Bodycam Footage of Shootout Between Charlotte Officers And Armed Robbery Suspect

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Charlotte, North Carolina — On Sunday, June 26, 2022, shortly before 1 p.m., officers responded to an armed robbery call for service on Tuckaseegee Road, regarding a suspect stealing groceries from a Food Lion. The suspect brandished a firearm during the incident. Officers encountered the suspect nearby on Tuckaseegee Road, based on the description of the suspect and items noted on the call. When officers approached the suspect, later identified as 45-year-old Kevin Boston, Boston pulled out a firearm. Officers took cover and gave commands for him to drop the weapon.

Boston did not comply and continued to walk down the street with the gun in his hand. Officers perceived an imminent deadly threat and discharged their service weapons. Boston was struck by the gunfire. Boston also fired at officers, and several of his rounds struck CMPD patrol vehicles. When safely able to do so, officers moved to take Boston into custody and render emergency aid. Boston was transported to the Hospital. Boston later died of six gunshot wounds, according to his autopsy report. The firearm used by Boston in this incident was recovered on scene. According to the report, the CMPD officers fired a total of 13 times. Boston had fired six shots from a Ruger .357 Revolver, and he also had a zipper bag with 18 additional rounds.

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0:00 – 911 Call
0:59 – Officers Responding at the Grocery Store
1:39 – Bodycam Footage of OIS: Officer Erik Torres
7:58 – Bodycam Footage of OIS: Officer Richard Meyer
11:41 – Suspect Taken into Custody
18:05 – Suspect Transported to the Hospital

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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26 thoughts on “Bodycam Footage of Shootout Between Charlotte Officers And Armed Robbery Suspect

  1. imho it took Torres to long to head for cover. It's all about keeping your cool and situational awareness.

  2. That cop was one more shot away from a full blown panic attack. Combat breathing would've helped, not the radio. I know its a hard job and he even said "I know what comes with this" but maybe this isn't the job for him. I hope he recovers.

  3. I’m a big supporter of the police but this dose not look. Officers need suspended and a full investigation done

  4. it kinda looked like this cop missed his opportunity to disarm the man, instead ran, then proceeded to shoot the man while he was walking away. that gun the perp had was a 6 shooter, was it not? sounded like he shot all of his bullets (6) after the cops shot 11, not to mention he had the gun on his side.

    this country is an absolute mess

  5. The first officer that shot (Officer Torres) seemed a little panicked, but the second one to fire (Officer Meyer) was calm, cool and collective, and took his time to drop his elbows down on the hood of the patrol car to steady himself before firing.
    Kudos to them both for removing this cockroach from society.

  6. Unfortunately, this will be tagged as "police brutality" due to the fact that he got himself shot and continuously said "I can't breathe" (despite the fact that countless people were attempting to save his life). It will be spun into some bullshit cry for "justice" on behalf of the lowlifes attempting to capitalize on his self-inflicted demise. As for the cop who neutralized the threat, most of us will (thankfully) never know how it feels to be forced into that position. We all understand that times are tough, but not bad enough to die over a misdemeanor shoplifting offense. 🤡🌍

  7. This officer actually cared about the offender's life. You could see him shaking from the adrenaline that just dumped into his system and then you can hear him begging the man to drop the gun. This officer will need months if not years of therapy for this incident, I wish him a speedy recovery.

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