Bodycam Footage of Old Bridge Police Officer Shooting Knife-Wielding Man

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Old Bridge Township, New Jersey — On April 24, 2023, Old Bridge Police responded to a 911 call regarding a dispute at approximately 3:09 p.m. at a residence on Woodland Avenue in Laurence Harbor. Officer Christopher Hammel was met at the door by an unidentified woman, who told them 26-year-old Luke Mendez was upstairs. The footage reveals at least two other individuals inside the house, and they begin debating whether the woman was justified in placing cameras inside the property. According to one of the other residents, the woman was “threatening Mendez with the cops.” During the 911 call, The woman can be heard telling officers that she wants him out of the house.

The officer approaches the steps and shouts out for Mendez, who appears at the top of the stairway wielding a large knife. When officer Hammel instructs him to put it down and when he does not, the officer pulls out his gun and tells him to “relax.” Officer Hammel asks Mendez why he is upset, but he does not respond. The officer continues to try to persuade Mendez to drop the knife for nearly two minutes before Mendez runs down the stairs with the knife. As Mendez descended a staircase while holding the knife, Officer Hammel fires his service weapon three times, striking Mendez. Officer Hammel removes the knife from Mendez, calls backup and medics, and is seen placing his hands on the gunshot wounds. Mendez was transported to Old Bridge Medical Center and was pronounced deceased at 4:47 p.m.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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20 thoughts on “Bodycam Footage of Old Bridge Police Officer Shooting Knife-Wielding Man

  1. I hope the officer gets it see how much love and support he is being shown in these comments. Hopefully he can get past this trauma and continue serving with the same respect and dedication is displayed here. Great job officer. You did everything you could.

  2. Maybe Luke kept hearing the cops voice turn into Darth Vader and he thought he had to fight with his lightsaber?…..😂

  3. A liberal would say that they should have sent a social worker or that the officer should have tried using a taser first to see if that worked or maybe retreated outside the house and gave the man more time as a way to de-escalate. Scary thing is that those same liberals run most of our states, counties, states attorneys offices and sit on citizen police review boards. They decide an officer’s fate.. whether or not he keeps his job or if he’s charged. The same liberals who promote the idea of getting rid of qualified immunity for police officers. The sane liberals who elected a POTUS who said that white supremacy was one of the biggest problems our country faces., not the economy or homelessness or drug addiction or mental illness.

  4. From Patch: Atawan-Abedrdeen, NJ: "At the time he was killed, Luke was living in a two-story home on Woodland Avenue with his mother, his aunt and his grandmother, said his father. Luke's parents were married for 35 years, but separated four years ago. Luke's older brother relocated to the Jersey City area with his father while Luke stayed behind in Old Bridge.

    Mendez said his son was "very quiet" and often stayed in his room. He did not have a job, and he suffered from on and off depression, said his father.

    "I tried to get my son to come up here and live with me. He wanted to stay there," he said.

    "But he was a good kid," he continued. "He didn't drink, he didn't smoke. He wasn't involved in crime or anything. He was just a quiet, good kid who stayed in his room all the time."

    A neighbor, who did (not) want to be named, told Patch that there was "always fighting" in the home and that police were called there frequently."

  5. Será que o nazi nao podia atirar para as pernas ou braços, ou nao tera confiança nas aptidões de atirador ou será a tara do pais dos cowbois.

  6. I think there is something wrong with me. I watch this and think, whoa, thats sad for those involved, move on.
    I watched the video of the dog getting shot and I felt rage, anger, tears, emotional for hours.

  7. So many mentally unstable people nowadays. Who in their right mind charges an office who's holding a gun on you with a knife in your hand? SMH

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