Border Patrol Agent Shoots Man Smuggling Undocumented Migrants in a BMW

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Sasabe, Arizona — On March 14, 2023, at approximately 6:18 p.m. a U.S. Border Patrol remote camera operator observed multiple suspected undocumented migrants load into a BMW sedan, approximately one mile north of the Port of Entry at Sasabe, Ariz. The camera operator transmitted the information to Border Patrol agents in the area via radio. Two agents who were parked in separate marked Border Patrol vehicles near mile marker 12 on State Route 286 observed a BMW pass their location driving northbound and began to follow. The driver of the BMW was reportedly driving in an erratic manner turning the vehicle’s turn signals on and off and speeding up and slowing down. The agents activated their emergency equipment to conduct a vehicle stop at 6:34 p.m. The BMW failed to yield, and a pursuit ensued.

The BMW turned westbound Near mile marker 20 on SR 286 onto Brown Bear Canyon Road, and the agents continued to pursue the vehicle. The driver of the BMW turned the vehicle to the south 3.8 miles west of SR 286 at approximately 6:41p.m., while attempting to turn around. Customs and Border Protection’s Office of Professional Responsibility special agents reviewed incident driven video recording system footage related to the incident captured by body worn camera. The footage showed the first Border Patrol agent who arrived positioned his Border Patrol vehicle behind the BMW, exited his vehicle, and approached the driver’s side of the BMW. The agent used his collapsible straight baton to break the rear and front driver’s side windows of the BMW. The agent reached into the vehicle as the vehicle moved in reverse. The driver of the BMW continued to move the vehicle backwards as the agent attempted to hold the driver’s left arm.

The vehicle stopped and the driver changed gears and started turning the steering wheel with his right hand while the agent was holding him by his left forearm, which was outside and below the driver’s side window. The agent drew his handgun and fired one time striking the driver of the BMW. Border Patrol agents secured the six occupants of the vehicle which included one U.S. citizen who was sitting in the front seat and exited the vehicle immediately before the shooting, two undocumented migrants in the back seat, and three additional undocumented migrants in the trunk. Both agents, who were trained as emergency medical technicians, rendered aid to the driver of the vehicle by performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation and using an automated external defibrillator. The driver, a U.S. citizen, was declared deceased on the scene by the Pima County Sheriff’s Department.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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37 thoughts on “Border Patrol Agent Shoots Man Smuggling Undocumented Migrants in a BMW

  1. Sadly the current administration would have let him go, dropping all charges. He'd probably have been free before the paperwork on his arrest was finished (I've seen it with my own two eyes). I will never forget sitting in my office doing an arrest report, looking out the window and seeing the guy I had just brought in walking across the parking lot to a store across the street to wait for his ride. I had to call the jail to be sure he hadn't escaped. Nope, judge released him OR. I heard a guy who'd been arrested with a HUGE amount of meth tell the judge if he released him he was going to run back to Mexico, judge released him anyway and he did run back to Mexico.
    It didn't have to end this way, he made the decision to be a dumbass and he reaped the consequences.

  2. 0:53 Good Old Fashion police work right there. Use of a baton like they do in the PRC. Beat, Tazed and given a dose of lead "freedom pills". Tell your friends, just go to the border crossing station and apply for citizenship instead of relying on dirtbag smugglers that will extort a person.

  3. Unless he had a gun in the car, there was no reason to shoot him. We don't see them shooting Europeans like this. All of that for just trying to live a better life. This used to be Mexico. They're just coming back claiming what's rightfully theirs.

  4. Unless the laws of physics work differently when you're wearing a monkey suit, I don't see how the Agent was ever in danger of being hit by a vehicle rolling backwards away from him. The only thing putting him in danger was his grip on the driver's forearm. If he wanted to be free of the vehicle, thus the danger of being hit by said vehicle, all he had to do is, wait for it, let go of the driver's forearm and back away from the moving vehicle. It's not like the vehicle was coming directly at him, nor was he being held onto by the driver. Last time I checked, smuggling aliens did not warrant a public execution. Not a good shoot. The family should sue and the government should pay.

  5. I believe the beginning tests for boarder patrol hiring is so stupid. I am currently an active duty soldier, and I have a fantastic work ethic; along with many other soldiers in know. Many of us applied and got denied entry to boarder patrol so because of the beginning tests. (Which btw didn’t make sense) to me, and many others told me it didn’t make sense to them. We’ve so expressed our concerns too the survey, but why really reads this right?

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