  7. When was the last time you saw a cop biker ride I the sidewalk? Just curious, Why do you's think they did it? Maybe to get somewhere to save lives?

  8. If they catch just 1 drunk driver than this was worth it. Unless they beat ppl up. Have you ever had someone you know killed by DUI?

  9. I thought the REASON for the notice that there is a check point up ahead is so that you CAN choose not to go through it. They cannot pull you over for turning before the check point. They need a actual REASON for pulling you over and NOT because you chose not to go through the check point.

  10. They caught the outlaw biker guy !!! I bet his bike had outlaw exausts. !!! Now he is in jail !!! Good police work !!!

  11. Used to be I hated you for what you were doing with your interaction with the police. Who has changed, you or me? Your interaction doesn't bug me any more. In fact, I like what I'm seeing. Whatever it is you're doing, I hope you keep it up – safely.

  12. One day on the AVTA line that runs through Century City (line 786) I saw a cop ride a full 100 yards down the sidewalk next to Wilshire Blvd. Yes the cops do ride on the sidewalk with motorcycles. I always sit in the front of the bus, good point for photos. I travel to UCLA for medical at least once a week (200 miles round trip for me). Lots of chances for video.

  13. They were ALL let go thanks to nobody but you. You are the most fabulous person on Earth. How con the world ever thank you enough ??

  14. Road Piracy,C.O.P.S. (Criminals On Patrol Schemes), Policing For Profit, Prisons For Profit and C.F.F.C=Civil Forfeiture For C.O.P.S. and that's just a few of the things they're all about! Protect and serve their wallets, not the citizens. Citizen = the source pool for the greed based services. What other perks do they receive for oppression of the citizenry? What is the return on investment for such enterprises, i.e. $250,000 for the checkpoint to the $5 k to $10 k tickets a night or something lame like that. Good to know they're solving real crime while trying to create the criminal class.

  15. The guy talking in this video is an idiot and doesn't know what he's talking about. Driving is a privilege not  right. You want to operate a vehicle, you're going to have to go through check points.

  16. The motorcyclist turned off from the slowed traffic, drove on the sidewalk the wrong way and at a DUI checkpoint. The seems like a sufficient cause to at institute a stop and determine the purpose for his actions.

  17. I cant believe how much of a hypocrite your are!!! One minute you are fallowing Officers around with camera, judging their every move, (which is perfectly legal and it is good to keep law enforcement in check) then just a while ago, you call them to ask for help when some guy runs down the street screaming bloody murder, "call 911!!!" MY question is, why bother contacting them, encouraging them to use their resources in such situations, if to you, they are corrupt, dishonest and just wasting tax money?

    I am pretty confident that you can go to almost any Officer in the US and they would never claim they are perfect. As obscured as it sounds, they have to break the laws sometimes to enforce it. The only difference is, they are trained to do these things in a safe and proper manner unlike normal civilians. An example of this would be Highway Patrol, they have to exceed the speed limit to catch a speeder, but he is trained to catch up to that speeder in a manner that is professional and safe. So if this should not be done, do we just let crime grow rampant in the country?

    Good job Katman!
    Chickenshit, childlike tactics used by the police dudes to automatically assume one is guilty because of a totally legal driver switch. I am somewhat surprised considering the TPD past history they didn't execute or beat the person in the street. Most likely only because they knew they were being recorded. They swarm the motorcycle dude as if he is ten feet tall and killed someone. I guess killing innocent people is reserved territory for the TPD, no competition allowed.

    The state of California subsidizes the overtime for all the additional TPD employees, even though they probably ended up with one or two arrest. What a waste of tax money. Lame ass decisions by uneducated bureaucrats followed by sheepish people employed by taxpayers.

    DUI checkpoints are useless, the state legislators are using the local police dudes as pawns for the state for the sole reason for collecting revenue. If the states and courts really wanted to stop DUI they would make the penalties stiff, not just a stupid fine and force one to attend useless classes. If a person really wants to operate a vehicle while under the influence of whatever substance, they're gonna do it no matter what you, I, the courts, the police say or do. DUI checkpoints don't mean shit and do not deter anyone from making those decisions.

  19. "Double Standard" look up section of 23715(G) of the California Vehicle Code-Law Enforcement Vehicle Seat Belt Exemption. The Vehicle Code is sometimes known as the Book of Probable Cause or the Book of Double Standards.

  20. It's called "Grants" from the State of California Office of Traffic Safety. Therefore, DUI Checkpoints cost very little for the city. The State of California actually pushing for DUI Checkpoints.

  21. As usual another great video with you sharing the legality of what is occurring!
    Keep up the great work.

    I would like to ask what type of video camera and equipment you use because the clarity is great?

  22. you should look into response times on nights they conduct the DUI checkpoints, if they have the man power to have so many people standing around, why aren't those people redirected to calls where actual crimes and need of assistance have long delays because a bunch of officers are likely getting overtime for working a checkpoint from federal dollars, meanwhile, people who need actual help, are on hold or waiting for assistance while they suffer at the hands of criminals…

  23. AT :51….watch the lady cop see the camera and move forward to use the other two cops for cover…hahahaha…

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