Bodycam Shows Aurora Police Shooting Suspect Wielding a Knife on RTD Bus

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Aurora, Colorado — On October 2, 2022, at approximately 4:30 p.m. an ADMIT client, “J.M.”1 called Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Kraig Conger and expressed concern that 35-year-old Alexander Collins was acting strange—that he had stayed up all night drinking alcohol and smoking “blues,” street slang for fentanyl. According to J.M., Collins repeatedly stated, “I’m not going back to jail.” Deputy Conger was not working at the time, so he notified Deputy Anthony Archuleta of the information and requested Deputy Archuleta respond to the facility to check on Collins and place him on a detoxification hold. At approximately 5:30 p.m., Deputy Conger called J.M. to give Deputy Archuleta access to the facility. J.M. advised that Collins left the facility and went to the bus stop located at the corner of westbound Colfax Avenue and Moline Street. J.M. further reported that he could see Collins with a woman and that he had a “butcher knife” in his pocket.

Collins entered the Moline Corner Store and confronted the clerk by demanding cigarettes. The clerk recognized Collins as a regular and saw that he was holding a large knife. The clerk placed a box of cigarettes on the counter and asked Collins if he was going to pay for the cigarettes. Collins did not respond and simply took the cigarettes, put the knife in his pocket, and walked out of the store. The clerk locked the door and called 911. Collins proceeded north across Colfax Avenue to the bus stop on the northwest corner of Colfax Avenue and Moline Street. Collins boarded the westbound RTD bus from the front without paying bus fare. The bus driver attempted to confront Collins but Collins ignored him and continued to walk down the aisle to the back of the bus. The bus driver stopped the bus because he heard sirens and saw emergency vehicles approach.

Uniformed Aurora Police Officers responded to the location and surrounded the bus. Deputy Archuleta advised Aurora Police K9 Officer Robert Wong what had occurred, identified Collins, and advised that Collins was armed with the knife inside the bus. Officer Wong saw Collins inside the bus and noticed passengers moving away from Collins. Officer Wong drew his handgun, pointed it at Collins and ordered him to exit the bus. Collins said “No” and started moving toward the back of the bus in the direction of the passengers. Officer Kevin Manley boarded the rear door of the bus.Officer Wong boarded the bus from the front door with his K9 officer. Officer Wong observed a knife in Collins’s back pocket. Officer Wong released his dog to take down Collins. The dog bit Collins from behind but did not take him down. Both Officer Wong and Officer Manley saw Collins holding a large knife in his right hand as he continued to advance toward the passengers huddled at the back of the bus.

As Collins continued to walk toward the back of the bus with Officer Wong grabbing him from behind, Officer Manley deployed his Taser to stop Collins. The Taser was ineffective. Officers Jordan Diekneit and Jason Oviatt stood outside the bus at the open rear door as Officers Wong and Manley struggled to control Collins inside the bus. They heard officers give commands, “Get off the bus!” and “Drop the knife!” while the dog made contact with Collins. They observed Collins armed with the knife as he continued to move toward the passengers on the back of the bus. As Collins pulled away from Officers Wong and Manley, Officers Diekneit and Oviatt fired their handguns at Collins, shooting him in the left side of the lower chest and abdomen. Collins was subsequently removed from the bus and officers rendered medical aid. Collins died as a result of the gunshot wounds.

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0:00 – Bodycam: Officer Manley
0:57 – Bodycam: Officer Wong
1:52 – Bodycam: Officer Diekneit
2:32 – Bodycam: Officer Oviatt
3:03 – Bodycam: Officer Mills
3:53 – Bus CCTV

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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37 thoughts on “Bodycam Shows Aurora Police Shooting Suspect Wielding a Knife on RTD Bus

  1. Another crazy person with an assault knife, that you don’t have to pass a background check for, and you can easily pick up at Walmart, maybe we should start banning assault knives.

  2. Should have been dropped by the cop that backed out instead of leaving the suspect to get close to the woman heading towards the back

  3. Not sure about the timing of the shots but the perps actions dictated the outcome…the dog was on point good job…😁

  4. I grew up in Aurora, lived there for 25 years and it’s going downhill fast. “Tent Cities” are popping up and growing under every overpass. I know this doesn’t have anything to do with the video, I just thought I’d vent my frustration a bit.

  5. Police dog went right for the criminals stank balls. Another idiot gone. I feel sorry for the people on the bus as they will never ever for get this. America is really in bad shape.

  6. The man didn't cared for the dog who ripped is a. off and also not for the taser.

    It was the right decission to protect the citizens snd tge other officers.

  7. Scary scene with passengers still on board the bus. According to the multiple camera angles, no one asked if the passengers were OK, otherwise we’ll done officers..

  8. Feel like they need some training. In close quarters and some better disarming as well as some hand to hand. Even a little bit of training can help change the situation. If your department doesn't offer it ask around to find someone. It really helps in more ways than one. However for the guy if you start going towards people with a knife and there are cops saying put it down. You are most likely getting shot. Feel like with all them cops and no gun someone could have put this man on his a**. Not saying he is innocent just saying it sucks when you got to take anyone's life.

  9. All of those people on the bus need to learn some self preservation instincts, hanging around on the bus with an unhinged guy with a weapon is beyond stupid

  10. Nobody even came on board and asked if everyone was ok…anybody hit…anybody stabbed….or maybe "go to the front exit and regroup with another officer"…plenty on hand….nada….
    Good shoot
    Bad look

  11. I’m just gonna be honest here he shot once and that immediately disabled him. Those extra shots are just basic and obviously not needed. This guy was a threat and they didn’t take one single action to disable him with out putting a full clip in him. Garbage policing

  12. The state of the people in this country is truly alarming. All those people on that bus didn't think enough to get the hell off? SMH

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