@Cops&Cons Legal Expert Breaks Down Recent Cases

Dan our legal expert talks about about our recent video uploads and recent police cases around the country.

The featured content is NOT intended to be violent nor glorify violence in any way. We are sharing this footage STRICTLY for the purposes of news reporting and education.

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27 thoughts on “@Cops&Cons Legal Expert Breaks Down Recent Cases

  1. There should be a law in place so that if/when a felon or mentally impaired person attempts to person a firearm, police should be notified IMMEDIATELY.. They then need to respond n be arrested then n there

  2. Exactly new gun laws won't affect criminals other than give them more victims the only people who will be affected by gun laws are law abiding citizens

  3. People act like all people are kind, have a conscience and morals.. seems like the same people that are saying it was to much force the cop used, are the same people that if it happened to them would want force used..

  4. Daniel, i love your channel, thanks for the hard work. Our system is far from perfect.. but there are many people that couldn't pass a background check and don't know where to get a gun.
    I love my 2nd ammendment right, own guns and have a cwp..
    but the constitution clearly reads "well regulated militia".
    As a vet I still believe you don't hand someone a gun that has never been taught to use it .. as a paramedic I've run on many calls where people have shot themself or a family member because they didn't know how to use it properly.
    It's a double edged sword..

  5. Lets talk about how AWFUL the justice system is. Like 2 people can commit the same crime but if one of them pays for a lawyer thats buddies with the judge, they'll get off with a weaker sentence. or DUIs. Like one DUI should be mandatory 5 year suspension of license.

  6. How about talking about the video of Humble Police Officer John Cox using his handcuffs like brass knuckles and sucker punching Chris Hanna in the face knocking him out. You can add the police chief's statement/lies about the incident. Chief Ken Theis says in a statement about the incident, "At no time did the officer strike the suspect, and it was determined the injuries suffered by the suspect were caused solely by the altercation in which he was involved prior to Officer Cox’s arrival."

    If a hi-def video of Officer Cox using his handcuffs as brass knuckles to punching a man in the face doesn't count as striking an individual, I don't what does. To their way of thinking I'm betting being knocked unconscious lying on the ground constitutes resisting arrest. Full length videos of what took place prior to the police showing up and what happened when the police showed up are available online. I can provide a link to a similar YT channel that has all the video footage posted if you can't find decent footage from other sources.

    The videos also gives lie to the Chiefs claim, and probably the officer's claim, that the officer told Hanna to turn around and put his hands behind his back. What the officer actually said was, "I'm gonna go ahead and detain you real quick." right before punching Hanna in the face.

    The liar in chief's full statement, _"On June 24, 2022, at around 2:30 a.m., Officer John Cox responded to reports of a disturbance at a local bar. Upon arrival, Officer Cox confronted apparently intoxicated man in the parking lot who claimed to have been in a physical altercation with what he described as 'two bikers' who began 'punching (him) in the face.' The suspect had obvious injuries to his face and head. The suspect then admitted to firing a firearm at least twice at the two men with whom he was fighting.

    After securing the firearm, Officer Cox moved to detain the suspect, at which point the suspect backed away from the officer and refused to turn around and put his hands behind his back. Knowing the suspect had admitted to possessing and firing a firearm earlier in the evening, once the suspect continued to attempt to put space between himself and Officer Cox, the officer took the suspect down onto a patch of grass and handcuffed him without further incident.

    At no time did the officer strike the suspect, and it was determined the injuries suffered by the suspect were caused solely by the altercation in which he was involved prior to Officer Cox’s arrival."_

  7. I’m sure you already know this. But Thomas Lane ended up settling both the state and federal cases and will serve 2 1/2 years in prison. As for the other two officers, at this point it looks like they are going to trial on state charges. But like you said, hopefully those will be resolved as well. By the way, I love your shout out to the Reasonable Doubt podcast. They are great!

  8. The old, "gun control doesnt work" argument. Just be honest, you love your guns and you are ok with no gun control at the expense of mass shootings.

  9. Hi, since there are so many cases you talk about, it would be super nice, to have a little picture in picture to remind people of what situation exactly you speak about. At times it is difficult to follow which story you speak about, because you jump occasionally.

  10. The officer who did crowd control diring the Floyd ebent got such a long sentence because the crowd told him what is going on, but he didn't react upon this knowledge. He should have turned around an he confirmed if what he heard is true. He chose not to. Death by negligence.

  11. In many states a private gun sale is legal without a background check. Unlicensed dealers at gun shows is one example.

  12. With the Patrick Lyoya incident: it looked like PL was trying to get away, and when he couldn't he tried to avoid the taser treatment. The struggle evolved into PL preventing Officer Schurr using the taser by keeping his weight on it. When Schurr finally got his gun out to point at PL, PL's body rose up into Schurr causing an accidental discharge of his weapon.
    That was my first instinct the first time I saw it.

  13. Hey Cop Watch. Do you also run ABQ Raw? Of so I'm a local here in Albuquerque and would love to help out with filming locations. Tha ks!

  14. I just dealt with someone saying "the government needs to outlaw, confiscate, and ban all firearms and that will put a stop to all mass shootings". So I ask them if the government should ban and outlaw crack, meth, and Fentanyl. and they said without missing a beat, "They did that years ago". So I simply asked, Then why can anyone get those drugs any time they want? And they said, They can but they're breaking the law when they do. And I said, So do you think criminals won't buy illegal firearms that will be trafficked into the country just because they'll be breaking the law? And they just looked at me as tho' I was crazy. And I ended the conversation by saying, banning and outlawing firearms will only keep law-abiding citizens from having them to protect themselves, because criminals do not obey laws so they'll still have firearms just as everyone that uses illegal drugs still gets and has those drugs.

  15. Dude you're full of shit. You think you can justify the cops criminal behavior with these twisted narratives. Shut your pie hole worthless bootlicker.

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