Bodycam Captures Shootout Between Woman and Nashville Officer in Tennessee

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Nashville, Tennessee — Metro Police released body-cam and dash-cam footage of a deadly shootout Friday morning involving a Metro officer and a woman. Just after 9:30 a.m., field training officer Josh Baker from the East Precinct, was patrolling in the area of Brick Church Pike near the intersection of Ewing Drive when he spotted a black 2015 Chevrolet Camaro. Officer Baker was aware that the registered owner of the Camaro, convicted felon Demond Buchanan, had six outstanding drug warrants, charging five felonies and one misdemeanor, that were issued last month for possession of heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, ecstasy, Xanax and crack cocaine. Officer Baker radioed to check on the airborne status of a police helicopter, believing that the driver of the Camaro might try to flee. The camaro stopped in the parking lot of the Dollar General store. Officer Baker found that it was being driven not by the wanted drug felon, but by Nika Nicole Holbert.

While, Holbert essentially complied with Officer Baker’s directives during the first few minutes of their interaction, her compliance changed after Officer Baker found what appeared to be marijuana and a powdery substance in her bag and attempted to detain her while waiting for backup officers. Officer Baker drew his non-lethal taser in an effort to safely bring Holbert into custody. Officer Baker drew his service pistol when he saw that Holbert had pulled a gun, as he demanded that she put the gun down, Holbert shot Baker. He returned the fire. Officer Baker was shot in the side of his torso, the round went under his bulletproof vest. Holbert tossed her semi-automatic pistol in the parking lot before fleeing in the Camaro. She drove for about a block before running off the road at the intersection of Brick Church Pike. Officers rendered aid for her gunshot wounds until an ambulance arrived. She died later Friday morning at a local hospital. Officer Baker is in stable condition after undergoing surgery.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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46 thoughts on “Bodycam Captures Shootout Between Woman and Nashville Officer in Tennessee

  1. You can tell he didn't want to shoot her, even after letting off shots and her pulling away remaind calm and didn't want to shoot her while driving away. This cop needs a raise and recognize for his good work

  2. I’m fed up with these gangster types flaunting the law and acting like the victim. Guarantee the firearm was illegal but she did nothing wrong !

  3. I'm surprised the cop is alive. He let his guard down too many times. His potentially fatal mistake came after tasering the woman – the cop was in the direct line of fire from the woman had she pulled out a gun, which she did. Taser did nothing to faze the woman except possibly making the woman irritated or even mad from being tased. At that point or just before, the cop should have done a 270 degree counter-clockwise turn running behind the car and then to the right of the car ending up at the right side front seat passenger side of the car. This would have bought time and distance from the woman, plus a vantage point of fire if need be. The cop could have blown out the tires, thus refraining from shooting the woman.

  4. تبع مزاج ٣اخليها مكتبه المكتبه

  5. This sister brought this on herself she had a good friendly cop but took advantage of him and went way beyond her limits giving this cop a hard time making him look bad and here she is with a firearm shooting at him supposedly her so called self defense against this good cop she had that pulled her over the good thing there both are alive and not dead big shout out to this cop who played by the rules and arresting people like the way it should be

  6. Now do you all realize that reasoning with a suspect can get you shot and/or killed? If she had complied with his instructions, she would still be alive today (in prison) and no one would have gotten hurt.

  7. Hey to all the people that where wondering why that 16 year old got shot and not tazed. Its because when you taze an obese piece of shit it just jiggles the fat.

  8. for some reason i really like her,ime so upset she is dead,i cant believ she shot that nice cop.nothin was on tv now i have ptsd

  9. But why? Why would you wanna turn a tiny little problem into your death?

    I really don't know what goes on in the minds of these people.

  10. Why is he trying to arrest her for a gram of weed tho? And she complied up to that point. I swear noting makes sense about our country's laws and law enforcement ACAB

  11. But black lives matter right????? White racist cops everywhere right????? I seen no evidence of none of that in this video.

  12. They need to study why people take flight when pulled over by police. A simple traffic stop turns into uncooperative, to hostile, to resisting arrest, to fighting police offer, to getting shot. –

  13. the weirdest sh ive ever seen i have so many ?s who shot how many times they both just look at each other and drive off wow obesity is a serious problem today

  14. blm has made black ppl think they can literally do anything because they know ppl like lebron james will defend them wow

  15. Armed Confrontation 101: "Someone pulls a gun on you". Solution 1) Ask them to put the gun down. Solution 2) Shoot until they're no longer a threat. Solution 1) Result: They don't comply and shoot you. Solution 2) Result: They drop the gun and don't shoot you. Class dismissed.

  16. Poor dude was exhausted especially after getting shot, hopefully both loved and she serves time in prison,let her rot away

  17. Her selfishness rather take a human life from this world ,who has family and friends who love him rather than her going to jail for her own fk ups. I’m sorry if it’s harsh for me to say that I’m glad she succumbed to her injuries, but a selfish,soulless person, like that doesn’t need to be around,she’s a cancer to society.

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