Are Guns Only Good Enough for Anti-Gun Senators?

Sen. Kamala Harris doesn’t think self-defense is a very good reason for a common citizen to have a firearm (2nd amendment much?) but apparently guns are good enough to make sure she has them nearby if it’s her neck on the line…

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Gun laws in California: Concealed-carry ruling appealed by Attorney General Kamala Harris

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38 thoughts on “Are Guns Only Good Enough for Anti-Gun Senators?

  1. She swore upon oath or affirmation to uphold and to defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic. The definition to the word infringe means to limit or encroach upon. So she literally not only broke her oath/affirmation, she is an enemy of the U.S. Constitution; attempting to destroy any part to it.

  2. Mike I don't know if you read comments on old vids but I would like to here your opinion about a Maryland man that was shot by police for refusing to give up his guns due to red flag laws I'm just curious.

  3. If A Cop Pulls A Gun And You Have One MURDER THEM BECAUSE THEY WILL SHOOT YOU THEY ARE CRIMINALS THEY SELL DRUGS AND THEY KIDNAP. Please Please Do Not Let These Criminals Continue To Run Our Lives And Kill People Do The Same To Them When You See A Cop …Walk Up And Tell Them To Shut Up And Get On The Ground And Then Stab Them To Shoot Them In The Back Of The Head Then Go Around Telling People That You Are Trained To Protect Yourself And Was DOING YOUR JOB!!!!!!!

  4. Well ya, they know better and have to govern our lives so we dumb peons don't hurt ourselves. They are important though so they need armed guards.
    In case you can't figure out sarcasm I don't agree with these so called leaders double standards.

  5. Are you unaware of the fact that under the current system there are certain authorities that are allowed guns (and many other things) which regular citizens can't? Being a police officer I'd imagine you'd know this 😂😂😂

    Also since you're such a lover of freedom I'm sure you are in favour of legalizing (mabye even taxing and regulating!) all drugs.

    Furthermore this bill is against CONCEALED carry pistols. Not all guns. Pro-gun advocates love to strawman and label any attempt at restriction as a ban on "all guns".

    Grow up.

  6. Diane Feinstein had a gun back in the day too. Why? Well, she needed it for self-protection at the same time as she felt you did not.
    Go figure. She is obviously better than you somehow.

    Our founders never meant for there to be some kind of career political class that developed into a group of royal people who then
    decided they had more rights than others.

    Harry Truman was president at the end of WW2. When he went home after his term ended, he stepped off the train without protection.

    All he had was an Army pension.

    Times have really changed.

  7. Feinstein made 100 million using her office to gain military contracts. Yet she call American veterans unstable, dangerous and mentally ill.

  8. Over here in Australia – we are not permitted to own a weapon of any kind – be it a knife, gun, pepper spray, baseball bat nothing – if we own it for self defence. We can own weapons for other reasons but not for protection. Essentially if we keep a baseball bat by the bed to protect us – we can be sued/jailed.
    When someone breaks into our house, we have 2 choices –

    1. Do nothing.
    2. Risk jail or being sued for doing something.

    Don’t be stupid like us. Defend that 2nd Amendment if its the last thing you do. 🔫 Or they’ll take away more then just the gun emoji.

  9. Mike, I typically love your channel, but this was just a bunch of partisan horseshit, and you know it. Yes, people in the public eye need more protection than I do. Duh. Are you REALLY pretending to be so fucking stupid that you don't realize this? It's why the President, for example, has the Secret Service. Next up, maybe if you gun-happy assholes on the Right would stop murdering school children and concert goers, the rest of us could ALSO pretend there's no gun problem in America, the way YOU do. I'm a Utah Republican, but your level of halfwit Alt-Right douchebaggery on this topic makes even me cringe. Nobody is trying to take your guns away, Mike. You still have your precious penis-metaphor. We're just trying to cut down on the dead children, which in my mind is a lot more important than your juvenile need to pretend you're going to protect America from Tyranny… while you simultaneously vote for fascist, anti-American politicians.

    P.S., the day you and other gun-nuts are willing to accept the same level of training, documentation and responsibility as a Congressional bodyguard will be the day pigs fly, so why are you using this as an example again? Hypocrite much?

  10. I do not claim to be a sovereign citizen, I am however the son of a cop and Texas ranger so know some of the penal code at least here in Texas. The first thing out of my mouth would be. "am I free to go or are you detaining me?' You then would say something like you are just asking a question, to which I would reply. "You have the right to confiscate my car to chase after criminals, Do you need to confiscate my car or am I free to go?"

    You still would not, then the next thing I would say is. "Then you are placing me under custodial arrest." That is what it is called when you do not let someone go. Followed with "The first words out of your mouth should have been my Miranda rights as I am under arrest." (custodial) There you say in your own words you would escalate it and unlawfully so. Demanding my drivers license to which I would say. "Under Texas penal code what crime do you suspect I have committed or intend to commit?" And remember there has to be a victim of some type, damage of property, hurt the dog, something tangle able. Speeding is not one, no one was hurt other than a fake law to stop speeding again Texas penal code.

    It will be about that time that I am going to ask for your supervisor as you will get more belligerent, pushing your authority at me. The more you do it, the more I will win later in court as I sue you and the department over your actions. I see your playlist and videos, you sir need help, if you believe that style of harassment is a good thing, From a link by HighImpactVlogs and was kind with my words but honest, especially with real law.

  11. Your argument is based on a premise of a totally false equivalency. A Senator, Governor, or any high office public official is a target for the whack-jobs and those pissed off with policies…etc.. Joe blow on the street who wants a weapon to protect himself is a specific target for whom exactly? Your argument that she is being a hypocrite means that your president should not be one should or everyone should… doesn't quite work that way.

    I daresay that the woman who has made accusations against Kavanaugh, who now has death threats made against her, probably has more police protection (and I don't necessarily mean a 'body guard') than Joe public….why would that be? Because she is a specific target.

  12. Mike, fascinated by your videos. From the UK and have a question about guns. What are the procedures that follow after an officer discharges a weapon? Is there an automatic investigation? Are they reassigned to desk duty while an investigation takes place? I am guessing officers can suffer a form of PTSD after they felt they had to discharge their weapon and take a life. Would be interested to hear your answers on this subject.

  13. Kamala Harris is a puppet.
    I live in California… we're trying really hard to get a red wave going across our state! Our goal in the upcoming election is to get the Democrats out of office and vote Republicans in. PLEASE PRAY FOR US!! If you live in California, please, vote RED ALL THE WAY DOWN THE BALLOT on November 6. Thank you for reading this – I appreciate your time.

  14. The majority of our politicians are no different than the
    crown that we revolted from in England. Taxation without representation. It was
    paramount then & is repeating itself now. Politicians work FOR us & are
    suppose to represent US. Sadly, that doesn’t seem to be the case nowadays. It
    was necessary to remind “leadership” in the past & it looks as though that
    may be necessary again. Unfortunately, force may be the only means in which to deliver
    that message.

  15. Right at 29 thousand dollars last year alone for her security. But yet she against guns. She just another two face lying bitch who needs her ass beat then fired

  16. I don't agree with this anit-gun nut but I never heard her say anything about disarming police. If she were using private security or citizens with guns to protect her than yes it would be hypocritical. However she is using police for protection so I dont see how that conflicts with her crazy arguement about disarming citizens. I love your videos, Mike, I just have a slightly different opinion on this. Keep up the great work and let's hope we can get this nut job out of office!

  17. I think a lot of reasoning on the Left is "I don't want others to have X. And since it doesn't have an obvious affect on me I'm ok with the government making that happen." They don't think, "Well what if that was me, would that really be moral or fair?" Usually the answer is no.

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