82 Year Old Drunk Driver Busted for the 8th Time!!!

82 Year Old Drunk Driver Busted for the 8th Time!!!
82 Year Old Drunk Driver Busted for the 8th Time!!!

Farmington, NM – An elderly man with numerous prior DWIs and a REVOKED drivers license was driving on the wrong side of the road with an open bottle of vodka disguised as water.

This latest arrest could get the man booked for the rest of his life. Farmington Police pulled over the wrong-way driver in May of this year. Officers had clocked the driver going over 100MPH just prior. When Officers caught up to him he was now going way under the speed limit, but he was driving the wrong way head on at oncoming traffic.

The driver finally stopped at the edge of town. Officers first thought the driver was having a medical episode, but they quickly realized he was drunk.

If convicted for this eighth DWI, the 82-year-old faces a mandatory 10-12 years in prison.

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39 thoughts on “82 Year Old Drunk Driver Busted for the 8th Time!!!

  1. in my country it's illegal to make the older people drive the car's especially when they go up to 69 they be not safe to be in streets

  2. Methotrexate isn't a "weird medicine". Methotrexate, formerly known as amethopterin, is a chemotherapy agent and immune-system suppressant. It's VERY commonly used for RA.

  3. Cop: You can't live life like you're in your teens buddy.
    Old man: I was on my way to get a hooker and some blow.

  4. How in the hell do you get 8 DUI's and still have a driver's license or at least one of those Ignition Interlock device Installed on your car? Just loved how the cop told him that it was no big deal. He could have killed someone, I think that's a big F deal!

  5. Take. Him. Off. The. Road. My grandfather was killed by a drunk driver and it wrecked my entire family for generations. Everybody sees an old guy like this trying to hide his vodka and thinks it's cute but it's not. The fact that this guy just keeps doing this means he needs to have his vehicle taken away, license revoked, public transit for the rest of his life. Sorry bud but you don't get a license to take a life when you are on the way out of your own.

  6. I'm more than a little annoyed at the lax reaction of the officers
    This situation is disgusting.

    That old man may as well have been attempting murder

  7. some alcohol counseling is needed, hopefully he learns this time not to drive while heavily intoxicated, keep it to half a glass wine at least.

  8. His 8th time, seriously!!!!! Why wasn't his license yanked after the 2nd time and his keys taken away so he had no access to a vehicle. I am just grateful nobody was killed.

  9. My wife’s grandad was like this due to Alzheimer’s, family eventually said enough is enough and took the keys. Fortunately before anyone was hurt. Also remember my own grandfather, God rest his soul, he was the first man in town to own a car back in the 1940s.

  10. Thank you for being respectful to this elderly gentleman. I do get that he is DUI, but he is also in his 80's and is beyond teaching. Time for family intervention and key AND car removal from the residence. Again, thank you for the kind treatment and excessive amount of patience. Edit: He is on Methotrexate, most likely for arthritis. That one is just a steroid.

  11. My dad has 8 DWIs and will probably never drive again. He has put my brother and I in the car with him before as well. When I see stuff like this I cringe at how disgusting alcoholism really is. In my “dads” case it brought out his narcissistic personality disorder. He blames everyone else for his disgusting alcoholic ways. I will never attend their funeral when they pass.

  12. Why in heaven's name would this man's license not be revoked after the THIRD DUI??!!! What happened to the "three strikes" thing?! EIGHT DUIs??? Again, our country's legal system is ridiculous.

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