Bodycam Footage Shows Moment Arizona Trooper is Shot By Suspect

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Phoenix, Arizona — On Monday, June 19, 2023, shortly after 11:30 a.m. Trooper Sean Harkins stopped the driver near 21st Avenue and Thomas Road. The body-cam video of Trooper Sean Harkins shows him walking up to a dark-colored Kia four-door sedan. That’s when the suspect, identified as 29-year-old Luis Mateo Jacobo Borja, leans out his window, says, “Gotta go bro,” and shoots Harkins in the leg. A startled Hawkins stumbles to the ground before retreating to the side of his own vehicle to report that he had been shot and that Borja had fled south on 21st Avenue.

He grabs what appears to be a tourniquet from a recess on the driver’s side door when another law enforcement officer arrives to render aid. The officer repeatedly tells Hawkins to “stay with me” as he helps him lie down with his back to the ground and reports on the radio that Hawkins had been struck in the left leg and requested immediate assistance. Harkins was taken to the hospital and later released that night. Police say Borja shot at police twice before he crashed into a wall near 36th Avenue and Thomas Road. One officer was hospitalized after being hit by shrapnel but was released Monday night. Borja was found shot to death in his car. Police did not disclose whether the wound was self-inflicted or caused by the officer who shot at him with a rifle.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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41 thoughts on “Bodycam Footage Shows Moment Arizona Trooper is Shot By Suspect

  1. Sorry to see the cop was injured, but with the shooter, that’s one more piece of garbage that has left the earth.

  2. UPDATE: Gang Member LUIS BORJA was last seen burning in the flames of hell…🔥🔥🔥🔥
    (REVELATION 20:11-15)

  3. No need to disclose the information on where did that bullet come from and ended up in the body of the person who had not even just a bit respect for another living being. Wishing the officer quick recovery ..

  4. Did he get shot in that thigh artery or something? Or I wonder if he was just dizzy and in and out of consciousness from seeing the blood and shock. That’s extremely unusual for someone to be at a “stay with me” situation within a minute or two of the shot happening to a leg, and because he was released from the hospital that same day, it wasn’t the artery, he’d be in a much worse life or death situation and staying at least a night or two with major surgery, so I’m leaning towards it was an extremely bad case of shock and some people being extremely faint of blood, especially their own. Make no mistake, I’m not making fun of this officer at all, I’m just shocked at how fast he was going out of consciousness.

  5. We should make liberals approach all stopped cars and bring to info back to the cop car. Look at the trash liberals have brought into this country.

  6. So glad the Trooper is ok. 🙏🏼Prayers for him, his coworkers and all law enforcement dealing with these rabid animals out here. ❤

  7. Not often I comment on these, but I have to commend the officer that arrived – dude's a hero.

  8. @PoliceActivity How do we get this channel reinstated for payments? I don't get YouTube doing this when its a very popular channel. I've seen worse getting paid on here. This channel shows you the Truth of the matter.

  9. Yep, there is definitely some fucking kind of competition between Hispanics and Blacks on who can commit the most violent crime per capita!! Geez Louise!
    Glad the officers are going to be okay and that the scumbag is on ice and saving the taxpayers a lot of money not having to pay for his court fees, attorney, 3 hots & a cot and all his medical while he's incarcerated.

  10. Por pouco mais um pai, um filho não voltava vivo para sua casa. Peço ao SENHOR JESUS que proteja sempre esses homens e mulheres VALOROSOS que dão suas vidas por pessoas que eles às vezes não conhecem. Vcs tem meu eterno respeito. 🫡👍🇧🇷

  11. Holy crap…I'm never gonna complain about a bad day ever again.
    Thanks for keeping us safe from the murderous bastards who blend in.

  12. So many mean and hateful people on this planet. Why pull over at all? Why do people hate all police and not the ones that are crooked/dirty? This was horrible

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