Bodycam Video Shows Officer Shoot Colorado Teen Armed With Knife

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Loveland, Colorado — Loveland Police released the body camera footage and the recording of the 911 call that led to a police officer shooting a 19-year-old armed with knife after the teen began to move quickly toward him. Nearly two weeks after the shooting, the 19-year-old man, Alex Domina, remains in the hospital. Domina’s guardian had called the police, asking for help to calm Domina down during a mental health crisis. The body camera footage shows an officer, Eddie Luzon, approach the yard at the side of the house calmly.

From the other side of the yard, he asked Domina to talk to him, and several times asked him to put down a kitchen knife he was holding. When Alex begins to walk toward the officer, the officer is heard saying “Stay over there. Do not come near me!”. The 19 year old is then seen continuing toward the officer before four shots were fired and the teenager falls to the ground. Luzon is on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. According to the family’s attorney, Alex has now undergone five surgeries and is in critical condition.

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0:00 – 911 Call
4:04 – Bodycam: Officer Luzon
5:58 – Bodycam: Officer #2

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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50 thoughts on “Bodycam Video Shows Officer Shoot Colorado Teen Armed With Knife

  1. A mentally sick child almost gets killed and life ruined and the comments are full of people talking about the dogs. Its not the government thats the problem its the evil ass citizens. You guys are going to have a lot to answer for when you finally see the big man.

  2. Update, the 19 year old did eventually die from shooting. The officer was not charged. The parents should be charged…people having babies they can't care for or care about, then we wonder why we have so many lost souls running around like delinquents, or glued to video games, with "mental health" issues etc.

  3. You cannot be a parent of a disabled child and want this kind of police response when you call for a mental health crisis intervention.
    That's why I say there needs to be an alternative to an armed patrol officer responding to a mental crisis call. That immature manchild needed to be in a secure environment, not his "mom's" house. An absent father was likely a factor.

  4. "Please handle him with care". Lady, what happens is directly as a result of the hand he forces the officers to play. So many people forget, or willfully ignore, that.

  5. That dog clearly hated him but was also concerned when he got shot 🤣 unless she wanted to finish him off

  6. I hope the dog’s owner testify against him for scaring the puppies. So glad the dogs are ok. Oh, the dude with the knife? Meh.

  7. While in the Academy, we were shown a video called "Surviving Edged Weapons" They said that if a suspect got within 12 feet of you, and your weapon is not drawn, they can kill you.

  8. LOVELAND, Colo. (CBS4) – A young man who approached a Loveland police officer with a knife while experiencing a mental crisis has died, weeks after being shot. Alex Domina, 19, died at Medical Center of the Rockies hospital in Loveland Tuesday, three weeks after being shot in his backyard.

  9. Some deranged ppl have no idea how it hurts to be shot and when they expirience the pain instantly they are diferent person.Maybe that pain is just what they need to come back to earth…

  10. I feel bad for both of them, that kid obviously lost his sense of reality, and the cops obviously won’t forget that day. (I’m not saying it’s unjustified)

  11. "According to the family’s attorney, Alex has now undergone five surgeries and is in critical condition". And according to the family's doctor, their might be a lawsuit.

  12. Live by the gun die by the gun damn justified murder I could see if the guy had a gun then yes I hope his mind and concience never rest that it could be him in the line of duty since he live by the gun trigger happy murders should not be wearing a badge I don't care if the guy had two knives he could of shot him in the legs he made a choice to shoot to kill when unnessesary

  13. " According to the family’s attorney, Alex has now undergone five surgeries and is in critical condition". In other words, the family is suing the police for using justifiable deadly force against their moron relative.

  14. I like some psychological attacks myself. "listen bro drop the knife, your mother just fell, theres an ambulance coming, we will take you to the hospital with her, leave this for another day, drop the knife, help your mother"..

  15. 4 shots on an overweight kid who would probably have tripped over his own feet and stabbed himself if he tried running toward the cop? and all the comments defending the "brave" officer

  16. Why the hell didn’t he have his taser drawn first? Why don’t American police shoot for the legs first to disable the threat? Approaching a man in a mental health crisis with a drawn gun….what kind of policing is that. Appalling. Poor soul.

  17. Good Lord. Female cops are so annoying…. they don't understand the difference between being authoritative and being bossy. She literally sounded like an older sister yelling at her siblings. I wish we could return to a strictly male force.

  18. This is for her to prove that anyone who is suffering from mental health disorder/problem should not even come within an inch of a police officer they are not equipped and not able to deal with this sort of problem/issue

  19. Stupid kid didn't think anyone would shoot him,not the cops fault,doesn't matter about him having issues or not,he should've put the knife down not go after the officer

  20. It’s unfortunate that it had to end in that way, but at least it looked like the shots didn’t hit anything vital to the kid, and it also must have given that kid a wake up call on how shit goes down in the real world

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